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The Magazine 



Sesquicentennial Finale 

A Celebration of Our Past, 
Present and Future 

President's Message 

Man' Baldwin College has 
just enjoyed a very special 
anniversary. We have 
looked hack 150 years and 
looked forward to our 
future. Putting on an appropriate celebra- 
tion was a formidable task. Every member 
of our staff, many members of our faculty, 
and some of our students and alumnae, 
were involved in planning over several 
years, and then were responsible tor 
executing every event in a series of final 
days from Tuesday, October 6, to Sunday, 
October 11, 1992. 

Our goal was to showcase Mary Bald- 
win College's progress and achievements. 
We attempted to leave out no aspect of 
our evolution and growth since 1842 and 
of our successes in all aspects of academic, 
cultural, and social life in a college which 
is at one and the same time a vibrant 
intellectual center, a beautiful physical 
setting, and a successful business. This was 
an ambitious undertaking, but fitting for 
the occasion. 

Musical achievement had, of course, 
been celebrated in The Book of Ruth, an 
opening sesquicentennial work by Frances 
Thompson McKay '69, especially com- 
missioned and performed as our year-long 
sequence of events began. Our finale pre- 
sented all the arts: theatre, with Gilbert 
and Sullivan's The Gondoliers, an alumnae 
art show, and a Liszt recital by music 
faculty member Dr. J. Riley Haws. 

Lectures emphasized scholarship. The 
Founders' Day address was presented by 
alumna Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville, the 
holder (if the Elizabeth Root Paden Chair 
i Southwestern University 
rgetown, Texas; faculty members 
Dr. Kenneth W. Keller, professor oi his- 
tory, and I >r. ( Carrie B. i Jouglass, assistant 
i i if si ic ii ilogy, presented papers < in 
"( i' i.J' i and iIm Equal Protei tion of the 
a i' I "Whatever I lappened 
to ilir Indians oi Virginia?" respectively. 
The history oi the< bllege by Professor 
Emerita of I listory I » Patrii ia 1 1. Menk 

iii nit achievc- 
iin'ht. 'I Li iugl ' i i h ilarly and thor- 
ough examinatii 'ii of our 1 50 years, she- 
placed our present time in context. She 

reminded us that we do, indeed, "live in 
time" as her book's title announces. 

She caused us all to rejoice in the 
achievements of those who went before, 
to recognize the many obstacles that have 
been overcome, and to identify our heri- 
tage of resilience and determined will to 
succeed, and to feel humbly respectful 
toward the responsibilities with which we 
are now charged. 

And we celebrated socially, proud of 
the variety of experiences we enjoy 
together. From a bird walk with Professor 
Emeritus John F. Mehner to the cheers for 
our students on the hockey field and vol- 
leyball court to the most elaborate of 
festive dinners, we rejoiced in our friend- 
ships, past and present, and in shared 
experiences < if K ived pastimes. 

And we shared with the ( 'ity ( 'I 
Staunton, proud that we arc- in a city thai 
embraces us and with whom we feel com- 
mon purpose in shaping progress. We 
gathered at the Staunton Fine Arts Cen- 
ter; we toured the Museum of American 

Fro t ( Ailture; we admired out 

Wooilrow Wilson Birthplace. 

We dressed up, and we dressed down. 
From black tie to blue jeans, we rejoiced 
in mil i ulinary heritage of < "in pudding, 
barba tie, apple dumplings, Virginia ham, 

and elegant delectables that showed off 
the skills of our Mary Baldwin kitchens. 
We baked bread, and we made ice sculp- 
tures, and we rejoiced in the festive har- 
mony of the board. 

We danced while music played, and 
sometimes we just sat to listen. The sun 
shone and the leaves turned gold; the 
stars came out, and still we rejoiced in 
party times. 

We remembered that many of us came 
to Mary Baldwin not by private car or 
scheduled flights, but by train, long jour- 
neys by train. So we went down to the 
railroad station, which is beautifully re- 
stored. Lovely memories are preserved 
inside that railroad station. 

No one has ever lacked ambition at 
Mary Baldwin, nor the generosity of soul 
to reach the ambitious goal. Through the 
generosity of Trustee William G. Pannill, 
we built a building for our students, and 
through the generosity and careful design 
of Trustee Chairman Charles S. Luck 111 
and his family, we built and dedicated a 
terrace of bluestone, flower beds, and 
shade trees to complement our student 
complex and to enhance our campus. 

Our expert grounds staff demonstrated 
their skills, too, in every corner of the 
campus. And our custodial and house- 
keeping staff made us all proud. Lawns 
were neat and hedges trimmed. Floors 
shone and white paint gleamed. Linen 
was starched and just right. They showed 
how a good business should he run. 

Through all these events in the arts 
and scholarship, our physical environ- 
ment, our business and organizational 
skills, a schedule of grueling pace and a 
reliving of history, there emerged, how- 
ever, the single, obvious, but fundamental 
reason for Mary Baldwin's celebration: 
her people, then and now. 

Vision, inspiration, hard work, support, 
loyalty, friendship, colleagueship, creativ- 
ity, 'vitality: these are Mary Baldwin's 
character and personality, her people, 
over lime and now. Thank you, every 
one, and happy anniversary, Mary 
Baldwin College! 

-Cynthia H. Tyson 

The Magazine 



Di < tynrhiaH ryson 

Editorial Advisory Board 

I aura I iti King \l. ■■• indei 71,1 hah 
Executive Director, Alumnae A. tivities 

( :laire< iarrisor 90 VI 'I 
V irginia 

1 h I iiih s f larringti >n 
Associate Professoi ol \duli Studii - 


Directoi ol Alumnae Projei I 

Susan Mas ie Johnson '6' 
I dinl iurg, \ irginia 

B Richard Plam 
Professor of English 

Yvonne Pi iv< i 
Arlington, Virgini i 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 
Charlotte, North ( aroiina 

Shirley "i Rawlei 
Associate Professoi 
of C immunications 

Mar) |o Shilling Shann 

Roanoke, \ irginia 

Di Vshton Trice 
Assistant: Professor of Psychology 

Allison Young 
Assistant I lirectoi fioi 
:ii \dvancemeni 
rthi Exce] tionalli I rifted 

Ann White Speni 1 1 

Art Director 

Vnm i lusnu. 

Assistant Editor 
Michelle Hite Martin 


Commissioned fbi the Sesquii i nti nni il, 
ParksP Duffey 111 

/ he M.D \ Baldwin Magazine 
.s published by 

Mar) Baldwin College 
Office of College Relations 

Staunton, \ A 24401 

i opyrighi l'\ 

Mar) Baldwin( ollege 

All rights reserved 



A Celebratory Weekend 

4 Sesquicentenniai Campaign 


5 Sesqi icentenniai Fi 

Medallion Recipients 

22 Foundei I I I nON 

Memory, Dream, and Celebration 


Presidi \i 's Messagi 
2 Editor's Non 
23 Campus and Alumnai \ 


28 Alumnae Collegi vnd Homecoming 1993 

29 Class Notes 

32 Faculty Notes 

es not discriminate on thi ccept that men are admitted 

graduate students) riminate on the basis of race, national on ■ handicap 

in a- educational programs, co-curricular ,.r oiner acriw'ti 

\ 2440 I. pfcoi 

Editor's Note 

When I came to Mary 
Baldwin in the late summer, 
one of my first assignments 
was to write short biographies 
honoring 50 alumnae and 
friends who were to be hon- 
ored with medallions during 
the Sesquicentennial Finale. 
I plunged into the files, read 
and sorted materials, inter- 
viewed Research Manager 
Shirley Craft about each per- 
son, and then sat down to 
write, and write and write. 
There was so much to say. 
Their lives and achievements 
were characterized by immense 
diversity, and many enjoyed 
national and international 
recognition for their work and 
philanthrophy. Soon, I realized 
that these 50 lives represented 
much more than the indi- 
vidual and collective contribu- 
tions detailed in their bio- 
graphies. They represent all 
that Mary Baldwin, her stu- 
dents, and the liberal arts 
aspire to be. In the College's 
published mission, the liberal 
arts educational program of 
the third millennium promises 
to "foster this learning which 
will lead to flexibility of mind 
and strength of values and 
provide the foundation for 
future careers, professions, and 
p< isitions of leadership." 

Just as the Sesquicentennial 
Medallion Convocation on 
Founders' Day was the 
appropriate centerpiece for 
Finale celebrations, the people 
honored are the appropriate 

ieci for thi final 
Magarmc of the sesquicenten- 

ir. Their lives leach and 
impress us. Their lives are the 

Ann White Spencer 

Sesquicentennial Finale 

A Celebratory Weekend 

They came — more than 600 
alumnae, friends, volunteers, 
parents, and students. Some 
had been away for more than 
— half a century. Some had 
never left their alma mater. All were 
inspired to come by the great occasion 
ot Mary Baldwin College's sesquicenten 
nial year. 

They came to the 
Finale, October 6-11, 
a microcosm of all that 
has been and is Mary 
Baldwin College: the 
arts, humanities and 
sciences, scholarship 
and struggle, progress 
and achievements, 
history and friend- 
ships, and the 
people — thousands 
who have come before 
and those yet to come. 
The Sesquicentennial 
Finale was an ideal 
example of the larger 
unity of purpose that 
has sustained the Col- 
lege 1 50 years, and will 
provide in the future. 

Professor Emerita of History 
Dr. Pat Menk autogi'aphs her 
book, To Live in Time, a 
history of the College. 

The Celebration 

I h;ii hirger unity of purpose, that indi- 
vidual and institutional mission to grow 
intellectually, c uliurally, and socially 
ga\ e spun and form iii i he Sesquicen- 
tennial Finale. 

Throughout the celebration, artists 
hibiti d a pan irama "I < reative 
ai hievements: the student prodw tion oi 
.i popular ( filberl and Sullivan play; an 
alumnae art show featuring abstrai I 
arlist Judith ( iodwin '52, pastel painter 
Shay Herring '74, and fiber artist 

Martha Butler Matthews '62; Dr. Riley 
Haws' piano recital, a Liszt cycle. 

Guests and students were challenged 
with lectures by faculty scholars: Dr. 
Kenneth W. Kellet, professor of history, 
and Dr. Carrie B. Douglass, assistant 
professor of sociology. Noted sociologist 
and cultural anthropologist Dr. Gwen 
Kennedy Neville '59 
considered the great 
significance of sesqui- 
centennial celebra- 
tions when she 
addressed seniors, 
faculty, and guests in 
the Founders' Day 
Convocation speech, 
"Sesquicentennial as 
Memory, Dream, and 
Celebration" (see 
page 22). Visitors, 
students, faculty and 
staff purchased Profes- 
sor Emerita of History 
Dr. Patricia Menk's 
chronological history 
of the College, To 
Live in Time , eager to 
read the full history at 
their leisure and 
delighted to chat with 
Dr. Menk as she auto- 
graphed books in the 
tin nning sunshine at the new William 
G. Pannill Student Center. A painting 
"with a whimsical twist" depicting Mary 
Baldwin College today and throughout 
history was also introduced during the 
Finale, artist Parks Duftey's "sophist it at - 
edly primitive" work commissioned by 
the Alumnae Association for the sesqui- 
centennial celebration. A limited edi- 
lion ol 300 lithographs are being sold 
with proceeds designated for the Vir- 
ginia L. Lester Scholarship Fund. 

The Campaign 

Gratified by the artistic and scholarly 
accomplishments, and corporate good- 
will, alumnae volunteers, trustees, and 
friends were enthusiastic when the time 
came to convene tor the long-awaited 
report on the Sesquicentennial Cam- 
paign tor Mary Baldwin College. 

At dusk on Thursday, October 8, an 
excited croud gathered on the new 
Cynthia 1 laldenby Tyson Terrace, dedi- 
cated only moments before when 
Trustee ( chairman Charles S. Luck III 
had delivered a tribute to President 
Tyson, ["he terrace was a gift from Mr. 
Luck and his family. 
The report on the largest, most daring 
campaign in the C lollege's history was 
received by applause and cheers. The 
$^S million campaign goal had been 
surpassed by more than S2 million, 
National Campaign (. )o-C 'hairs and 
former College roommates Anna Kate 
Reid 1 lipp '63 and Liddy Kirkpatrick 
Doenges '6 5 announced. 

Major ( lifts ( )ommittee C 'hair Yum 
Arnold '69, an Atlanta businesswoman 

and trustee, praised the hundreds « it 
volunteers and loyal supporters who 
gave their time and resourc es to help 
secure Mary Baldwin College's future. 
For example, the I College endowment, 
vital to support programs and scholai 
ship needs, has increased h\ 87.5 per- 
cent since 1985, as a result ol campaign 
efforts, and now ex< eeds $20 million 
(see I lighlights" page 4). 

Volunteers toasted work well done, 
the future, and Mary Baldw in i lollege's 
continuing mission to impart values 
and wisdom through a superb lib i J 
arts curriculum. 

I hose values, personified by hundreds 
ol alumnae and friends, inspired th< 
Sesquientennial Medallion Convoca 
tion at 1 2: JO p.m. on Friday. 

\b h i l h\ the new i 'ynthia Haldenby 
Tyson Terrace, President Tyson and 
Yum Arnold '69, major gifts chair fen the 
Mi, cessful Sesquicenu rmial i an 
unveil the bronze plaque honoring 
( ampaign i olui 

Beiou Front the left are Dr. ( wen 
Kennedy Neville s' 1 Susan Warfield 
i 'aples '60, and Patricia Petit Thompson 

brating on the evening o) the 
i '.olkge's Founders 's I >aj 

The Sesquicentennial Medallions 
The l lonvocatii in was set in the histi irk 
First Presbyterian t lunch on hast Fred- 
erick Street where many of the founders 
ot Augusta Female Seminary formulated 
their educational ideals. The founders' 
ideals were directed toward understand- 
ing and serving the common concerns 
of humanity, as are the ideals of the 50 
extraordinary alumnae and friends hon 
ored on the 1 50th anniversary of Mary 
Baldwin ( )ollege. 

Some medallion recipients have dem- 
onstrated great courage in their work tor 
human rights and social reform. Some 
have distinguished themselves in the 
arts and sciences as writers, painters, 
resean h biologists, environmentalists, 
historians, and scholars. Some have 
lived lives that are paradigms of merito- 
rious sen ice to their t College, their 
communities, their states and nation 
( see pages 5-21 ). 

"I low can we best c ommemorate 1 X" 1 
veats, it accomplishment? One hundred 
and tift\ years of challenges met .'" Dr. 
Tyson asked in her opening address to 
sesquicentennial medallion recipients 
and guests I he answet is, of course, 
h\ honoring people -those who are 
responsible fot out achievements 
throughout the years. We know that 
this institution's strength always has 
been and continues to be in the people 
who cue it life — those who lead us, who 

support us, and who challenge us to 
make Mary Baldwin the best possible 
liberal arts institution." 

As the medallion recipients left the 
First Presbyterian Church, they were 
absorbed into the crowd of well wishers. 
When the evening fell they mingled 
with students and friends, celebrating 
and voicing toasts to Mary Baldwin 
l lollege, to her people, and to the year 
2042 her bicentennial. 

Sesquicentennial Campaign 


Above. Three f(rrmer deans of the college 
renew friendships during the Sesquicen- 
tennial Finale picnic on Saturday I rem 
the left are Martha Stackhouse < hafton, 

U m I I I, obi id 

kudents and Security ( '.hi I lohn 

I n ■■' "" lime and 
celebrator, spirit. 

f- Campus Development 

Memorial and Hill Top Residence Halls 
have undergone extensive restoration 
funded by Margaret Hunt Hill and 
Caroline Rose Hunt. Hill Top, on the 
National Register of Historic Places, 
is the oldest building on campus. 

Carpenter Academic, an historically 
rich building constructed in 1908, was 
renovated through the generosity of 
the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 
Foundation of Richmond. 

The William G. Pannill Student 
Center opened in September with 
10,000 square feet of space dedicated 
to students' needs. 

The bluestone Cynthia Haldenby 
Tyson Terrace, given by Trustee 
Chairman Charles S. Luck III and his 
family, adjoins the student center. 

Miller Chapel, its renovation made 
possible by William R. and Peggy H. 
Hitchman '40 of Stuarts Draft, Virginia, 
was rededicated for worship on Sunday, 
October 1 1 , the closing day of the 
Sesquicentennial Finale. 

•■•* Program & Faculty Development 
Margaret Hunt Hill and Caroline Rose 
Hunt endowed distinguished chairs 
in the humanities and natural sciences. 
Dr. Ethel M. Smeak, professor of Eng- 
lish, holds the humanities chair, and 
i, tired professor oi chemistry Or. James 
I '.ii i u k was the must recem holder oi 
the i hair in natural sciences. 

The E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 
Foundation lias underwritten new 

programs in health t are ad tistration 

and preparation for the ministry. 

The Program for the Exi eptionally 
( lifted was granted $1.5 million by the 
Jessie Ball duPoni Fund. 

Above. Trustee William G. Pannill 
following the September 1 6 dedication of 
the student center bearing his name. 
S( i A President Tricia Hylton thanked 
•Mr. Pannill on behalf ofMBC students. 

Below. William and Peggy II. I litch- 
man's generosity made possible the 
renovation of Miller Chapel m Wenger 
Hall, h was rededicated to student use 
on Sunday, < Jccober / 1 , the last day of 
the Sesquicentennial Finale. 

Sesquicentennial Finale 

Medallion Recipients 

I his year Mary Baldwin College is celebrating one 
JL hundred and fifty years of innovation in education . 
As we look back through time and consider our history since the 
founding of Augusta Female Seminary in 1842, we are aware 
that the great strength of this institution has been in the people 
who have given it life and purpose. It is appropriate that in 
this year of celebration we recognize those alumnae and friends 
who have performed outstanding service to the College and 
who have brought recognition and honor to the College through 
their achievements, h is with great pleasure that we awarded 
Sesquicentennial Medallions to fifty alumnae and friends on 
Friday, October 9, 1992, at the 12:50 p.m. Special Medallion 
Convocation . 

Dr. Cynthia H. "Tyson 

President of Mary Baldwin College 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

Board of Trustees* 
National Major Gifts Chair, 
Sesquicentennial Campaign 

I um Arnold enjoyed outstanding 
honors while attending Mary Baldwin 
College. She was her junior class and 
SGA president, student board chair, a 
member of the Laurel Society and the 
Honor Court, just to name a few of her 
roles. She evolved with ease from a 
leader on campus to a leader in business 
and civic life and was selected by her 
first employer to attend the Harvard 
Business School Management Training 
program less than two years after her 
graduation from Mary Baldwin. Later 
she studied business administration at 
Georgia State University. Since 1979 
Yum has been the president and owner 
of a successful wholesale distribution 
company in Atlanta, Georgia, her 
home. For the last seven years the Mary 
Baldwin College Board of Trustees has 
benefitted from her hard work and her 
wide range of knowledge in business and 
management. During the Sesquicenten- 
nial Fin;ile she concluded her role as 
National Major Gifts Chair of one of 
the most significant events in the 
College's history — the successful $35 
million Sesquicentennial Campaign. 
Yum Arnold has bn mghl honor to 
Mary Baldwin College for her signifi- 
cant career achievements, and she has 
utstanding service u> the 
ge. >* 

Karen Austin '72 


I \ ow a critically acclaimed stage, 
screen, and television actress, Karen 
developed her interest in theatre during 
her years at Maty Baldwin. She acted in 
repertory theatre and summer stock and 
stayed involved in all aspects of produc- 
tion from building sets to designing 
costumes. After studying acting at 
Oxford University in England and earn- 
ing a master of arts degree in theatre at 
Northwestern University, she performed 
demanding roles on the West Coast. 
In 1981 she received the Los Angeles 
Drama Critics Circle Award for best 
actress in Nuts, a theatrical success that 
played to sold-out houses for almost a 
year. Karen's experience now includes 
starring roles in the feature films Sum- 
mer Rental and Jagged Edge and the tele- 
vision movies Laura Lansing Slept Here 
(with Kathryn Hepburn), Hillside Stran- 
gers, When the Time Comes, and in the 
series The Quest and Night Court. She 
has played recurring roles in Hill Street 
Blues, L.A. Law, St. Elsewhere, and 
Trials ofRosie O'Neil. Karen's intelli- 
gence, talent, and devotion to a 
demanding craft inspire many in her 
field. Her deep respect for acting and 
her generous spirit are frequently recog- 
nized by those who have had the oppor- 
tunity to work with Karen and to join 
her audience ot admirers. >*■ 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 
I lumanitarian 
Hoard of Trustees* 

Oharlotte Berry's life can be held up as 
a prototype o( service to humankind oi 
all ages and needs. In Asheville, North 
Carolina, where she lived for man} 
years, she was a < atalysi for a pres< hool 
fi it handit apped children, drug and 
al< i ihi 'I al use programs, the ( iirl Scouts, 
Mi al "ii Wheels, a < Children's Welfare 
League, the symphony and arts councils, 
the hospital auxiliaries, and numerous 

other humanitarian projects. Under her 
guidance the Asheville area chapter of 
the Red Cross became a force in public 
health. As past National Chairman of 
Volunteers for the American Red Cross 
and a member of the National Board of 
Governors, Charlotte shared her 
extraordinary energies and abilities on 
a national level. For more than three 
decades her life has been an uncompro- 
mising campaign for a more humane 
world. Mary Baldwin College has been 
permanently influenced by her contri- 
butions to the Board of Trustees and 
to alumnae boards and committees. 
Charlotte Jackson Berry, now of 
Columbia, South Carolina, has per- 
formed outstanding service to her 
community, her state, her nation, and 
to Mary Baldwin College, and by such 
service has brought recognition and 
honor to the College. *»• 

Dr. Janet White Campbell '66 

Oceanographic Research Scientist 

When Janet White Campbell, valedic- 
torian of her graduating class at Mary 
Baldwin, was awarded her bachelor of 
arts degree in mathematics with high 
honors, her commitment to her studies 
did not go unnoticed. The National 
Aeronautics and Space Administration 
(NASA) awarded Janet a three-year 
graduate fellowship, which she used to 
support her master's work at Vanderbilt 
and doctoral studies in statistics at VPI- 
SU. As a statistician, Janet contributed 
to NASA's Viking Mission to Mars in 
the 1970s. Her research assignments and 
many significant contributions as a 
young space scientist led fellow scien- 
tists and engineers to single out Janet 
for i he NASA Achievement Award. 
I luring her I 5 years with NASA, Janet 
also participated in numerous programs 
to promote the participation of women 

"Mary Baldwin's liberal-arts orientation 
gave me the courage to question and 
think critically, as it nurtured the ability 
to apply logical reasoning in a variety 
of disciplines ... I have found good 
questions and logical thinking to be basic 
in addressing any challenge." 

-Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

in scientific research, including a pro- 
gram in applied statistics designed by 
NASA for college-age students of 
science. Mary Baldwin students partici- 
pated in the spec ial opportunity foi 
exposure to sc ientists a) work and to 
Statistical research. Dr. Janet Campbell 
now heads the remote sensing facility at 
Bigeli >u Lab for t )cean Sl ien< es at West 
Boothbay I larbor, Maine, and is a rec- 
ognized and respected model for aspiring 
young women in sc ien< e. **■ 

Ann Margaret Anderson Carr '67 
Board oj Trustei 
Steering ( 'ommittee, 
Sesquicentennial i 'ampa 

L eggy t Carr's \ ision and dedi< atii m 
have helped design the future course ol 
action tot Mai\ Baldu in I College. She 
has encouraged the ( College's synthesis 
ot career preparation and the liberal arts 
and supported academic developmeni 
and capital improvements. Pegg} isa 
model leader who engages in creative 

problem solving even in unfamiliar 
realms where she is challenged to tind 
value in new ways and new thoughts. 
She is dedicated to Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege and has been instrumental in pro- 
moting the *. College's interests in her 
home, Dallas, Texas. She embodies the 
standards ot integrity and honor that 
i In- 1 i .liege's students, alumnae, fac- 
ulty, and Matt are i harged to uphold. 
lVgg\ t 'an has performed outstanding 
sen ice to Man Baldwin College and 
enhanced the academic, aesthetic, and 
social life ot the College. •» 

The Honorable George M. Cochran 

Trustee Emeritus 

Reared Justice, Suprem i [into 

vJTeorge M Cochran's outstanding 

career m law, public sen ice, and educa- 
tion has spanned more than SO years 
I le i nned his bachelor's and law 
degrees from The University ot Virginia. 
From 1948 through 1968 he served in 
the t teneral Assembly ot Virginia, firsi 
in the 1 louse ot Delegates and then in 
the Senate. During the ensuing years he 
contributed to important studies as a 
member ot the Commission on i Consti- 

tutional Revision tor the t Common- 
wealth ot Virginia. From 1969 until his 
retirement m 1987, George Cochran 
served with dist inc t ii >n i in the Supreme 
Court ot Virginia. ( Combining his ( areei 
in law w nh his de\ i ition to education 
and historical preservation, he chaired 
the Woodrow Wilson i Centennial 
Commission oi Virginia from 1952 to 
1958, the Stuari 1 [all Board ofTrustees 
from 1964 to 1986, and in 1986 

ited the c hairmanship ol the 
Museum i 'i \inei i< an Fn >m iei i Culture. 
M in Baldu in * College's Bi lard benefit 
ted from his leadership as a trustee from 
1 968 to 1981, thirteen years ol s< 

thai represent a remarkable record ot 
dedication to the I College. The I lonor- 
able George <• Cochran's service to Mars 
Baldwin t College goes beyond his board 
record, for decades he has helped SUC 
cessive administration- with legal 
advice, liaison acth ities in the Staunton 
community, and gifts ot mam kinds. 
George M Cochran has performed out- 
standing service to his community, his 
state, and to Mar) Baldwin Collej » 

Dr. Mary Margaret Collier '37 
Educator, Yale University 
University of Connecticut 

Jean McArthur Davis '45 


The Reverend Ann Bowman Day '74 

Carpenter Foundation, President 
Ordained Minister, United Church of Christ 

in 1959 Peggy Collier traveled and 
studied in Spain, Italy, Ftance, Belgium, 
and, finally, in Mexico, where she 
completed her dissertation research on 
1870's Mexican architectute. Less than 
three years later, after she had com- 
pleted her dissertation and had earned 
her doctor's degree in art history from 
Yale University, she became the first 
woman employed as a member of the 
Yale art faculty. Also, a respected 
authority on the Mexican rococo or 
romantic style of architecture, Peggy did 
much to enhance the status of women. 
She also taught at the University of 
Connecticut and Wesleyan University. 
Peggy enjoys career accomplishments 
that now span half a century. Dr. Peggy 
Collier recently retired from teaching 
and lives in Connecticut. Her career 
achievements have brought honor and 
recognition to Mary Baldwin College. **■ 

/\ successful businesswoman who grad- 
uated from Duke University as an eco- 
nomics major, Jean Davis has cultivated 
a variety of institutional and economic 
successes. Her most recent business and 
foundation affiliations include president 
and CEO, McArthur Jersey Farm Dairy 
in Miami, Florida; president, J. N. 
McArthur Foundation, Inc.; director, 
Presbyterian Foundation, Baptist Hospi- 
tal of Miami, Florida Power 6k Light 
Company, Sun Banks of Miami, Metro- 
politan Museum 6k Arts Center; board 
member, Duke Graduate School of 
Business; trustee, University of Miami. 
Jean accepts remarkable demands on her 
energies and abilities, yet maintains an 
attitude that reaches out to other people. 
She has participated in Mary Baldwin 
College's executive-in-the-classroom 
program, generating good will among 
other executives and direct support of 
academic programs through donations 
of time, money, and expertise. Jean 
McArthur Davis has brought recognition 
and honor to Mary Baldwin College by 
her significant achievements. ?*■ 

>jince 1987 Ann Bowman Day has 
guided the E. Rhodes and Leona B. 
Carpenter Foundation in a collaborative 
relationship with Mary Baldwin College 
that has permanently enhanced the 
academic life of the College. The Car- 
penter Academic Hall is dedicated as a 
memorial to Leona Bowman Carpenter, 
who attended the College from 1931 
to 1933 and is Ann's mother. It was 
renovated through the generosity of the 
Foundation to provide modern class- 
rooms and faculty offices. More 
recently, the Foundation has made 
possible two programs that convey the 
moral and religious truths central to 
Ann's life, the Preparation for the Min- 
istry Program and the Health Care 
Administration Program. Ann earned 
her bachelor's degree in religion and 
philosophy at Mary Baldwin. She imme- 
diately began her candidacy for a master 

Carpenter Academic Hall, 
Mary Baldwin College 


of divinity degree ai Vanderbill Univer- 
sity, which slir received in I 1 -) 7 8 and 
loll, wed « itli her ordination in the 
United Church of Christ. Since 1987 
Ann has served as National Open and 
Affirming (ON A) Program Coord mat or 
for the United Church Coalition tor 
Leshian/C iav Concerns. In the UCC 
Massachusetts conference, she is 
actively involved in supply preaching, 
spiritual renewal activities and support 
of the Hispanic communities. The Rev- 
erend Ann Bowman 1 1a\ has performed 
outstanding service in her community 
and to Mary Baldwin ( lollege. ; * 

Bertie Wilson Murphy Deming '46 

Board oj Trustees* 

Advisory ( 'ouncil, Sesquicentennial ( 'ampaign 

ijcrtic Wilson Murphy Deming has 
transformed main ol Mary Baldwin 
College's aspirations into realities. Her 
unflinching commitment to the 
College's values and mission has been 
vital to the institution's growth and 
success. She has worked tirelessly tor the 
C lollege, always seeking the best, noi the 

easiest, answers. Bertie's life is a testa- 
ment to the dedication, leadership, and 
Self sa< i ifice required to shape the best 
possible liberal-arts institution tor the 
edui ation ot Mary Baldwin students. 
The Deming Fine Arts( lenter is named 

in her honor. Bertie Wilson Mtirphv 
1 l< ming has performed outstanding 
servic e to the ( lollege. I ler influence 
will extend into the next century oi 
opportunities foi women ai Mary 
Baldwin (. lollege. >* 

Nora Wiseman Desloge '68 

\:i I In, ,h,ii and ( urator 

/xfter earning her bacheloi sol art at 
Mary Baldwin, a master's degree in art 
history from Tulane in 1970, and engag- 
ing m doctoral studies at The University 
ol Virginia, Nora Desloge was ottered 
prestigious Kress and Fulbright fellow- 
ships in London and Rome. Upon her 
return to the United States in 1979, 
she became 1 tirec tor i 'I Education and 
t lurator, European Art, at the Saint 
Louis Art Museum. She then became 
the curator oi European ari at the San 
I )iego Museum ot Art, where she 
continues to devote her energies. Nora 
I )esloge's i areei achievements have 
brought recognition and honor to the 
i lollege. : * 

Virginia Anne Ponder Dickson '61 
Publisher & Rancher 
Board of Trustees* 

I ommittee,Sesquicentenniai i 'ampaign 

Anne Ponder Dickson picks her causes 
carefully and then demonstrates a rigor- 
ous commitment reflective oi her 

heritage as a rancher. A determined 
campaigner foi justU e and equal oppor- 
tunity for WOmen, she has provided 

leadership on the Texas Governor's 
Commission foi Women, the Women's 
Federation ol I exas, and the League for 
Educational Advancement. .Anne is an 
author, the president and operator of 
Pressworks Publishing, and a rancher on 
the family's 17,000-acre Ponder Ranch. 
She served as a i lollege trustee tor more 
than a de< adc, a tireless advocate of 
educational excellence and leadership 
opportunities for students ,m^] alut 
\nn Ponder Dickson's achievements 
ni. I d( vol n m to equal opportunity have 
brought recognition and honor to 
the ( lollege, and she has performed 
outstanding service to Mary Baldwin 
College. » 

Elizabeth Kirkpatriek Doenges '6 i 

hair, Sesquicentennial Campaign 

Liddy Doenges' remarkable resolve 
and vigi <u .us leadership during the 
( lollege's successful Sesquicentennial 
( 'ampaign have helped to ensure that 
Mary Baldwin College will continue 
long-standing traditions of academic 
excellence while maintaining an 
emphasis on women. Alter a decade of 

uished service to the Coll< 
trustee, Liddy accepted the Sesquicen- 
tennial challenge to increase the 
endowments t. ir si holarships, faculty 
and program development, and capital 
projects on campus. A marathon and 
triathlon competitor, she has brought 
an agility and resilience to her l< 
ship role, too, that has inspired great 
courage in mam i lollege friends and 
alumnae whose resulting generosity and 
service have greatly benefitted Mary 
Baldwin C lollege. Liddy also lives out an 
uncompromising alliance with the arts 
ill her hometown and state, Tulsa, 
v )klahoma, where she has led the 
Performing Vri I entei ["rust, Tulsa 
Arts Commission, t"he Philbrook An 
Museum, t. )klahoma Ac ademy t 
Goals, Tulsa Ballet Theater. a\\J the 
State Aiis ( louncil of Oklahoma. Liddy 
1 toenges has performed outstanding 
sen i< e to the (. lollege and to her 
community and stat * 


'ertie Wilson Murphy Deming has transformed many of 
Mary Baldwin College's aspirations into realities. Her unflinch- 
ing commitment to the College's values and mission has been 
vital to the institution's growth and success. Bertie's life is a 
testament to the dedication, leadership, and self-sacrifice 
required to shape the best possible liberal-arts institution for 
the education of Mary Baldwin students. 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 


Alumnae Board 1959-62 

Mary Carolyn Hollers George '51 

Writer & Painter 

Judith Whitney Godwin '52 


Board of Trustees* 

ixatie Dudley has been by the College's 
side throughout the years, encouraging 
and supporting curriculum changes and 
institutional reform to make Mary 
Baldwin College the best that it can be. 
Noted for her unselfish service to the 
College and her community of Waynes- 
Virginia, Katie embodies the 
humanitarian principles central to a 
libera] education. She has shared her 
days with many charities, inspired 
countless volunteers to accept service as 
its own reward, and contributed more 
than half a century of devoted lab< « to 
Mary Baldwin College. Katie Dudley, 
recipient of the Algernon Sidney 
Sullivan Award in 1989, is a beai onoi 
ashed service to the ( tollege and 
; • ommunity. **• 

iVLary Carolyn entered the University 
of Texas at Austin master's program in 
art history nearly 20 years after she 
studied studio art at Mary Baldwin. 
Upon earning her M. A. in 1970, she 
was invited to join the faculty of San 
Antonio College, the only full-time art 
historian on the faculty. Less than two 
years later she published her first book, 
Alfred Giles: An English Architect in 
Texas and Mexico (Trinity University 
Press). Disturbed by the neglect of 
women in the arts and art history text- 
hooks, Mary Carolyn wrote Mary 
Bonner: Imjnessions of a Printmakcr 
(Trinity University Press), which was 
released in 1982 and is about a San 
Antonio artist who studied in Paris in 
the 1920s. This year another important 
hook hy Mary Carolyn, O'Neil Ford: 
Architect, has been published hy Texas 
A&.M University Press. Now an associ- 
ate professor oi the history oi art at San 
Antonio ( lollege, Mary Carolyn is 
widely recognized and respected for her 
achievements in hei i hosen field.**' 

in 1953 Judith Godwin earned her 
bachelor of fine arts degree from 
Virginia Commonwealth University — 
the inauguration of 40 years of artistic 
achievement. Widely recognized as an 
exceptionally talented abstract expres- 
sionist, Judith has works in prestigious 
permanent collections throughout the 
United States, including the Chase 
Manhattan Bank collection in New 
York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 
the Yale University Art Gallery, the 
San Francisco Museum of Art, and the 
Virginia Museum. She has exhibited her 
paintings in one-woman and group 
shows throughout the United States and 
in Japan. Her recent shows were at the 
National Museum of Women in the 
Arts in Washington, the Tokyo and 
I liroshima Museums, and at the Marisa 

Del Re ( iallery in New York ( lity. In 
1989 VCU awarded an honorary doctor 
of fine arts degree to Judith tor her con- 
tributions to contemporary art. While 
ac hieving internal ional prominence as 
an an ist, Judith has rem, lined devoted 
tn the ideals of liberal education, relent- 
less in her efforts lo ensure a vital, cre- 
ative atmosphere of learning at Man 
Baldwin College. •* 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Internal ( 'ornmunications Associatel 
Business TV, 

\m,'»i ,111 Red i rossl leadquarters 
\.h isory Board oj Visitors 

JLinda Hammack began her media 
career as a production assistant with a 
public television station She joined the 
Red (. 'ross national headquarters in 
1975. She now coordinates and manages 
internal communications efforts foi 
biomedical services tor the Red Cross 
and is associate managei ot the agency's 
Business I V in Washington, D.C. Linda 
has attained professional recognition in 
a demanding and competitive field. 
Always a keen and enthusiastic commu- 
nicator, she shared hei talents as a Col- 
lege admissions counselor from 1 L 'M to 
1966. Later she served as Alumnae 
Board president. Always alert tor 
opportunities to prepare siudents m the 

best ua\ toi both professional and busi- 
ness worlds, Linda has served on the 
Advisory Board ot Visitors since 1987. 
I lei significant careei achievements 
have brought honor and recognition to 
Mary Baldwin t College, and Linda has 
also performed outstanding service to 
the College, » 

Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 



Louring her undergraduate years as an 

English majorat Mary Baldwin, Nanc} 
excelled as a leader, an athlete and 
musk I, in, a debater and a student. She- 
earned her master's degree in education 
and S0( ill "oil ai ( olumhia University, 
and was a social worker in New York. 
1 'in ing W( irld War 11, Nancy took a 
correspondence course in writing and 
went on to earn a second master's 

indramatic arts from the Univer- 
sity ot North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
Sin< e then her writing has demon- 
strated the richness and depth ot her 
talent. She has been accorded increas- 
ing respect In critics and has delighted 
and challenged her audiences — chil- 
dren, young adults, and adults. Five ot 
Nancy's plays have been showcase pro- 
ductions in the New York area. Already 
.i recognized and respected author ot 
two collections oi children's [days, the 
award-winning play, Lo, trie Angel, and 
the dramatic success, The Highest Prize, 
now Nancy has published a Constitu- 
tional Bicentennial play, Hie Vwelfth 
Lantern, that has been distributed free to 
more than 700 middle and high schools 
and 100 county libraries m North 
t Carolina. Nancy lives in c !hapel 1 lill. 
North Carolina, and New York, and is 
working on two novels. A distinguished 
figure in the arts, Nancy has brought 
recognition and honor to Mary Baldwin 
l olle'je. •• 

Margaret Hunt Hill ' 37 

Advisory ( 'ouncil, Sesquicentennial Campaign 

/vtter studying speech, history and 
English at Mm Baldwin, Margaret 
! . ink active in business and in family 
foundations. In her hometown and 
state, Dallas, I e\as, she led movements 
to benefit crippled children ,md the Red 
Cross, the Pallas Symphony Orchestra 
and countless other civic and charitable 
causes. Though her strengths and time 
are enlisted frequently h\ business, reli- 
gious, and civic organizations, Margaret 
has maintained a long and intimate 
acquaintance w ith the * ollege, and has 
suppi 'tied the educational heritage ot 
four generations o) women in her fam- 
ily. Most recently die and her sister, 
( 'ami me Rose I lum, established two 
academic chairs and restored Hill Top 
residence hall, the oldest building on 
campus Margaret's wise counsel and 
assistance in the management ot the 
Sesquicentennial *■ 'ampaign have con- 
tributed greath, to the campaign 
cess and to the pn igress and well-being 
i >i t his institutii >n •* 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Board o/ I rust 

National I |uicentennial ( 

L/uring the Celebra- 
tion Anna Kate Reid Hipp concluded 
her role as National l "o l hair of one ot 
the pivotal events in the v lollege's his- 
tory — the successful s 55 million Sesqui- 
centennial i lampaign. Anna Kate has 
li igged thousands ot miles in her pn\ ate 
plane on behalf of the i bllege, engaging 

countless others in the Sesquicentennial 
Campaign. With great confidence in 
Anna Kate's high standards and uncom- 
promising principles, Campaign volun- 
teers have accepted grand challenges 
during the last few years. In addition to 
her responsibilities for the Campaign, 
Anna Kate has offered assistance as an 
admissions representative and a class 
agent for the Annual Fund. From her 
hometown in Greenville, South Caro- 
lina, Anna Kate also shares her knowl- 
edge and abilities with the South 
Carolina Nature Conservancy, Family 
Research Foundation, and arts alliances. 
Laboring to sustain the College's life 
and purpose into the next millenium, 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp has performed 
outstanding service to the College. ** 

Peggy Herscher Hitchman '40 
Trustee Ementa"' 
Steering Committee , 
Sesquicentennial Campaign 

Students are Peggy Hitchman's prior- 
ity. Most recently she accepted the 
challenge to accommodate students' 
needs for worship and spiritual develop- 
ment. With her guidance and suppi >ri 
the Miller Chapel has been renovated 
and opened this fall as a sanctuary for 
prayer and worship. Committed to spiri- 
tual development as the best foundation 
for leadership and service, Peggy fos- 
tered the Miller Chapel project, which 
already has renewed many Mary 
Baldwin College students' intere I in 
: peaceful contemplation. 
She and her husband, William, from 
Stuarts Draft, also established the ( irace 
Sutherland and George Schilling 

hi ilarship Fund to honor 
Mrs. Hitchman's parents and uppori 
mil the very 

best and brightest students. Recently, 
Peggy's service as a Steering Committee 
volunteer for the Sesquicentennial 
Campaign has been crucial to the cam- 
paign's success. Also a loyal and influen- 
tial leader on the Board of Trustees for 
more than a decade, Peggy Hitchman 
has given remarkable service and sup- 
port to Mary Baldwin College. * 

Caroline Rose Hunt '43 


Board of Trustees* 

Advisory Council, Sesquicentennial Campaign 

W hen Caroline Hunt enrolled as a 
sophomore in the fall of 1939, she was 
the fourth woman in her family to pur- 
sue an education at Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege. Like her mother, Lyda Bunker 
Hunt, who served as a College trustee 
from 1939 to 1955, Caroline was 
impressed by the College's long, rich 
heritage and sense of stability. Since her 
first visit more than 50 years ago, 
Caroline has continued to examine and 
affirm the College's mission. As a leader 
on the Advisory Board of Visitors, and 
since 1977, as a respected and trusted 
member of the Board of Trustees, 
Caroline has been a vital force for the 
development and strengthening of 
scholarships, academic programs, and 
campus development at Mary Baldwin. 
She also has been a shaper and sustainer 
of alumnae activities in her hometown 
and state, Pallas, Texas. Although she 
is a nationally and internationally 

pi nini businesswoman and advocate 

c il many demanding causes, t proline lias 
given generously of her time and leader- 
ship on behalf of the ( College and the 

. >hii ■ people it serves. Most recently 
sbe gave guidance and support to the 
extraordinarily successful $35 million 
Sesquicentennial ( lampaign. ( laroline 
I [unt's .h hievements have broughl 
| M i, ii and rei i ignition to Mary Baldwin 
i oil gi and ihi has pi [formed out- 

i in I :i rvii i to tin < lollege; ; «- 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 


Board of Trustees* 

I he ability to recruit and retain a 
student body of bright, inquisitive, and 
energetic scholars depends on the 
College's instructional quality and aca- 
demic reputation — two major compo- 
nents of an excellent college. Shirley 
Haynes Hunter and her late husband, 
Thomas F. Staley, have provided 
endowment support to strengthen these 
major components and help guarantee 
enriching educational experiences in the 
classrooms and on campus. Since 1967 
the Staley Lectures have brought 
distinguished religious scholars to the 
College campus to speak on current 
issues in the field of religion. Shirley 
lives in Delray Beach, Florida, where she 
continues to lend her support to posi- 
tion the institution for lasting success. **■ 

Caroline Murphy Keller '42 


Advisory Council, Sesquicentennial Campaign 

1 oily Keller's excellent qualities of 
mind and heart are so blended that she 
has become a source of great strength 
to the Mary Baldwin community. 
Throughout the years her leadership has 
been sought out and is now associated 
with the progressive life of the College. 
Her presence and service on the 
Sesquicentennial Campaign Advisory 
Council have been of great importance 
to the development and success of this 
remarkable undertaking. In settled and 
unsettling times, Polly's impartial 
judgment and consistent courage have 
( . mi ibuted to the College's forward- 
looking attitude. In her home state of 
Louisiana, she is highly esteemed as a 
patron of hospitals, churches, and the 
fine arts. Polly Keller has performed 
outstanding service to the College and 
to her community. **• 

Captain Winifred Love '35 
i aptam, I VV 

Winnie Love entered the Navy in 
August 1942, one oi the first women in 
Virginia to join the newly formed 
WAVES. After officer candidate school 
she was assigned to the Bureau of Naval 
Personnel in Washington, DC, and in 
two yi us was ordered (and promoted) 
to the Naval Air Station in Honolulu, 
1 [awaii, the officer-in-charge of the first 
group of WAVES to serve outside the 
I Inited States mainland. She held this 
post until the end oi the war when she 
became a permanent member of the 
peacetime Navy, reporting to active 
duty back m Washington. In L961 
tain Love, who was among the first 
group of Navy women officers selected 
to the permanent rank of Captain, 
reported to her last command as director 
oi training publications tor the operat- 
ing Fleet. In 1973 she retired after 50 
years of distinguished service to her 
country. Now residing in Florida, 
( laptain I ove has awards and decora- 

tions that include the Asiatic -Pacific 
Campaign Medal, the American 
Campaign Medal, World War II Victory 

Medal, and the National Defense 
Service Medal. *• 

Charles S. Luck III 


Chairman. Board oj Trustees* 


True Farr Luck 


Steering ( lommittee, 

Sesquicentenntal t '.ampaign 

Oharlie and True Luck began their 
association with Mary Baldwin College 

as parents. On the Parents Council 
they took a keen interest in the social, 
spiritual, and educational needs of the 
students, always upholding high 
standards in their evaluations of the 
College's sen ices and programs. After 
theii daughter, ( lynthia Luckl law 79, 
graduated, the Lucks' relationship with 
the C lollege continued and has been 
marked by a spirit of generous and open- 

hearted involvement and service. Their 
I iiiik rship on the Sesquicentennia] 
(. Campaign Steering *. \ immittee has 
been vital to the successful completion 
of the $35 million effort. The Lucks' 
association with Man Baldwin ( bllege 
hasfai reaching significance in strength- 
ening the ( lollege's foundations tor 
mu IK i in il attainment. The Luck- ,>W^ 
are ac i ive and prominent in mam .. hari- 
table organizations in their hometown, 
Richmond, Virginia. True is the founder 
and past president o) the Woman's 
Board oi The Boys' Club and served a- 
senii i member and trustee of the 

1 hildren's 1 lospital. She was awarded 

the Junior League oi Richmond Barbara 

Ransome Andrews Award tor Volun- 
teerism and the Boys' i Hub oi America 
Woman and Boy Award. ( )harlii 
dent oi Luck Stone, Inc., served on the 
VM1 I oundation, Inc., Board, and is a 
former directoi oi the VMI Alumni 
Assoc i.nion and kculct (. Hub Board, 
(.'harks and True Luck have performed 
distinguished service to their communi- 
ties and to Mary Baldwin (. blleg » 


The same ideals that drew Lyda 
Bunker Hunt into service as a trustee 
from 1939 to 1955, alsoirwolved 
her daughters, Caroline and Margaret, 
who continue to support the eduea- 
tional heritage oj four generations oj 
women in their family . 

Mary Baldu m * 


nddy Doenges ' remarkable resolve and vigorous 
leadership during the College's successful Sesquicentennial 
Campaign have helped to ensure that Mary Baldwin 
College will continue long-standing traditions of academic 
excellence while maintaining an emphasis on women. 

With great confidence in Anna Kate Hipp's high 
standards and uncompromising principles , Sesquicentennial 
Campaign volunteers have accepted grand challenges 
during the last few years. 

Louise Rossett McNamee '70 


Board of Trustees* 

/itrvr graduating with an English major 
from Mary Baldwin College, Louise 
headed to New York to launch her 
career in publishing. Two years later, 
she entered advertising and spent the 
next six years in the Nason-Univas 
Agency, where she directed research 
before a free-lance project led her to 
Delia Femina. In 1979 she joined the 
leading advertising agency as vice presi- 
dent and lirectoi and became 
r vice president by the end of 

: pi ted to 

i re i li Hi and chiel executive 
nami ■ I presii leni 
Mil'! in the firsi 

woman ti i have hei name added to thai 

' it .1 ni.i|' n ,n |\ en i ing ag , - I tella 

Femina Mi Namee WCRS. As a( llegi 
trustee, Louisi ha gi en fully of hei 

and abilities. Louise McNamcc's 
hi opportu 
ui ■ ess whii b I egin with a 
liberal-arts education. **• 

Dr. Margaret C. McNeese '67 


Pediatrician, Educator 

LJv. Margaret McNeese's name is associ- 
ated with countless humane concerns 
and programs for children in her home 
state of Texas. Margaret, the associate 
dean for student affairs at Texas Medical 
School and a lecturer, is also responsible 
for her private patient practice in the 
university pediatric clinic and is a con- 
sultant for suspected child abuse cases 
for the county welfare department and 
community of physicians. She has 
served on the Texas Legislative Sub- 
i ommittee on Child Abuse and 

,i 'li i i, the Planning Committee on 
Child Abuse for the American Medical 
Association, The University of Texas 
Health Scienci ' enter's Women's 
Issik-s ( bmmittee and task loins on 
violence, ami i in many i ither local, 
state, and national organizai ions 
i barged with relieving suffering and 
improving health i are fi n i hildren. 
As director of pediatrics ai San Jose 
( ;link iii I lonsion from 1976 to 1985, 
Margaret doubled the number of medi- 
■ ally underserved and low-income 

Mexican-American children receiving 
comprehensive ambulatory care at the 
clinic. Dr. Margaret McNeese's disposi- 
tion to do good and to devote her great 
intelligence and skills to her fellow 
human beings is worthy of admiration, 
and has brought honor and recognition 
to Mary Baldwin College. ** 

Dr. Page Putnam Miller '63 

Professional Advocate 

Tor more than 10 years, Dr. Page 
Miller lias directed the National Coor- 
dinating ( lommittee for the Promotion 
of History, a national advocacy office 
supported by 50 historical and archival 
organizations that operates from the 
American Historical Assoc iai ion head- 
quarters on Capitol Hill. Her represen- 
tation ol the historical and archival 
professions has kept her before congres- 
sional committees, defending legislation 
thai favors historic preservation, 
research, and teaching, and shaping 

public policy relating to history. As the 
editor of the recently published hook of 
essays, Reclaiming the Past: Landmarks oj 
Women's History (Indiana University 
Press), Page has helped historians and 
the public grasp the historic significance 
of sites and buildings asso( iated with 
women and the need to commemorate 
and preserve women's history. In the 
published version of her dissertation in 
American I listory .it the University of 
Maryland, .A ( '.laim to New Roles (The 
Scarecrow Press, 1985), Page is credited 
with a fine study of prominent Presbyte- 
i i,in women in antebellum Ameri< a 
She deserves recognition as one of 
America's foremost promoters <>l histori- 
cal and archival professions, preserva- 
tion, and programs. ,s » 

Dorothy Bau^han Moore '40 

P. William Moore, Sr. 


Board oj I rw it e 

/\ctivc and unfailing supporters of 
Mary Baldwin College, Poll} md Bill 
Moore oi Staunton have befriended the 
College in innumerable ways. Their 
wise counsel and willing assistance with 
management and growth have greatly 
contributed to the <■ lollege's heritage ot 
excellence. Polly is the former president 
of the Augusta ( !ount\ Alumnae ( Ihap- 
ter and a loyal supporter of campus 
programs to benefit students. In 1988 
she established The Dorothy Baughan 
Moore St holarship with a yearly award 
tor students oi good character who dem- 
onstrate tin.iiu need. When laced 

with ureat challenges .u\A changing 

aspirations, the I lollege has relied on 
Rill, .i bulwark of sound judgment and 

consistent leadership. Partners in 

service, Polly and Bill Moore enjo} the 
confidence and respec i of their 

Staunton community and Mary P\ild\\ in 
College. » 

Dr. Gwcn Kennedy Neville '59 

Sex u <l i 

Cultural Anthropoiogisi 

JL/r. Gwen Neville, the Elizabeth Root 
Paden Professor of Sociology at South- 
western I Iniversity in Georgetown, 
I . as, is widely recognized tor her 
research and publications in the areas of 
urban i alt ure and society, culture and 
community, and anthropology of reli- 
gion. Her research has taken her to 
Scotland, the southern Appalachian 
highlands of North C larolina, north 

i, and Texas. ( iwen, an Ameri- 
can Anthropological Association Fellow 
and a director of the Society tor the 
Anthropology of Europe, is the former 
editot oi the Southern Anthropology 
Soi ictv, and has held leadership posi- 
tions on the National Council of 
Anthropology and Education, American 
Folklore Sot iet\, and numerous othei 
state and national councils. 1 ler master 
of arts and doctor of philosophy degrees 
in social and cultural anthropology were 
conferred by the I Iniversit} of Florida. 
From 1971 to 1979 Gwen was on the 
sociology and anthropology fat ulty of 
hnoi\ I niversit} in Georgia, where she 
also held an appointment in the Center 
tor Research in Religion in ( andler 

School of rheology. Man Baldwin 
c lollege's Sesquicentennial Finale 
Founders' Day l. 'onvoi ation speaker, Dr. 
( Iwi n Neville is a noted scholar and 
lecturer. 1 ler example is to be emulated 
by young women, and her tame cher- 
ished b\\ Baldwin College. »• 

Elizabeth Starr Owen '4^ 

In I he mid 1960s when Betl\ Owen 

became convinced that capable secre- 
taries were hard to come b\ m New 
York ( 'it\, she borrowed a small sum, 
found suitable office space, and started a 
school that grew to tram 2,000 people 
annually- the Bctt\ (."'wen Secretarial 

Systems, Iik ,, and I Wen 

Corporate Workshops, Iik. Betty's was 
(he first school to otter speed and 
flexibility m learning business skills. 1 ler 

li was extremely 
successful. Large corporate ^ bents, 
including Ami >s, Time Inc., 

ARC, NP.( :,CBS, and the lord Founda- 
tion sought out the programs and 
personalized training methods. '■ 
tive, determined, action-oriented 
businesswoman, Betty established a 
secret trial company in a tough market 
where there were tew women entrepre- 
neurs. Betty Owen, now a painter living 
in < '.ilitomi.i, has established a record of 
achievement that brings honor and 
recognition to Mary Baldwin ( lollege. ; * 

Mary Murrin Painter '71 


JT or more than a decade Mary Murrin 
Painter has been championing native 
plants, encouraging the grow ing num- 
bers ot legitimate sources of nursery- 

Ited native plants in the I 
States. In 1982 she founded the Virginia 

Native Plant Society and has sen ed as 

president and board member at both the .an I kx al lc\ els. Also ac tive in a 
\ aneiy of sen ic e organizations and as a 
volunteer naturalist toi the Fairfax, 

i oiiiiix Park Authority, she 
was named Volunteei ot th< "i ear in 
1985 b} Barbara Bush. In 1986 Mar\ 
carved out a business ot her own. 
Virginia Names, a wildlife nurserj and 
custom landscape-design firm where she 
propagates native plants and publishes a 
catalogue. National park-, botanical 
gardens, state highway departments, 
civic groups, and retail and commerx ial 
landscapes have bought her plants, 
none of which has been collected from 

its wild habitat. Currently director of 
the Conference on Landscaping with 
Native Plants at Cullowhee, North 
Carolina, Mary continues her efforts to 
protect native plants and encourage 
their correct propagation. **• 

William G. Pannill 
Board of Trustees* 

i hough a prominent businessman and 
influential member of the College Board 
of Trustees, Bill Pannill has another 
reputation on the Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege campus: student advocate. As 
chairman of the Student Life Commit- 
tee, Bill was soon caught up in the 
students' vision for a place that would 
tit their social and personal needs. His 
encouragement and support of the 
vision led to The William G. Pannill 
Student Center, a 10,000-square-foot 
building for students on the Mary 
Baldwin campus. The new student 
center was dedicated to student life on 

September 16, 1992, and completes an 
activities complex which incorporates 
portions of the old Staunton Military 
Academy property. Bill attended The 
University of Virginia and North 
Carolina State University and is the 
former chief executive officer of Pannill 
Knitting company of Martinsville, 
Virginia. A generous and amiable man, 
Bill Pannill has performed unique 
service to the students and community 
of Mary Baldwin College. » 

Ann Harden Pierce '70 


>3ince studying biology at Mary 
Baldwin and completing graduate work 
in zoology, Ann Harden Pierce has 
traveled the world studying primates 
with some of the leading figures in the 
field. She carried out primate research 
in Africa with Dr. Jane Goodall and 
Diane Fossey, and has also worked 
extensively in the United States. As 
national coordinator for Dr. Goodall's 
Project Chimpan Zoo from 1984 to 
1987, Ann conducted a long-term study 

of chimpanzees in captivity to improve 
their social and physical environment. 
Always emphasizing what is best for the 
species, not the institutions, for ten 
years Ann has supported programs to 
train zoo keepers and others to be better 
observers of chimpanzees and more 
aware of the needs of these highly intel- 
ligent animals. Ann is studying to 
become a nurse, and plans to return to 
Africa to help the people who live in 
the regions with the African primates. 
Ann Harden Pierce's work has brought 
recognition and honor to Mary Baldwin 
College. '"*■ 

Elizabeth Read-Connole '74 

Research Biologist, 
National Institutes of Health 

1 n her final organic chemistry lab at 
Mary Baldwin, Betsy learned to be very, 
very careful with the azo dyes she was 
handling. If the dyes came into contact 
with her skin the yellow stains would 

The William ( i. I'uunill Student ( cuter, 
Mary Baldwin ( College 

Annual Report 

*% 6* 


to Mary Baldwin College 

1991 - 1992 

m ^^ w 

wring 199 1 -1992, thousands of 
individuals, businesses, corporations, andfoiindations 
contributed a total of $2,569, 618 taMaryBalduin 
College. These Sesquicentennial gifts include 
$905,030 totheAnnualFund,and$402,289in 
other gifts and grants, all ofwhth comprise gifts to 
the Sesquicentennial Campaign. 

With gratitude , the College com- 
munity, and especially the faculty and students, 
acknowledge the enthusiastic support of all who 
contributed to the on-going development effort. 
Your gifts are appreciated and are an inspiration 
to those of us who work and study at Mary 
Baldwin College . ^ 

Mary Baldwin College 

Sesquicentennial Campaign 

Contributors of $5,000 and above through July / 0L L' 

Elizabeth ByrJ Williams Abbott '64 

Carole Lewis Anderson 


Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

George S. Arnold (D) 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Atchison 

Gloria Joins Atkinson '33 (D) 

Jo Avery '65 

Elizabeth Kindle Baker (D) 

Mrs. Jospeh L. Barnett 

Shirley Black Barre '39 

Margaret A. Barrier '50 

Beverly Estes Bates '68 

Sarah Warren Baynes '64 

Luctetia Davidson Beach '25 (D) 

Martha Barnett Beal '53 

Beckett Foundation 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

J. Edward Betts 

Mary L B. Birdsong (D) 

Marian Homsby Bowditch '42 

Mary Stuart Brown Bowman '28 (D) 

A. J. Brent 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Broyles 

Mr and Mrs. J, Mahlon Buck Jr. 

C & P Telephone of Virginia 

Cabell Foundation 

Carpenter Foundation 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Cartledge Charitable Foundation 

Susan Warfieldf aples'60 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Frances Hater Chiles '55 

Churches Homes Foundation 

Justice and Mrs (. ieorge M Cochran 

[ai queline Edward: I i ihen '50 

Mary Wray Conner '8 1 

1 1 in. . s Royster l 'ookc (D) 

Angela Blose I "orlcy '67 

Man l iould I loulhotim '63 

Crestat Foundation 

Jane Reid Cunningham '3 l > 

Sally Dorse) Dannei '64 

i Kiidal :aldwell Davis '51 

Berth Murphy Denting '46 

O. D. Dennis Fund 

Amu Pondei I Hi kson '61 

Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 

Family of Louise P Donovan '08 (D) 

I feeyfus Fi tundation 

(Catherine 1 >yei Dudley '36 

Agnes Gray Duff '54 

Nancy Mayer I hinbar '60 

Jessie BallduPonl Fund 

Mary Ellen Killinget Durham '66 

1 '"iin.i Neudorfei Earp '76 

Mr. and Mrs. IV. m Edmonds III 

Genevieve Benckenscein Elder '41 

Nancy Payne Ellis 

Sydney Turner Elsass '69 

Ethyl Corp. . i n ii m 

Mr and Mrs. James S. Evans 

lames B. Farinhoh Jr. 

Leigh Yates Fanner '74 

Susan Train Fearon '69 

Betty Be.islev Fiedler '49 

Katherine N. Fishburn Foundation 

T. David Fitz-Gibbon 

Charirahle Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Fitzgerald 
Virginia I layes Forrest '40 
Patricia Andrew 1 ioodson '51 
Mary Alice Goodwin '66 
Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas FL Grafton 
Julia Leggett Grant (D) 
Mary Agnes Grant '30 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Helen K Groves 
Gwathmey Memorial Trust 
Lillian Richardson Hall '48 
I inda I tolly Hammack '62 
Hampton Roads Shipping 

l inl.i < I.uck Haw '79 
Mils [ I ■ cterman Held 76 
Mr. and Mrs. B, T. Henderson 

! Hendricks '64 
M irg in ' I lunl I [ill ''7 
|ohn S (D)and 

Anne Holman Hmckle\ '34 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
i larolyn I lilmei I lislc\ '68 
'in hi I lerschei I litchman '40 
Susan Baughman 1 lomat '74 
I lousehold International Inc 
Shirk \ I laynes 1 lunter '24 
Beverly Great I lun '61 
Henry C. Ikenberry Jr. 

1 1 |ohnson '31 
E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Ikes Kegley '54 
Emily Wirsing Kelly '63 Foundatii m 

Douglass Kellam '36 
( laroline Murphy Keller '42 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Gail McLennan King '69 
CharleneKiracore'25 (D) 
Robin Wilson Lea '66 
Marguerite Fulwilei Livy '17 (D) 

Robert I. ivy 

Mr. and Mrs I. harks s | uc k 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lutken St 
Jean Baum Mair '40 
Suzanne Maxson Malt: '75 
Mary Bell Archer Mapp '35 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Martin Jr. 
Massey Foundation 
MBC Alumnae Association 
MBC Alumnae Assoc iation of 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. 

Mt lntvre Jr. 

1 'lark McLennan '41 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Milton McMullan 
Louise Rossert McNamee '70 
Don 1 V Montgomery 
Tain |oe M 

Montgomery ''7 (D) 
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Moore |r. 
Mr. and Mrs. P, W. Moon Si 
Morg in Foundation 
Louise Bowen Morns '25 (D) 
Mi hi I Mrs Willi. mi s Moms 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Myric k 

National Science Foundation 

I h and Mrs Maurice Nottingham |r. 

ChUdren of Elsie Olsson 

Pauli AnneOverdorfl 70 

Frank R Pane ake 

William G. Pannill 

Mary Mi iro m P u 

Anne Poole '51 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
Presbyterian Church, USA 

Margaret Thorn RawL '69 

Margaret Pollard Rea '4o 

|oanne Mane Reit h '88 

Mi and Mrs. William ( ) Reuthet 

W. Thomas Rice 

Maylia Green Rightmire 72 

i h Jr. 
Doris Rohner R • ■ 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
R. Wallace Rosen (D) 
Second Presbyterian Churches 
lucational ex 

Mi in I Mi >. Charles H i 
I .iin.i Shuford 
Ri iben Shufi ird 
William B. Shuford 
Shuford Mills Inc. 

nth '37 
Mr and Mrs. R. R. Smith 

1 it ion 
Mrs. William W.Sproul Jr. 
St. ( liles Presbyterian Church 
l.iiui Russell Steelman '32 
Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

Synods of the Mid AH u 
Synods ol the Virginias 
Di Leslii 

Mi and Mrs. R. Diliard Tver 
Eugenia M. I aun 1 hom 
Mr .in.l Mrs William rhome 
Betty Neisler TimKrlake '40 
A. lane I owni 
J. M. Tull Foundation 
I 'eclle Mears Turner '4f> 

ithia 1 1 Tyson 

.ties Uttenhove '68 

' I Vannoyjr. 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Virginia Foundation for Independent 

Virginia I lealthcare Four 
Phyllis* 28(D) 

Wheat First Securities Inc. 

P ne Whitehead 1 1 lundation 
|ohn \ Williamson 11 
Margaret ( V. 

A 1 Woolbright Jr. 
Manila A Woolverton '31 
Dorothy |ones Wrigley '70 

tD> Deceased 

** €* 

While every effort has been made to ensure the act ■ errors or 

omissions in tins report may have occurred We appreciate out dun i 
and uv apologise m advance for any inaccuracies in this list. 

Mary Baldwin College 

Annual Fund Donors 


Communities Foundation of Texas 
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Deming 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Contributions of $10,000 or more to the Annual Fund 

Margaret Hunt Hill '37 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck 111 
Luck Stone Foundation Inc. 

William G. Pannill 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dillard Teer 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 

Virginia Foundation tor 
Independent Colleges 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 

Beckett Charitable Foundation 
Estate of Fannie Royster Cooke 
Nancy A. Crim 

The Hill Top Club 

Contributions of $5,000 to $9,999 to the Annua! Fund 

Betty Beasley Fiedler '49 

Helen K. Groves 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lutken 

Melissa Turner Lutken '46 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Smith 
Martha Ann Woolverton '5 1 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck Jr. 

Elia Durr Buck '50 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Justice and Mrs. George M. Cochran 
Sharon P. Creekmore 

The Founders' Club 

Contributions of $2,500 to $4,999 to the Annual Fund 

Katherine Dyet Dudley '36 
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hitchman 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Mt. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Harriette Clarke Thome '47 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Harriett Middleton Waldrop ' 

The President's Associates 

Contributions of$l ,000 to $2,499 to the Annual Fund 

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Ernest Adelman 
Mary Stone Adler '62 
Dr. M. Alfred Akerman 
Alumnae Chapter-Houston 
Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 
Constance A. Bak '75 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartenstein 
Susanne Raybum Bates '66 
Mildred Proffit Batson '43 
Maltha B<x)th Bernhardt '53 
Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 
Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan '82 
Ann Cooke Brut '58 
Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

T. B. Butler Publishing Co. 

Susan Warficld Caples '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Carr 
Peggy Anderson ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Worth II. im ' ittei 

le Chandler 77 

I i" ne W. Chismer 

Mr. and Mr ' le I Chri Itii 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. ( 3yde Jr. 
Edward I .hen '50 

I 1. 1>>- 1 .i I harli I i I 

Mary Wray G inner 'HI 

I & Lybrand 
Ad il| h ' 

Angela Blose Girley '67 
Jean McArrhur Davis '45 
Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Paula Rupe Dennard '48 
Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 
Agnes Gray Duff '54 

The Garland Gray Foundation Inc. 
Walter E. Eckel Jr. 
Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Edmonds 111 

Lynn Dinger Edmonds '86 
Thelma S. Eiland 

John D. Eiland Company 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder '41 
Mary Rurherfoord Mercer Ferguson '63 
Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 
Alice Dibrell Freeman '70 
Sarah Belk Gambrell 

Sarah Belk Gambrell Foundation 
Judith W. Godwin '52 
Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 
Lindsay Ryland (Jouldthorpe '73 

Grace Covenant Presbyterian 
Church of Richmond, Virginia 

G.I. and Mrs. ( iordon M. Grant 

Marianna Habisreutinger 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Cynthia Luck Haw '79 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger '52 
in i I in Held Hipp '63 

Carolyn (iilmer Hisley '60 

Roberra Vance I lomer '37 

Nancy Rowe Hull '64 

Emily W. Hundley '47 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 

Sara Brooks Nair James '44 

Kathryn Else Johnson '47 

Meredith Jones Johnson '43 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Satah Maupin Jones '39 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Martha Philpott King '80 

Randall J. Knisely Jr. 

Kuehn Foundation 

Constance Detrick Lamons '52 

Margaret Livingston '69 

J.D. and C.T. MacArthur Foundation 

Jean Baum Mair '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 

The J.N. McArrhur Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McBride 

Louise Rossett McNamee '70 

Mr. and Mts. William M. Meador 

Dr. Patricia H. Menk 

lane Miller '76 

Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore Sr. 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 
Jean T. Moore 
Winifred Boggs Myrick '54 
I [arriet Marrow Neldon '75 
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 

Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Pauli Anne Overdorff '70 
Gale Palmer Penn '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. PetO 
Mary M. Pool-Murray 
Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell '78 
Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Carson Quarles 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 

Eleanor H. Raynolds (D) 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reuther 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 

Rupe Foundation 

Second Ptesbyterian Church of 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
Shenandoah's Ptide Daity 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
Mary Reed Smyth '47 
Mrs. William W. Sproul Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 
M. Elizabeth Swope '66 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Mr. and Mrs. Waller M. Vannoy |r. 
Sally Cheney Walker '40 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver '71 
Valerie Lynn Wenger '81 
Consuclo Penn Slaughter Wenger 


(( lifts benefit the Annual Fund) 

Wenger Foundation 
Capt. and Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 
Vice Admiral and Mrs. Joe Williams Jr. 
Mary Cronin Wolfe '39 

(D) Deceased 

The Ivy Circle 

Contributions of $500 to $999 to the Annual Fund 

Martha McMullan Aasen '51 

Margaret Williams Adams '42 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

Constance E. Atkins 72 

Jo Avery '65 

Laurie Scott Bass 78 

Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 

Beverly Estes Bates '64 

Mary Anne Rhame Bates '45 

Martha Barnett Beal '53 

Clair Carter Bell'76 

Alison Wenger Boone 77 

Jane Douglas Brammer 78 

Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles Jr. 

Jo O'Neal Brueggeman '80 

Dawn Tusing Burris '85 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Caneras 

Mt. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 

The Winston-Salem Foundation Inc. 
Kathleen Hand Carter '58 
Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman '44 
Janet Haddrell Connors '65 
Jean Cortnght Copeland 73 
Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
Dr. and Mrs. Dane J. Cox 
Crestar Bank 
Betty Davis Crump 74 
Susan Gamble Dankcl '68 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 
Ann Bowman Day 74 
Elizabeth "B.J." Felton de Golian 79 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Dorsey 
Eugenia Hedden Dowdcswell '66 
Susan Parker Drean '83 
Sandra Zeese Driscoll '66 
Clara Ayres Duckworth '42 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Donna Neudorfer Earp 76 
Sydney Turner Elsass '69 
Jane Elizabeth Faulds 71 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Fetterman 
First Presbyterian Church of 

Staunton, Virginia 
Frances Henderson Ford 76 
Lee Johnston Foster 75 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 
Judith Galloway-Totaro '69 
Susan Multord Gantly '66 
Judy Lipes Garst '63 
Elaine Rabe Giese 70 
Kuuberly Baker Glenn 79 
Minna Thompson Glenn 70 
Sara Mackey Godelin '42 
Thelma Riddle Golightly '40 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 
Anita Thee Graham '50 
Linda Martin Graybill '83 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Nancy Howe Guild '46 
Guy C. Eavers Excavating ( !orp. 
Dee Bowman Haggard 71 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halligan 
Alice B. Hansbarger 73 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Pat R. Hargrett 
Patricia Binkley Haws '69 
Susan Johnson High '62 
Susan Thompson Hoftman '64 
Sally Cullum Holmes '60 
Robert H. Hull 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Hope Hennen Hunter 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Ikenberry Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Burr llgenfritz 
Elizabeth Clement Jeftery 71 
lVr\ I Ann Worts Johnson '66 

Patricia Zoch Johnson 

Dr. May Wells Jones '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Kittle 

Klingstein Foundation 

Mrs. Frank S. Knight 

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd K. Knowles 

Elizabeth Dudley Landes '82 

M. in. inna Jamison Leach '47 

Kathenne McM. Lichtenberg 

Jeanne Dubois Loar '49 

John Lodge 

Dr. and Mrs. James D. Lott 

Janney Shoemaker Marshall 75 

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Marston 

Louise V.mdiviere Mashburn '42 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Anne Beverly McCormack '83 

Carey Cooley McDaniel '67 

Margaret Byrd McGeorge 75 

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. McNeal 

Dorns Withers McNeal '41 
Mary Nell McPherson 79 
Sharon Miller Midland '68 
Peggy I lams Milligan '48 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Grace Branch Moore '68 
Lee Pierce Mosso '54 
Mary Hombarger Mustoe '55 
H. E. Neale 

Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Page 

Martha Anne "Mopsy"Pool Page '■ 
Agnes Junkin Peery '31 
Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 
M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen 72 
Lis.i Harvey Runes 75 
Norman Racusin 

Margaret Pollard Rea '46 

Elizabeth Read-Connole '74 

Margaret Barranger Reid '69 

Julene Reese Roberts '65 

Raquel Fajardo R 

Margaret Bryant Rust 73 

Marrha Godwin Saunders '48 

Gail MiAlpm Schwekkert '65 

Dr. Ethel Mae Sme.ik '5 < 

Anne Sims Smith '45 

Katharine Hoge Smith '41 

Amy Roherson Spence 76 

Nancy Moncure Stikes 75 

Edith A. Stotler "68 

Nancy Owen Stuart '39 

Dr. Leslie W. SyTon '42 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Dr. John A. Taylor 

Sallie Brush Thalhimer 73 

Alice Jones Thompson '40 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 

Mary Lainont Wade '52 

Caroline Upshur Walker 

Deborah Dull Walker 75 

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Walker 

Jo Ann Ware 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H Webb 

Dr. Patricia Westhater 

Sally Wetzel Wicks 78 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Mary Griffith Williams '45 

Mr. andMrs.ThomasS. Williamson 1 

Dr. Heather Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. William Wren 

The Colonnade Club 

Contributions of $250 to $499 to the Annual Fund 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Addleton 
Blanche Wysot Anderson 72 
Carole Lewis Anderson 
Marcelle Rogers Askew '62 
Anne Munn Bailey 75 
Dr. Annabel E. Barber '81 
Margaret Maddex Bames '67 
Caroline Dixon Bartman 72 
Karen Appleby Baughan '64 
Clarke Stanley Beckner 76 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bell 
Julia Johnston Belton '49 
Susan Zagora Bender 71 
Anne Faw Bernard '50 
Martha Bertrand '65 
Marian Homsby Bowditch '42 
Barbara Brown Bowles '68 
Anne Hayes Brewer '42 
Madelyn Richardson Brock '46 
Martha Carrick Brook '50 
Sherry Bassett Brooks '77 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Broughton 
Dreama B. Brown '86 
Sarah Livingston Brown '63 
Gary Brown and Associates Ltd. 

Joyce Craig Buttcrworth '46 

Kathleen Kenig Bytord '68 

Crista R. Cabe 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund D. Campbell 

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell 
George Ann Brown t 'artct '47 
Martha Farmer Chapman '41 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman 
Margate! t 'ole ( 'happcll '64 
Mildred Mawhinnev t Yemenis H 
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stuart t bchran 
Margaret Turner Coleman '67 
Mary Saunders l lonwell 70 
Pamela Martin Comstock 77 
Margaret Schneidei ( bnzett '34 

Susan Martin s ooley '80 
Mar) i iould t loulbourn '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Craig 
Margaret Lawson Cr.ughill '49 
Virginia Alexander Crane '66 
Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Marguerite l\\ t reus 74 

Charlotte Cohn Da\ is '45 
Mr. and Mrs |oseph F I Kxon 
Melinda Dodge '80 
i i Mathews l\>nalson'46 
Mr and Mrs R. C. Doreyjr. 

Carol Ann Douglas 

lames I \ Douglas 

Helen Suzanne Jones Duncan '69 

Sharon S. Dyess 

Mrs. Robert V. Ely 

Beatrit e Ware Evans '43 

Leigh Yates Fanner 74 

Kathleen Myers Faust '67 

Susan Train Fearon '69 

Cynthia Fitch 71 

Mary Fleming '68 

ling l'orse\ '42 
1>i WilliamH Foster Jr. 
Mary Gochenout Fowlkes '50 
Ann Whitten Gillenwater '68 
Mr. and Mrs Thomas GlazebrooV 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L t ilenn 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite '46 
Slant v Schettlei t iordon '44 
JeanC. Grainger '70 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. GrattO 
The s neater New Orleans Foundation 
Cornelia Adair Green '46 
Man Weston Grimball '69 

Margaret Troutman GrOvet '84 
Jennifer McHugh Haase 71 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp '66 
Martha Brown Hamruk '48 
Kathryn Bish H an 
t. Catherine McKenney I larcus 78 
Lonna Dole Harkrader '68 
Elizabeth Wotring Harrison '42 
Jean Lamberh H.irt '67 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 
1 N Sarah I awrence Heald 77 
Roberta Gill Hefla '6 1 
Susan Vaughan I li 

Mr. and Mrs. John R Hildebr.ind 
Elizabeth I "ay limes '69 
Susan Hooper Hogge '62 Kcfhc\ lloltnes '70 
Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 
Susie Harris Howe '32 

Alice COX Hubbard '60 
Patricia Simpson Hvlton 
Shirley Henung Ihcn '40 
Martha Master-. Ingles '69 

Margaret Chapman lack 
Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison 72 
Joyce K.Jennings 
Man Baldwin 78 

Jennifer Scott Johnson '89 
Amine Cosby Kellam '35 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Kenig 
Constance McHugh Kimerer '58 
Dorothy Hooge King '36 
Erah Hatten Kliewer '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Klopman 
Kathryn Rice Knowles '67 
Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn '62 
Jane Gillam Kornegay '83 
Doris Clement Kreger '48 
Bern- Harrell Kyle '49 
Nancy Williamson Lamb '67 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell '73 
Diane Hepford Lenahan '77 
Ellen Pagenstecher Lewis '65 
Virginia Gilliam Lewis '44 
Elaine B. Liles 
Gladys Adams Link '43 
Bettie Bamett Lombard '48 
Johanna Westley Lucas '50 
Shearer Troxell Luck '63 
Adriane Heim Lyman '50 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod '44 
Josephine Hutcheson Magnifico '32 
Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 
Janice Booth Maner '71 
Helen Hutcheson Massingill '65 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis '62 
Laura Jane Atkinson May '47 

Melissa Rhodes McCue '77 

Caroline Thrift McGehee '26 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mclntyre Jr. 

Susan McKemy '78 

Katharine Anderson McKinnon '42 

Barbara Conlon Miescher '50 

Susan Dibrell Miller '73 

Betty Johnson Mix '43 

Anne Lonnquest Moore '75 

Jane Craig Morrison '42 

William S. Moses 

R. Edward Nance 

Katherine Hull Nowell '74 

Laura Sadler Olin '71 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr. 

Mildred Willis Paden 72 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 

Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 

Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr. 

Adele Jeffords Pope '65 

Dorothy Smith Purse '52 

Julia Pancake Rankin '45 

Joyce Acker Ratliff '52 

Louise O. Ravenel '40 


Mary Jane Gray Richardson '52 

Walter Ridgely '81 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Margaret Herbert Roach '82 

Ida Kellough Robb '39 

Sara Burwell Robinson '57 
Fredand Sttickland Rodgers '77 
E. B. Rouse 

Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Cornelia Green Roy '68 
John Runkle '81 and 

Harriet B. Runkle 
Ann Humphrey Sanders '67 
Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Satterfield IV 

Janie Huske Satterfield '70 
Virginia Moomaw Savage '69 
Catherine Gladden Schultz '71 
Scott and Stringfellow Investment 

Ingrid Carlson Shindell '63 
Sally Simons '80 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood '75 
Patricia C. Smith 
Katherine Quillian Solberg '69 
Mary Morris Blakely Sorrells '42 
Nancy Nelson Spencer '64 
Susanne Dyer Stanley '68 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 
Stotler Charitable Trust 
Elizabeth Boling Strand '58 
Caroline J. Struthers '71 
Rose Driver Stuart '69 
Carroll W. Suggs 
Eleanor Jamison Supple '42 
Mrs. William A. Sutherland 

Otey Hay ward Swoboda '6 1 

Ann Stephens Talbott '79 

Katherine T. Taylor '78 

Cathy Turner Temple '68 

Leslie Marfleet Terry '77 

Nancy Dana Theus '79 

Dr. Susan F. Thomas '76 

Shawn Brown Thompson '83 

Lillie Trimble Turner '46 

Emily T. Tyler '63 

Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 

Myrna Williams Vest '47 

Ann Morgan Vickery '66 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Joseph von Tury 

Mary Jo von Tury '77 

Judith Wade '69 

Gwendolyn Walsh 

Marjorie Widener Wardrop '74 

Francis A. Weiskittel 

Ruth Galey Welliver '38 

Charlotte R. Wenger '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

Lucy Fisher West '59 

Shirley Keelgar Williamson '39 

Margaret Getty Wilson '48 

Margaret McRae Wilson '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

Florence Jeffrey Wingo '40 

Estate ofW.E.Woolbright Jr. 

Young True Value Hardware Inc. 

The Columns 

Contributions o/$100 to $249 to the Annual Fund 

Carolyn Smith Abbitt '64 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Adams Jr. 
Marsha Nye Adler '65 
Ralphetta G. Aker '88 
Dorothy Hutchings Alberts '32 
Martha Kennedy Albertson '70 
Dr. Ann Field Alexander '66 
Joanne Powell Alexander '43 
Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano '84 
Anne Hall Allen '78 
Dr. Robert T.Allen 111 
Ginny D. Alnert 
Janet Bartholomew Altamari '70 
Alumnae Chapter-Baltimore 
Alumnae Chapter-South Texas 
Billie Joseph Ameen '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Ames 
Anne McClung Anderson '59 
Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Anderson 
Jill Kiely Anderson '72 
Kelly An I. 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 
Mj in Cutler Appel '69 
Evelyn Baker Arey '30 

ria Keid Argabright '64 
iu( '70 
Betty Wilcox Armstrong '41 
Mr and ' I 

Helen Arrowood Arm. I I 6 I 
Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith '70 
|t lidi Judge Ashcraft '50 

Anne Ashworrb '87 

I >r and Mrs. Lewis Ajkcgaai I 

won '51 
Margaret Adair Aw i 
Ann Atwell '42 
Katherine Bear Aulick '20 

Kathleen Aure '68 
Margaret Newman Avent '49 
Carolyn Holmes Avery '73 
Neely Garrett Axselle '69 
Phyllis Williams Ayres '38 
Kathleen Thomasson Bagby '73 
Anne Fisher Bahner '64 
Barbara Reid Bailey '61 
Carolyn Hedge Baird '77 
Dr. Burke Baker III 
Emily Baker '58 
Elaine Kihler Baldwin '4! 
Jane Coleman Balfour '62 
Ellen Gill Ball '77 
Patricia Goshorn Ball '61 
Margaret l)e Mund Banta '33 
Ellen Stickell Bare '55 
Elizabeth Pringle Barge '41 
Mary Eros Barnes '78 
I lamer Bangle Bamhardt '50 
Shirley Black Barre '39 
Margaret Barrier '50 
Janice Smith Barry '67 
Leigh Suhling Barrh '71 
I )r. and Mr,. I lomer Hartley 
Mary Goodrich Baskin '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Rex H. Basset t 

I lei ii Bei kelheimer Baugh '50 

Jeanne Bnsi or Bantu 'oV 
' i Moses Beard '42 

ira Beth Beans '82 
' ithi I" lynton Beazley '74 

mi i arrington Bi mil '64 
Mary Eldridge Berry '62 

i I Betts 
Reed Munson Beveridge '43 
Mi ind Mrs. 1 bnald L. Biers 
Teresa Bigler '82 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bish 
Penelope Patrick Biskey '72 
Mrs. Paul Black 
Gail Riley Blakey '45 
Nancy Anderson Blakey '49 
Dawn Martin Blankinship '82 
Chris Ziebe Blanton '70 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner '82 
Jean Wallace Blount '48 
Hannah Campbell Boatwright '42 
Marcia Williams Bohannon '71 
Deborah Hardie Boitnott '84 
Martha Peck Bolen '65 
Jane McClure Booth '81 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Linda L. Booth 
Velma Ncwbill Booth '46 
Kathy Ballew Bowcn '78 
Lee Willey Bowman '71 
Cary Bryan Boyd '45 
Louise W. Boylan '71 
Martha Wade Bradford '62 
Page I loward Bradham '!2 
Elizabeth Trimble Bradley '81 

(iwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 

LouNordhnlt BramweH'6] 

J.iik'I Dennis Branch '71 
Caroline Walker Brant '70 
lulianne Kind Brawner '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Breeden 
Martha ( laplinger Brinkley '59 
Ann Martin Brodic '47 
Louise Randol Brooks '3 3 
Mary Kerr Brooks '39 
Nancy Greever Brooks '73 

Sandra < irizzard Brooks '67 
Virginia Broughton ' 19 
Alice Jarman Browder '40 

Harriett Low Brown '39 
Mary Blasser Brown '88 
Mrs. Charles F. Bruny 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood '42 
Dale Peters Bryant '41 
Sally Matthews Bryant '75 
Dt. and Mrs. E. C. Bryce II 
Martha Blain Buchanan '7 1 
Mary Benson Buckley '34 
Susan Hazelwood Burlington '76 
Frances Buhman '69 
Suzanne Burch '61 
Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf '6 1 
Marjorie Tobin Burke '40 
Katherine West Burkhart '66 
Adelaide McSween Burnett '42 
Margaret Browning Busick '39 
Mrs. H.J. Bussa 
William T.Butler Jr. 
Lois Prescott Butz '35 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss '69 
Eleanor Gihill'56 
Susan Pruett Caldroney '72 
Dr.Janei While Campbell '66 
Susan Christ Campbell '69 
Carolyn Carleton Campsey '70 
Katherine Gracey Cannon '55 
l ami ( in n ill 1 

Ellison Miller Carey '79 

Frances Apple Carter '38 

H. David Carter 

Katherine Kivlighan Carter '44 

Maty Rehekah Kennedy Caruso '69 

Nell Rogers Carvell '63 

Sara Ellen Cary '90 

Elizabeth Walker Catc "65 

Anne Monyhan Chambers '48 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Elizabeth Cooke Chapman '63 
Pamela Turner Chapman 78 
EllenJer Strihling Chase '40 
Evelyn Wood Chatham '34 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain 72 
Linda HmrichsChristovich 77 
Laura O'Hear Church '82 
Ann Price Clark '61 
Minnielynn Martin Clay '62 
Betty Moorhead Clayton '42 
Mt. and Mrs. G. Frank Clement 
Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 78 
Marguerite Latham Clemmer '39 
Randolph R. Coffey 
Ann ( Gregory Colligan '80 
Janice lones Collins '65 
Marie Hayward Collins '59 
Columbia Gas of Virginia 
Community Federal Savings Bank 
Mary Jane Conger 73 
The Rev. and Mrs. George M. Qmn Jr. 
Harriett I larrington Connolly '43 
Ann Alexander Cook '62 
Betty Bird Cook '38 
Jill White Cooke 72 
Mary Cooke '44 
Virginia Kyle Copper '37 
H. Jean Brehm Cottman '33 
Susan C ireen Coulter 75 
Virginia Phillips Counselman 73 
Elise Palma Couper '68 

mi Lite Insurance Co. 

[i i West Covington '50 

Or. and Mrs. C. L. Crockett Jr. 
Shade Thomas Cronan '61 
Margaret Weaver i )rosson '67 
Julia Barbee Crothers '66 
Sally l annon Crumbley 71 
Elizabeth Burton Crusel '61 
Jane Reid Cunningham '59 
Reese Edmondson Curne '6 3 
Sylvia Shepherd Palke '67 
Janet Dudley Danby '42 
Sally Horsey Panner '64 
Helen Wade Dantzler '36 

I Meredith Pardon '42 
Michelle I Inward Dase 'SI 
Grace McCutchen Daughtridge 77 
Patricia Bowie Pavis '56 
Linda McAllister Dawe '69 
John P. Pc Jarnette 
M. Elizabeth De Loach '54 
Mt. and Mrs. C. |. Deitz 
Susan Jennings Penson '62 
Ann Calhoun Pent 77 
Mai) \ an Atta Pert '40 
Sandy Phetis DeWald '60 
Elizabeth Beck Dewees'51 
Marguerite Rutherford Dickerson '27 
Jennie Evans Dille '5 3 
Tamara Dingbaum '86 
Virginia I iatcs I 'S4 
Anne Nimmo Pixon '64 
Emily Ogbum Doak '4 l > 
Ann Fowlkes Dodd '52 
Keith Doggen '90 

1 1 Wilson Doherty '7 ) 
Winton Mather Doherty '67 
Harriet Houston Donaldson '40 
Catharine Dorrier '71 
Anna Greenland Dortch '4 1 
(Catherine Downie '71 
I'm k ia Downing '4° 
Nancy Buston Downs '56 
Katherine 1 loll Doziei '40 

l Mil Mi Michael IVew '65 
I .nir.i C Pruui '56 

Anvilla Prescon Dudley '32 (D) 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Mr and Mr-. John Edwin Puke 

Frances Kirby Duncan 75 

Reba l llemmer Dunlap '38 

Mary Jamitt Dunn '64 

Heather Durham '88 

Judith Bameti Putterer '69 

Mi an. I Mrs. |ohn Leit Eareckson 

Ellen Underwood Eckford '51 

J. inie I lolman Edwards '39 

Kathleen Edward- 

Mar) Babcock Edwards '71 

Sai i * Catherine Dabney Edwards 71 

Ora Fhmling Ehmann '36 

Merry Key Ellington '48 

Julie Ellsworth '86 

Anne Shields Emerson '67 

Carol A. Emory '65 

Mi and Mrs. E.J. English 

Oneita Carlson Enoch 75 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 

Nancy Eskndge '39 

Ml and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 

Eleanor Starke Evans '61 

Margaret Davis Evan- '46 

Margaret Johnston Evans '39 

Nancy Morse Evans '7 1 

Sandra J . Evans 

Anna Caperton Everhart '39 

Ann Tnisler Faith '69 

Louise I larwell Fanjoy '50 

Mar) Lehnertz Faulkner 79 

Nam v Blood Ferguson '63 

Melissa Wimbish FerTell 71 

Col. Jack E. Fincham 

Mi and Mrs. William H.Fishbacli 

Martha I liggins Fishbume '48 

Evelyn Wells Fisher '77 

Judith Moore Fisher '66 

< (livia Young Fisher '7 3 

Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 

Virginia Misters Fleishman 72 

I Player McPhaul Fleury 72 

Janie Davis Floumoy '72 

Pr. Ann Moore Flowers 

Ivchn Sander- Flower- '.'4 

Kathleen lone- Flvnn '83 

Virginia Aldrich Fogle '40 

The Rev. Pr. Margaret Robertson 

Fohl '68 
Margaret Penniman Fontaine '51 
P itrii ii Forbes '67 
Su-an Fnglander Fraile 74 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fram is I 
likK Spen< e Frank 73 I cavm Franklin 71 
Betty Barket Frasei '49 
1 larriei Murphy Fraziet '63 
1 eslie Freeman '70 
I 'i Sui anne Freeman '68 
Penelope Wev Frere '64 

Hey '63 

Margaret I Hiranl Fried '69 
Mr. and Mrs UfredE. Fry 
Sail) McCullough Futch "44 
n ( iaillard '2 3 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard '53 
Rear Admiral and 

Mrs. W. I Galbraith 
Mm Virginia Mudd Gah • 

Dr. Plane d. micro 
Thclma Trigg t Linnon '46 

Eleanor Yeakley Gardner '54 
Lila Caldwell Gardner '7 1 
Pr. and Mrs. P. Steven- Ciarlick 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. I 
Pr. and Mrs. Rohbins L. Gates 
1 indace Snodgrass Gessner 70 

irke Gibian '56 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Gibson 
Mary Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 'SO 
Mary ( lardner Glen '36 
l Ivdenne Glenn '88 
I . ih \\ ill. i ( lolden 72 
Virginia Worth Gonder '39 
Man' Alice Tollev Goodwin '66 
Ml ail K Cordon 

McPherson Blair Promotions 
Barbara Lemmond Graham '40 
Carolyn Breeding Graham '42 
Malvine Paxton Graham '41 
Mary Lawrence Graham '23 
Barl '.ii i 

Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 73 
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Graves 
Nancy Morris Graves '66 
Jean Lamer Gray '41 
Pamela Bumside Gray '48 
Su-an Blair Green 
I lelen Radclifre Gregory 74 
Jane Thurmond Gregory '52 
|oyce Albright Greig-Denis '41 
Carole Clyde Griffith 
Susan Dozier Cirotz '56 
Margaret McLaughlin Grove '52 
t arolyn Dew Gruensfelder '80 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim '61 
Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann 70 
Sheryl Quanbeck I lagan 70 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvm W.Hall Jr. 

\,m Mall '90 

LaRue Prideaux Hall '35 

Kathleen Walsh Halligan '81 

Mm i It ives Knowles Hamilton '47 

i instance Small Hancock '46 

Sara I inn- 1 langet '3 3 

Mi and Mrs. H. H. Hanks 

Judy Ellen Hanlen 77 

Louise Wilson Ham 

Sarah Elizabeth Hannah '40 

Martha Hansen '90 

Suzanne K. Hansen 

Ellen Lutz Hardin 75 

Anne McMichael Hardin 

Laura Holbrook Hardwick '64 

Victoria Goodwin Hard) '80 

Doris 1 larlan ' s " 

land ( line Hannan '41 

I v and Mr- lame- F Harrington 

H. Hiter Harris |r. 

A Maxine I lam I larrison '42 

Sara Plan 1 lam 

Ann Ratcliffe 1 1 

' I rytbgle Hartley '68 
1 \\ Harve) It 

Mi and Mrs. lames I Harvey II 
Mr and Mr-. A Kenneth Hatch 
Sally Dillard Hauprfuhrer 74 
Nannerte Jarrell Heidrich '63 
Miriam Buckles Helmen '47 
Marcia McDonald Helms 72 
Barbara Craft Hemphill '68 
NU- WilliamR Hemphill 
Mary Reynolds 1 lendersi 
\ mama Eversole Herdman '54 
[udith 1 lemdon '7 3 
Margaret Caldwell I lemdon '3" 

Gayle Ann Heron '45 

I lester 

Shankweilei Heydt '3 3 
Alice Ingram Hickman '85 
i Id .ii.. i Iregory 1 lildebrand '59 
David B. Hill Jr. 

Mr. and Mr-, lame- M. Hill 
till 79 
Mrs i'auh ) Hirschbiel 
Ann Lucas Hue '48 
Man Kathryn Hockman '84 
Joy Nalty H. dges 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett '67 
Mr- i ieorge N. Hoffman 
Linda Estridge Hofmeister '63 

Leslie Pore Hog, in 79 

|anet Holley '37 
Dell Proctor Hollstein '47 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 7 3 
Mr. and Mrs R. E I lolsinger 
I 'hri-tina Holstrom '80 

>ii-, m Baughman 1 lornai '74 

Murphree Hoi 
Mikal Bralle) Hoofhagle '67 
Elizabeth C. Home 
Ann Skinner Hornsby '74 
Elizabeth Simons Hossli'74 
Ohve R. Hough 

Capt. and Mis. A. W. Howard Jr. 
Anne North Howard 75 
Mr and Mr- Pulanv 1 lowland 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgin- '3" 
Mar) Philpotts lludgins'38 
Margaret Huff'66 

h Huffman '84 
Shirley Smith Huffman '3 1 * 
t es ilia M. Humphrey 

Ellen Andrews Hunter '4^ 

1 h < laiidcttc 1 lurtt 1 Ivman '75 
Amy Tr.k\ Ingles '81 
Bettye I lurt Ingi 

: mil- III A '72 

James Jackson 
BettieThon la en '4 C > 

. in |ames '69 

\ii.K rson leffrey '50 
Emily R |erget 4 3 
Dr.AllettaW.Jervey '51 
Gait Hartley |ewi 
Mr and Mr- Stephen W. Imaett 
Barbara Wishan lohnson '63 
Eleanor Johnson '41 
Man Burton Johnson 73 
Mt and Mrs. Wat km- C |ohnstonji 
Anna l arroll lone- '31 

th Lindsay lone- '69 

Mr. and Mrs. < i Paul lone- It 

in i Grabill lone- '3 3 
Manetta Fame- lone- '51 
Mr and Mr- Reid Ion 

RichardW lone- 111 
Mr- William Clarke Jones 

A. Talhott Jordan 72 

Elizabeth Wysor Jordan '44 
Susan Merkla- Kahn '68 

Carol Gibson K. inner '65 
lison Karnes 71 

: Tl 76 

Gwendolyn Park Kelly 'V 

Kathrvn Lee Kemp 76 

Dr. Sheila Jean Kendrick '84 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Kennaly 

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Keplinger Jr. 


Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman '66 

Jacquelyn Siler Kimrey '48 

Susan Cadle King '62 

.Ann Denny Kinscherff '57 

Anne Gard Kinzie '45 

Lee Beal Kirksey '84 

Nita Knight Klein '81 

George Kluchesky 

The Honorable Margaret H. Kluttz 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Knight 

Mary Moffitt Knorr '38 

.Anna Gibson Koon '82 

Annie Beale Komegay '48 

Ivy Koster '67 

Nancy Wilson Kratzert '79 

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Krauter 

Kathryn .Anne Krauter '73 

Pamela Dunbar Kreger '76 

Sally Collin Kriek '39 

Catherine Zimmermann Kriete '34 

Rebekah Lewis Krivsky '60 

Marjorie Creasy Lacy '45 

Elizabeth Usher Laffitte '49 

Robert H. Lafleur 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lambert 

Paula Stephens Lambert '65 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 

Mr. and Mrs. David Carl Landin 

Rita "R.J." Landin-Lodetick '86 

Elizabeth Curry Langley '37 

Mildred J. Lapsley '39 

Alene Brewster Lamer '32 

Catherine Dewees Launt '42 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lawrence 

Lynda Cullop Lawrence '69 

Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Lawson 

Jane Sebrell Leachman '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 

Elizabeth M. Lee 

Caroline Caldwell Leith '34 

Nancy Bartley Leonard '60 

Bessie Conway Lewis '30 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lewis 

J. Page Price Lewis '72 

Chaplain Billy W. Libby 

Margaret Mathis Lindeman '88 

Nancy Cohen Lochcr '50 

Dr. Grace Gumming Jones Long '8 1 

Marion Gordin Lord '65 

Patricia Schcndel Loring '58 

Virginia Warner Louisel! '47 

Capt. Winifred Love '35 

Iva Zeiler Lucas '62 

Dudley B. Luck 

Patricia Leonard Ludwig '68 

Jo Ellen Jennette Luscombc '64 

Gladys F. Lyles '33 

Sylvia Lynn '83 

Nina Reid Mack '72 

Lynn Kirshman Mackle '70 

Elizabeth Rawl.s Macklin '49 

Suzanne Hudson MacLeod '42 

Virginia Weaver Macombcr '35 

Jacqueline Crinklcy Maddex '34 
A I isc Learned Mahr '80 
Elizabeth Hancs Main '69 
Anita C. Malugani '59 
Mary Bell Archer Mapp ')5 (I )) 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchn > '64 

Phyllis Short Marcom '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Markel Jr. 

Man' Clark Marks '35 

Marsh and McLennan 

N. Katherine Farrar Marshall '64 

Mary McGowen Martin '44 

Susan Henry Martin '72 

Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Alice Wilson Matlock '47 

Betty Choate Matthews '51 

Dr. (D) and Mrs. James L. McAllister 

May McCall '38 

Joyce Kagin McCauley '50 

Mrs. James W. McClelland 

Eleanor Poole McCord '64 

Margaret Hogenauer McCormick '65 

Gabrielle Gelzer McCree '83 

S. Carolyn Clemmer McCulley '64 

Lt. Cmdr. Christina Beardsley 

McGaughey '76 
Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre '39 
Kathryn Johnson McKinnie '65 
Elizabeth Barnett McLaren '82 
Harriet Schofield McLaughlin '36 
William J. McMillan 
Sally Jacoby McMillen '73 
Elizabeth Vincent McMullen '36 
Judith Sydnor McNeel '74 
James P. McPherson 
Anna Gilkeson Meanley '39 
Helen Craig Meek '37 
Barbara Wales Medina '69 
Becky Cannaday Merchant '63 
Agnes McClung Messimer '38 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff '68 
Karen K. Mildren 
Gen. and Mrs. H. A. Miley Jr. 
Ann Shaw Miller '54 
Jacquelyn Dickey Miller '49 
Karen Stoneburner Miller '72 
Kimberly Henley Miller '82 
Bonnie Tuggle Miller '76 
Patricia Rutherford Miller '55 
Sally Miller '88 

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Miller 
Margaret Creel Miniclier '44 
Susan Norton Minor '71 
Jane Tucker Mitchell '53 
Darlena Sizemorc Mixon '64 
Mary McCall Mizell '78 
Deborah Jean Moench '75 
( .'nrnelia Quarles Moffett '29 
Mi iffett Paving and Excavating Co. 
Ruth Hawkins Molony '59 
Susan Walker Monahan '78 
I lelen Kinser Moncure '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Montague III 
[enanne York Montgomery '87 
Sara Allen Moody 72 
Alice S. Moore '67 
lv n | Fugate Moore '49 

< .ami Saulsbury Moore '45 

I )■ i ( Kibbitu Moore 76 

IK ibethl Sates Moore '81 

Mr. and Mrs. 1 lenry R. Mm ire 

Margaret T. Moore '88 

1 II- 1- hen Clemen Mums 75 

Shirley Frey Mums 71 

Mr. and Mrs. William Shivers 

Morn III 
I >r. joann Brown Mnrlon '63 
Mary Judith Moschler '84 

Edythe Alphin Moseley '37 

Joyce Goldstein Moseley '44 

Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 72 

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Mulford 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller '67 

Melissa Kimes Mullgardt '63 

Donna Deitz Mumby 73 

Elizabeth Wilgus Murray 73 

Laura Croom Murray 70 

M. Merrick Twohy Murray 71 

Susan Mansfield Myers 72 

Dorothy Payne Nash '52 

Mary Robin Neel 75 

Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville '59 

Linda Fogle Newsom '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Nichols Jr. 

Patricia McGeorge Nickerson '69 

Chelsea Morgan Nienaber '85 

Minta McDiarmid Nixon '63 

Rebecca Linger Nolte '81 

Jeannette L. Norfleet '68 

Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Norris 

Sarah Nutt 

Lisa Wall O'Donnell 76 

Kerlyn Baber Obaugh '35 

Mrs. Samuel L. Obenschain 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Odom 

Sally Stowers Oliver '67 

Marguerite Valz Olson '3 1 

Dr. and Mrs. Roderic Owen 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Alys Boozer Owsley '59 

Frances Ruckman Oxner '28 

Dr. and Mrs. Roy M. Palk 

Dr. Susan N. Palmer '67 

Sarah Eason Parrott 73 

Melissa Wilson Paschold 72 

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Patrick 

Martha Howard Patten '68 

Matgatet McBryde Patterson '45 

Dr. Beneta Peacock '46 

Sally Heltzel Pearsall "62 

Margaret Keller Pearson '38 

Jill Butler Pendleton 72 

Katherine Sproul Perry '63 

Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno '62 

Anne Early Pettus '47 

Anita Falls Pharr '42 

Helen Atkeson Phillips '48 

Laura Wall Phillips 76 

Mrs. James A. Philpott 

Betry Barnes Pigg '64 

Sally E. Pistey 

Nancy Curdts Pollard '52 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Mary Lumpkin Pope '38 

Grace Braucr Potter '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Potter 

Ashwenie K. Prashad 

Dr. and Mrs. 1 Icrman Preseren 

Marilyn West Price '46 

Mary Moffett Hutcheson Priddy '69 

Esther Spurlock Pruert '48 

Jam- Proffil Pruetl '46 

Karen ( owserl I'ryor '66 

Ruth Worth Puclcett "52 

Elizabeth Purdy '86 

Rnili I larnson Quillen '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Raber 

Dottie Greer Radcliff '42 

Mary Hutcheson Ragland '38 

Emily Borden Ragsdale 70 

Jny ( lhapoton Ramsey '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ravenhorst 
Anne I >oshcr Read '54 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Mrs. Beverly M. Read 

Ena Taylor Reed '42 

Emily Shore Reeve '83 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Regan 

Joanne M. Reich '88 

Jeanette Fisher Reid '56 

Virginia Gochenour Reid '44 

Carolyn Newman Renner '67 

Annette Reynolds '86 

Susanne Reaves Rhame 73 

Beverly Harrison Rhodes '49 

Claire Fontaine Rice '56 

Molly Wagenet Rice '40 

Ann Gilmer Richardson 71 

Pamela Richardson 

Tracy Wright Richtand 78 

Macon Clement Riddle '63 

Matgaret Gunter Riddle '65 

Linda Forbes Riley 73 

Vicky Hill Rimstidt "60 

Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb '44 

Shirley File Robbins '62 

Kathryn English Roberts 71 

Mary Colonna Robertson '56 

Patricia Thomas Robinson '68 

Betsey Towler Robson '57 

Sue Jordan Rodarte '63 

Tia Nolan Roddy '69 

Peggy Nash Rolfes '45 

Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Roper 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Rose 

Gloria Paradies Rothmayer '43 

Nona Jean Macklanburg Rumsey '45 

Judy Trapp Rust '62 

Flotence Jones Rutherford 75 

Anne Millner Sager '49 

Barbara Mitchell Sample 74 

Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 73 

Corrie Smith Sargeant '69 

Caroline Savage '82 

Spencer Jester Savage 7 1 

Patricia Brown Schlick '51 

Betty Garrett Schmidt '54 

Nellie Hankins Schmidt '36 

Patricia Tibbals Schnack '53 

Anna McMahon Schultz '29 

Susan Walker Scola '80 

Jackie Reynolds Scruggs '86 

Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 73 

Ruth D. See '31 

Deborah Veale Sergi 73 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 

Lillian Smith Shannon '85 

Dana Shapiro '80 

Ruth Edmunds Shepherd '33 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Reese Shoemaker Jr. 

Catherine Gephart Shook 77 

Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 70 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins '37 

Harriet McLean Slaughter '48 

Emily Reeves Sloan '61 

Mildred Hudson Small '42 

Betty Ott '4<> 

Amelia Ann Smith 73 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bachman S. Smith III 

Bess Plaxco Smith '50 

Betsy CarrSmith'50 

Carolyn Griffis Smith '58 

Donna Cason Smith '86 

Elizabeth M. Smith 72 

Linda Verner Smith 72 

Martha Lynch Smith 77 

Dr. Randolph R. Smith 

Susan Almond Smith 72 

Willie Ashlin Wyatt Smith '54 

Katherine Martin Snider '68 

Jane Frierson Snipes '46 

Karen Searle Snyder 72 

Mary Miller Sopher '68 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Southerington 

Sharon B. Spalding 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 

Sally Peck Spaulding '47 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Leslie Spence 111 

IV Lois Lundie Spence '68 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Spencer Jr. 

Lynn McWhorter Speno 74 

Tutu i.i Sphar '58 

Betty Eberhart Spillman '53 

J. T. Spillman 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Alex Sproul 

Ruth Peters Sproul '4' 

Charlotte Stephens Squihh '55 

Alan J. Stamp 

Ann Dowdell Stauss '45 

Nancy Simpson Steinmiller '61 

Mrs. W. Price Stepp 

Sara Mcintosh Stern 75 

Laura Mauldin Stewart '66 

Laura Luck Stiles '42 

Betty Engle Stoddard '60 

Rita Hickey Stone '46 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Stowe 

Martha Harlow Stronach '67 

Marjone K. Stuart '35 

Mary Phipps Such 72 

Thankful Salmon Sullivant 74 

Jane Smith Sydnor '65 

Louise Parmelee Sylvester 70 

J. 1 lope Rothert Taft '66 

Patricia Gwynn Taft '58 

Amanda Burrus Talaat '80 

Betty White Talley '51 

Rozalind Foreman Tanner '82 

Sara Pendleton Tartala '82 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Tatterson Jr. 

Lilian Bedinger Taylor '51 

Margaret Flythe Teague '58 

Peyton Burnett Telegadas '83 

Frances I lavis TenBrook '63 

Margaret Mapp Thackei '63 

Martha C irav Tliomas '34 

Anne Emmert Thompson '69 

Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. Thompson 

Eleanor Harwell Thomsen '55 

Jane Collis Thornton '69 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thrift J r 

Sarah Oden Tipson '67 

Mary Minichan Toler '80 

Mary Mason Tbrrence '54 

Cecelia Bums Travis '67 

i irol Stephens Trice '67 

Katharine Shelhurne Trickey '43 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 

Dianne Baldwin Tnmmier '65 

Ellen Rogers Trotman '55 

Ann Morrell Tucker '64 

Frances Tull is '45 

Mrs. David S. Turner 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '4 1 ' 

Martha H. Turner 

Mrs. James D. Vail 111 
Suzanne Woodfin Villani '85 

Martha Wagoner Vines 73 
Mary Walker Volk '68 
Jane Vreeland '47 
Kathryn Quarles Wade 75 

Barbara Simmons Wainstott 'OS 

Jane Inge Wallace 72 

Sandra Wandnsco Waller 74 
Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 
Julia Offen Wangler 73 
Melissa C. Warhurton '88 
Catherine Choate Ward 75 
Mary Ellena Ward '69 
Anne Feddeman Warner 75 
Emily Timberlake Watterson '34 

Tile Watterson Foundation 
Katherine Lewis Watts '40 
Jennifer Webb *91 
Merita Ding Wehster '58 
Angela Favata Week '89 
Anne Hatfield Weir 73 
Katherine Potts Wclltord '49 
Florence Daniel Wellons '60 
Gayle Hogg Wells 78 
Jean Umherger Wert: 'f)4 
Kathy Young Wetsel 72 
John M. Wexlet 
Map, Wright Whaling '50 
Demaris Elsasser Wheeler 73 
Jane Edwards Wheeler '54 
Elizabeth White '63 
Dr. NajiaHassen White '55 
Marian McDowell Whitlock '67 
Lucilla White Whitted '36 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 

Mary Mitchenet Wilds '4 ' 

Agnes I Hinlop Wil 

Ellawells MiUigan Williams '56 

Ellen Nichols, m Williams '40 

Mr. and Mrs. lsham R. Williams Jr. 

Marilyn Simpson Williams '50 

Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams '68 

Emily Mitchell Williamson '52 

Marion Drewry Wills '62 

Beverly Rhodes Wilson '45 

Margarel Hooks Wilson '49 

Mary Oregon \\ il 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wilson 

Bruce SuttlcWiiitiel.i '58 

June Morrow Winslow '56 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Winter Jr. 

lu.litli ( toss V\ in 
Susan Harris Witt 79 
Joan Moore Woltz '49 
Joanne Palmer WikkI 76 
Laura Mallory Woodall 77 
Margaret Jackson Woodcock '65 
Dehra Wood-Raines 75 
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 
Dorothy Jones Wrtgley 70 
Marillyn Hoyt Yancey '47 
Margarel Bean Yeakle '42 
Fredenca Young '39 
Jane Rayson Young 72 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Zell 

(D) Deceased 

Ham and Jam Society 

1 his special giving club enables many loyal Mary Baldwin donors to help the College celebrate the 
Sesquicentennial Anniversary through increased support of the Annual Fund. In order to qualify tor 
membership in this Sesquicentennial giving club, a gift of $ 1 50 or a $ 1 50 increase over a previous gift 
must be made. 

If you have not already, you can join this strong group of supporters through 31 December 1992. 

Marsha Nye Adler '65 

Janet Bartholomew Altamari '70 

American Tobacco Company 

Kelly Andrews '85 

Victoria Reid Argabright '64 

Mr. and Mrs. R. LaRue Armstrong 

Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 70 

Anne Ashworth '87 

Marcelle Rogers Askew '62 

Ann Atwell '42 

Kathleen Aure '68 

Barbara Reid Bailey '61 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 

fane Coleman Balfour '62 

Margaret IV Mund Bant.i '33 
Margaret M.iddex Barnes 'o7 
Shirley Black Bane '39 
Leigh Siihhng Barrh 71 
Mary Goodrich Baskin '46 

Man Anne Rli.ime Bates '45 
Sara Beth Bearss '82 
Clair Carter Bell'76 
Susan Zagora Bender 71 
Reed Munson Beveridge '43 
Mr. and Mrs Donald I Biers 
Mrs. Paul Black 
Nancy Anderson Blakey '49 
Marian Hornsby Bowditch'42 

Louise W Boylan71 

Elizabeth Trimble Bradley '81 
Caroline Walker Brant 70 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan '82 
Anne Hayes Brewer '42 
■\nn Martin Brodic '47 
Martha I'arrick Brook '50 
Nancy Greevet Brooks 73 
Sandra Grizzard Brooks '67 
Adelaide McSween Burnett '42 
Kathleen Kenig Bytbrd'68 
Edmund D. Campbell 
Eli abeth Pfbhl Campbell 
Carol Cantrell 
Nell Rogers* arvell'63 
Martha Kline Chaplin '51 
Elizabeth l 'ookc (. hapman '63 
Ellender Sttibling Chase '40 
Betty Moorhead ( llayton '42 
Marguerite Latham > 'lemmci '39 
Margaret Turner Coleman '67 
Harnett Harrington Connolly '43 
Ann Alexander l. 'ook '62 
Virginia Phillips Counselman 73 
Dr. and Mis C.l_( Irocken It. 

Shade Thomas I ton. in '61 
Margarel Weave! t rosson 'o7 
Jane Reid i 'unmnghain '59 

M. Meredith Harden '42 

Patricia Bowk- 1 \i\ is '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Ann Bowman Day 74 

Susan Jennings IVnson '62 

Mary Van Atta l\rr '40 

Marguerite Rutherford Dickerson '27 

Emily Ogbum Do.ik '49 

Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges f 1 * 

Keith Doggetl IW 

Margarel Wilson 1 toherty '7 1 

Winton Marhei I toherty '67 

Harriel 1 louston 1 tonaldson '40 

Anvilla Prescoa Dudley '32 (D) 

Merry Key Ellington '48 


Amu- Shields Emerson '67 

Margaret lohnston Evans '39 

Susan Train Fc.iron '69 

Nancy Bkxvl Ferguson '63 

Martha Higgins Fishbume '48 
Olivia Young Fishei 7 ' 
Emma Padgett RtzHugh '40 
Hie Rev IV Margaret Robertson 

Leslie Freeman 70 

Matgatet Duranl Fried '69 Admiral and Mrs W |.( ulbraith 

Mary Virginia Mudd Galvez 73 
Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 
Gerber Bab\ Foods Fund 

Man 1. villi Tuggle Gillil 


Susan Stewart s ioldrhwaite '4o 
Man Mice Tollev Goodwin 60 
Mearl K Gordon 
Anita Thee Graham '50 

Mah me Taxton Graham '41 
> omelia Ad. in Green '46 
Susan Blair Green 
lovce Albright Greig-Denis '41 

Susan Doria t ">' 
N.iihi Howe Guild '40 

LaRue Prideaux Hall '35 

ills, 1 lamp '66 

Constance Small Hancock '4o 
Sai i I larris Hanger '3 1 
Louise Wilson Hann.i '39 

lizabeth Hannah '40 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 'o° 
Catherine McKenney Haicus 78 

KoUegard Haicus '50 
A Maxine 1 lam 1 larrison '42 
( laiolyn 1 laldeman Hawkins M 

Hovlee Huntet Hemphill 

Judith Herndcc 

David B.Hill Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hill 
W'vlvn Letson Hodnett '67 
Hoechst Celanese Foundation 
Susan Baughman Homar 74 
Deborah Huffman '84 
Cecilia M. Humphrev 
Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison 72 
Jennifer Scott Johnson '89 
Dr. May Wells Jones '61 
Susan Cowan Kaiser '80 
Amine Cosby Kellam '35 
Dr. Sheila Jean Kendrick '84 
Jane Gillam Komegay '83 
Catherine Zimmermann Kriete '34 
Rebelcah Lewis Krivsky '60 
Marjorie Creasy Lacy '45 
Paula Stephens Lambert '65 
Catherine Dewees Launt '42 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lawrence 
Caroline Caldwell Leith '34 
Jeanne Dubois Loar '49 
Virginia Warner Louisell '47 
Sylvia Lynn '83 
Lynn Kirshman Mackle 70 
Virginia Weaver Macomber '35 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex '34 
Elizabeth Hanes Main '69 
Mary Bell Archer Mapp '35 (D) 
Mary McGowen Martin '44 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 
Alice Wilson Matlock '47 
May McCall '38 

S. Carolyn Clemmer McCulley '64 
Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Elizabeth Vincent McMullen '36 

Anna Gilkeson Meanley '39 
Helen Craig Meek '37 
Becky Cannaday Merchant '63 
Jane Tucker Mitchell '53 
Cornelia Quarles Moffett '29 
Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 
Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 
Elizabeth Gates Moote '81 
Margaret T. Moote '88 
Mr. and Mrs. William Shivers 

Morris III 
Jane Craig Morrison '42 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller '67 
Linda Fogle Newsom '80 
Northern Trust Company 
Mrs. Joseph R. Nutt Jr. 
Marguerite Valz Olson '3 1 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Page 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page ' 
Dr. and Mrs. Roy M. Palk 
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 
Martha Howard Patten '68 
Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 
Margaret Keller Pearson '38 
Anita Falls Pharr '42 
Nancy Curdts Pollard '52 
Mrs. Ashwenie K. Prashad 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen 72 
Dottie Greer Radcliff '42 
Louise O. Ravenel '40 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ravenhorst 
Mrs. Beverly M. Read 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Jeanette Fisher Reid '56 
Susanne Reaves Rhame 73 
Molly Wagener Rice '40 
Ann Gilmer Richardson 71 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 
Margaret Herbert Roach '82 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb '44 
Ida Kellough Robb '39 
Shirley File Robbins '62 
Sara Burwell Robinson '57 
Tia Nolan Roddy '69 
Peggy Nash Rolfes '45 
Mr. E. B. Rouse 
Cornelia Green Roy '68 
Martha Godwin Saunders '48 
Patticia Brown Schlick '51 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt '36 
Dana Shapiro '80 
Harriet McLean Slaughter '48 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Anne Sims Smith '45 
Linda Verner Smith 72 
Martha Lynch Smith 77 
Willie Ashlin Wyatt Smith '54 
Mary Miller Sopher '68 
Sharon B. Spalding 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 
Amy Roberson Spence 76 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 74 
Betty Eberhart Spillman '53 
Mr. J. T. Spillman 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alex Sprout 
Ruth Peters Sproul '43 
Charlotte Stephens Squibb '55 
Nancy Moncure Stikes 75 
Mary Phipps Such 72 
Eleanor Jamison Supple '42 
Martha Burrus Talaat '80 
Ann Stephens Talbott 79 

Rozalind Foteman Tanner '82 
Katherine T. Taylor 78 
Mildred Roycroft Teet '44 
Cathy Turner Temple '68 
Frances Davis TenBrook '63 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Shawn Brown Thompson '83 
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thrift Jr. 
Carol Stephens Trice '67 
Dianne Baldwin Trimmier '65 
Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 
Frances Tull is '45 
Lillie Trimble Turner '46 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott '68 
Jane Inge Wallace 72 
Mts. Frederick H. Walsh 
Mary Ellena Ward '69 
Jennifer Webb '91 
Merita Long Webstet '58 
Anne Hatfield Weir 73 
Ruth Galey Welliver '38 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Dr. Patricia Westhafer 
Dr. Najia Hassen White '55 
Marian McDowell Whitlock '67 
V. Adm. and Mrs. Joe Williams Jr. 
Marilyn Simpson Williams '50 
Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams '68 
Margaret Getty Wilson '48 
Mt. and Mrs. Michael D. Wilson 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo '40 
Susan Harris Witt 79 
Jane Rayson Young 72 

(D) Deceased 

Matching Gifts From Corporations and Foundations 

All of the corporations and foundations listed below have matched employee gifts to Mary 
Baldwin College during the 1991- 1992 Annual Fund year. Thanks to their matching support, the 
1991-1992 Annual Fund was enhanced. 

If you work for a matching gift corporation or foundation, you can increase the impact of your 
<.'ifr on the College's Annual Fund. Check with your personnel or business office, or call Nancy 
Mclntyre at the College (703-887-701 1) to see if you are eligible. 

Aetna Life and Casualty 

Alcoa Foundation 

Allied Sign;il Foundation Inc. 

Allstate Foun lai 

American Express Foundation 

American Tobacco Co. 

Appalachian I' 


I irketing Associates 

Arthur Andersen in I ' 

AT&T I ''.uli I II 

Atkin 'i i lifi mi i 

Automatic I >ai 

I - mi, lation 

in m 

'!■ i in in Foundation 
Bell Ail. in ii. 

n munii ition Research 
BvllSomli lei Ii ' 

II Foundation 


Burlington Industries Foundation 

CekP Telephone Co. 

C&.P Telephone Company of 

Carolina Power and Light Co. 
Chemical Bank 

Chesapeaki I orpoi n Foundation 

CIGNA < -i -i | ii nil i. <i i 1 1. 1 nidation 

I iin . irp 

Coca-Cola Co. 

■ n in Foundation 

Delia Air Lines Foundation 

I ml.- Powei ( ompany Fo lation 

I 'nun and Brad trei I ' orporation 

I oundation 

E • -'hi Edui :n Found n 

Fidelity Foundation 
First I mi hi I ' mndation 

I I .i I Mot tCo 
Freeport-Mi MoRan [ni 
GEICO Philanthropii Foundation 
Gem ill I ili i iih I ', 

' ,. in ni Ri in hi. in. i ( :orp. 
i - ii i i Pai iln I orp 

Gerber Baby Foods Fund 
Grace Foundation Inc. 
GTE Corp. 
HCA Foundation 
Herb Patch Ltd. 
Hoechst Celanese Foundai ii in 
I loneywell 

I looker Furniture Corporation 
International Business Machines 
International Paper Company 

James River < lorp. 
Jefferson Pilot Corp. 
Johnson and Johnson 

I'm,- < in ni|. In 

loslens I'o I; i 

Knight-Ridder Newspapers 

I ibi iv i orpi »i,ni, in Foundation 
I iggeti < in .up In. . 

I homas |. Lipton Foundi 

II l. and C.T, Mai Arthur Foundation 
Mi "nil. ii mi. i 1 1 lational Corp. 
Marketing I bmmunii ations Inc. 
Martin Marietta ( Corporation 


The May Department Stores 

Company Foundation 
Merck Company Foundation 
Merrill Lynch and Company 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mobil Foundation Inc. 
Morgan ( luaranty Trust Company 
Morgan-Worcester Inc. 
Morrison, Hccker, Curtis, Kuder and 

Murphy Oil USA Inc. 
National Computer Systems 
Nationwide Foundation 
NCNB National Bank 
New England Telephone/NYNEX 
New Jersey Bell 
New York Life Foundation 
New York Marine and General 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 
North American Philips Corp. 
Northern Telecom Inc. 
Northern Trust Co. 

NYNEX ( brporation 

Occidental Petroleum 

Owens - Corning Fiberglass Cor] 

Pennsyh ania Pi iwei and Light ( o 

Pennzoil Co. 

PepsiCo Foundation Inc. 

Philip Morns lin 

T. Roue Price Associates Found. in, m 
Price Waterhouse Foundation 
Provident Life and Accident Insui m i 
Provident National Bank 
Reynolds Metals Co. 

RF&P Railroad Co. 

scott Fi iresrn in 


Senor Murphy. Candymaker Inc. 

Shell Companies Foundatii m Ini 

Shenandoah Life Insurance 

Signet Bank 

Southern New England Telephone 

Southwestern Bell 

Sovr.m Foundation 

State i inn i i imp mie 1 1 mnd u ii m 

Steel Hcddle Manufacturing ( 'c 

Sun Lite Assurance ( hh 



dl inthropii I' i 

Towers, IVrrm. Forster an 
Travelers Companies Foun 

TRW Foundation 
U.S. Bano'rp 
Union Pacific Corp. 
I 'nired States Fidi 

i bmpany 

I Inited States 1 rust Co ■ i New York 
Virginia Power 

North Carolina 1 
Wachovia Bank and Trusi 
Washington Post 

lanagement Inc. 
Wells Fa i 

Westinghouse Educau ■ 
Wisconsin Bell Inc. 

Board of Trustees 

We extend a special thanks to the Board of Trustees tor their contributions and p. in icip.n ton in 
the 1991-1992 Animal Fund year. 

Their guidance and commitment to Mary Baldwin C .'ollege's future growth is extraordinary. 

i Carole Lewis Anderson 
Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
i harlotte |ac kson Berry '51 
J. Edward Betts 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Ouida Caldwell Hums '51 
Bertie Murphy I leming '46 
I iddy Kirkpati ii I I '• enges '61 

Anna Kate Reid I lipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer 1 lisley '60 
Susan Thompson I lofrrnan '64 
( aroline Rose 1 lunr '4' 
I lenry C. Ikenherry Jr. 
( i,ul McLennan King '69 
1 1,1, Irs S. Luck III 
Donald C. Lutken s i 

Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Louise Rossett McNamee 70 
P. William Moore Jr. 
William G.Pannill 
|. I Prison Qu ill. 
EleanorH Rayrn I 
William O. Reuther 
John i i Rocovich Jr. 

'. Rose 
t ,'harles H Shufbrd Sr 
Mildred Roycroft Tver '44 
I ei lie N tears I umer '46 
Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Harry W.Wellfbrd 

(D) 1 >■ ' i' ised 

Edmund I'. Campbell 
Jusrue George M I oi hran 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann ' (6 

Trustees Emeriti 

Dt WilliamH I.-,,, |, 

1 1. Hirer Harris Jr. 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 
Ralph W. Kittle 
II P u 

Former Trustees 

Betty NeislerTimberlake '45 

Marian Homsby Bowditch '42 
Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

l i ii, i ins Farmer '74 

Judith Godwin '52 
Helen K. t In ivi 

Nancy Wallace Hendei 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 
Rosalinda Roberts Mad 

I loiotln Baughan M »tc '40 

lull iGooch Richmond '34 

R. R. Smith 

Advisory Board of Visitors 

Our thanks to those alumnae, parents, and friends Oi the I. College who serve- on the Ad\ ISOT) 
Board ot Visit irs, and whose guidance and commitment to the I lollege's future are vital. 

Dr. M. Allied Akerm in 
Ginny Driver Alperi 
|o Wry '65 
Dorothy Beals P., New '5 ! 

Ii irge V. Bernard 
Carl F. Burgdi irl 
W. Bruce Byloid 
James P. ( . i r i , i . i 
Henry M. ( '.ulei 

I k. Marjorie B. ( 'hambers 

\V l lllsllR-l 

H. C. Stu.llt I n, In. in 

fanet Haddrell Connors '65 

Sharon P. I. reek more 
Susan l iambic Dankel '68 

Frederick E. Dorsey 
i arol \nn Douglas 

I Van S. I dmonds III 
Sydney Turner Elsass '69 
t lol [ack E. Finch. im 
Judith Galloway' I otan i '69 

Sarah Belk GalliFrcll 

Leah Waller Golden 72 

Mearl K ( ioidon 

Martha S. Grafton 

Ion M t Irani 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Linda Dolly II. mm' 
Florence Wimberly Hellingei '52 
|oy Nalty 1 lodges 

Susan Baughman I Ii imar '74 
I h Anne Morris Hook 
John T. Hossli 
Robert H.Hull 
Onzal Hyatt 
Mar) I towning Ii 
RobertS. Knowles 
Katherine McM. Lit hti 
I hi, I larding Miller '76 
Robert I Montgomery 
lean I Moore 

Paul. Anne Overdortt '70 
Sillv E. Piste) 
Mary M Pool-Murray 
M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 

David W. Proctor 
Betsey I owler Robson s 7 
I >a\ id P. Sarterfield 
I larold B Scroggins 

5h iw '65 
1 1. Gordon Smyth 
William F. Sowers It 
Ann R I 76 

I. met Russell Steelman '52 
Rose Driver Stuart '69 
l .in, 'II w 
I H |ohn A Taylor 
A lane Townes '69 
Harnett Middleton W i 
|o Ann \\ in 

Alumnae Association Board of Directors 

1 he governing board of Man Baldwin's Alumnae Assoc iation serves as the communication channel 
between the ( bllege and its alumnae. We extend .i spe< ial thanks to these Alumnae Board members 
loi thou contributions and their continuing guidance and commitment to Mary Baldwin. 

RalphettaG Akei '88 
Martha McMullan Aasen '51 
Karen Appleby Baughan '64 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 
I ouise W. Boytan '71 
Susan Warfield ( laples '60 

I inda Hinrichs l ahrisKn ich 77 

Susan M m 

Margaret Agnes c Sooper '71 

Mallory i opeland "88 

i ley '< iS 
Sally Dorsey Dannei '64 

Elizabeth "B.J." Felton de Golian 79 

Julie Ellsworth '86 

Judy Lipes Garst '63 

Kimberly Baker Glenn 79 

Linda Martin Graybill '83 

Judy Ellen Hanlen 77 

Alice B. Hansbarger 73 

Susan Johnson High '62 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Paula Stephens Lambert '65 
Elizabeth Dudley Landes '82 
Rita "R.J." Landin-Loderick '8£ 
Alice Wilson Matlock '47 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 73 
Cecilia Stock Robinson '90 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
Catherine Gladden Schultz 71 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Sally Simons '80 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 74 

Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Jennifer Webb '91 
Ruth Galey Welliver '38 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus ' 
Cynthia Knight Wier '68 

Parents Council 

I he active network between the College and parents of students is guided by the important work 
of the Parents Council. These parents of current traditional and PEG students involve themselves 
in such activities as career development, communications, fund raising, and student recruitment. 
Our deepest gratitude to these devoted parents for both their time and their commitment to Mary 
Baldwin College. 

Hugh W. Adams 

Jane Coleman Balfour '62 

William T.Butler Jr. 

Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64 

James D. Douglas 

Sharon S. Dyess 

Susan Mulford Gantly '66 

Thomas P. Gratto 

Mananna Black Habisreutinger 

Alexander Hamilton IV 
Perry A. Hand 
Pat R. Hargrett 
Elizabeth C. Home 
Victoria Hill Howland 
Hope Hennen Hunter 
Patricia Simpson Hylton 
Dr. Burr llgenfritz 
Joyce K. Jennings 

The Honorable Margaret H. Kluttz Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 

Boyd K. Knowles 

Linda Southard Lenox 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 

Linda Nichols 

Charles R. Odom 

Bernard V. Peto 

Barry L. Phillips Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
Betsey Gallagher Sattertield '66 
Patricia C. Smith 
Frances Thackston 
Martha H. Turner 


Annual support from friends affirms the College's position of importance in higher education. 
The support of friends of the College helps bring innovations onto campus and increases Mary 
Baldwin College's value to the community. 

Dr. M. Alfred Akerman 

Ginny D. Alperr 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Anderson 

Mrs. Roland H. Brady 

Gary Brown and Associates Ltd. 

Mrs. Charles F. Bruny 

Carol Canrrell 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stuart Cochran 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

Carol Ann Douglas 

Thelma S. Eiland 

Colonel Jack E. Fincham 

Sarah Belk Gambrell 

Mearl K. Gordon 

Mabel Hirschbiel 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Holsinger 

Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 

Robert H. Hull 

Mr. and Mrs. David Carl Landin 

Elizabeth M. Lee 

Anne Leatherbury Lowell 

Dudley B. Luck 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mclnryre Jr 

William J. McMillan 

P. William Moore Jr. 

William S. Moses 
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Norris 
Mrs. Joseph R. Nutt Jr. 
Mrs. Samuel L. Obenschaii 
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr 
William G. Pannill 
Mary M. Pool-Murray 
J. Carson Quarles 
Norman Racusin 
Pearl G. Rainey 
Eleanor H. Raynolds (D) 
E. B. Rouse 
Harold B. Scoggins Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Seyford 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sowers Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Alex Sproul 

Mrs. William W. Sproul Jr. 

Carroll W. Suggs 

Dr. John A. Taylor 

Mrs. William I. Thomas 

Mrs. James D. Vail III 

Caroline Upshur Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kirk Walters 

(D) Deceased 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Biers 
honoring Jennifer Elizabeth 
Markcl '95 

Mi Paul Black 
rumoring Anna Habisreutinger '95 


LTC. Ret. USA and 
Mrs. Leonard E. Cantrell 
honoring Caren Cantrell '9 

Margaret Hunt Hill '37 
honoring Heather Hill '94 

Mrs. Betty Kenig 

honoring Anne Byford '89 
Judge and Mrs. William S. Moffett Jr. 
Cornelia Quarles Moffett '29 
honoring Nancy Cornelia 
Thackston '92 

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Proveaux 
honoring Kathryn Partington '92 

Mrs. David S. Turner 

honoring Sarah C ^handler Turner '92 

Parents of Current and Former Students 

I arent.s entrust their daughter's education to Mary Baldwin College with the knowledge that 
iIh < ollege will give each student an excellent education. These gifts from current and former 
parents represent an important affirmation of the College and its mission. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Adams 

Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan Adams Jr, 

Mr an I Mi I (avid I ' Addi on 
Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

eph Ameen '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Ames 
Dr. and Mrs. E. ( Jifford Ammermann 
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirk Am let* TI 

Mrs. Thad Andrew 

Mr. and Mrs. R. LaRue Armstrong 

Ml Blythe I' Ashmorc 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Atkinson 

Margaret Newman Aveni '49 

Mr. and Mrs. William D, Badgi ti 

Dr. Burke Baker III 
Carolyn < I. Baker 

Elaine Kihler Baldwin '41 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baldv 

|.in. ( bleman Balfour '62 
Dorothy BealsBallew '53 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge '41 

Barbara Mintei Barnes '49 

Shirley Black Barre '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barrenstci 

Dr. and Mrs. Homer Bartley 
Mr. and Mrs. Rex H. Bassett 
Helen Beckelheimer Baugh '50 
Anne Person Baylor '52 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Beaird Jr. 
Martha Barneti Beal'53 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Beard 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bell 

The Rev. and Mrs. Frank Benson 

Reed Munson Beveridge '43 

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Bird Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cabell B. Birdsong 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bish 

Gwendolyn Black Bishop '65 

Mary Hurley Blackshear '48 

Mrs. C. S. Bloxom 

Dr. Charles H. Bow- [i 

Barbara Brown Bowles '68 

Cary Bryan Boyd '45 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 

Mrs LeeW. Branch 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brant 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Breeden 

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Britton 

t IhivI Brooks 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Broughton 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Norris A. Broyles It 

Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Bryce II 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bryson Jr. 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Mrs. H. J. Bussa 

William T.Butler Jr. 

Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Kevin Byrne 

Diana Rede Cabell '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon E. Campbell 

Ml. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell 

Rachel Merritt Carpenter '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Carr 

Mt. and Mrs. James P. Carreras 

Frances Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 

H. David Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Worth Harris Cartet 

Matian Martin Gather '35 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman 

Margaret Cole ( aSappell '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Chismer 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Christie 

Mr and Mrs. G. Frank C dement 

IV andMrs.W.B.( leveland 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 

Mrs. W. N. Cochran 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coffin 

Jack Rue Coleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Collier 

Elizabeth Allan Collins '61 

Pauline A. Collins 

Mt. and Mrs. Franklin D. Compton 

The Rev. and Mrs. George M. Conn Jr. 

Harnett Harrington Connolly '41 

Mr. .m\\ Mrs. Smart W. Copeland 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Craig 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A l Ireed 

Sharon I' ( rei Icmi in 

Mr and Mrs. John F t rcmcis 

Nancy A. Crim 

Dr. and Mrs. t '. 1.. Crockett Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Curry 

Anne M. Cushman 

Mrs. R. L. Dabney III 

Mr. and Mrs. Ft. ink I Dana Ir 

Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64 

Mrs. Arthur Boyd Dims 

John D Dejarnette 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Dearborn 

Mr.andMrs.C. I Deio 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dejarnette IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Denfeld 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Reed IVkcrson 

Mt. and Mrs. loseph E. Dixon 

Col. and Mrs. Samuel W . Dobyns 

Ann Fowlkes Dodd '52 

Dr. and Mfs. Alexander Gram 

Mr and Mrs. R. C. Dorey Jr. 
Mi and Mrs, Frederick E. Dorsey 
James D. Douglas 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Douglas 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fee Drury 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Duff 
Mr. and Mrs. John Edwin Duke 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dunbar 
Mary Ellen Killinger IXirham '66 
Mr and Mrs. Richard H. Durrer 
Sharon S. Dyess 

Mr. and Mrs. John Leit Eareckson 
Walter E. Eckel Jr. 
Mrs. R. C. Edmunds 
Kathleen Edwards 
Merry Key Ellington '48 
Mrs. Robert V. Ely 
Mrs. Leonard R. Emmert 
Elizabeth Crawford Engle '31 
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. English 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Erikson 
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Fetterman 
Mr and Mrs. William H. Fishback 
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 
Dr. Ann Moure Flowers 
Dr. William H.Fostei |i 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Francisco Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Freeman 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 
Thelma Trigg C iannon '46 
Susan Mulford Gantly '66 
Mr and Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Garrett 
Dr and Mrs Robbins L. Gates 
Christopher A Georges 
Judith Merritt Gibbons '61 
Mr. and Mrs. C Robert Gibson 

Dorothy D. Girrbrd 

Mr. and Mrs. ( Juries Arthur 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Glazehrook 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 
Dorothy Snodgrass t ioldsborough '5 J 
Virginia Worth Gondet '* g 
Julia Valz Good '52 

Mr. .m^\ Mrs. Mars J. Gralia 

t !ol. and Mrs. Gordon M. Grant 

Mr and Mrs. Walter S. Grant Jr. 

Mi. and Mts. Thomas IV Cirashcrgcr 

1 horn. is P t u.itto 

Mr and Mrs. C. T. Graves 

Cornelia Adair ( ire 

I irole t Hyde Griffith 

Mi and Mrs. W. B. Gwyn 

Marianna Habisreutinger 

Mt and Mrs. Walter Haddrell 

Mr and Mis \K,n \V Hall Ir. 
Mr and Mrs Kenneth A. Hall 
Mr and Mis I 1 lalligan 
Mrs. Charles ( ! HaUq 
Mr and Mrs Robert T Hambrick |i 

Mr and Mrs Alexander Hamilton IV 

Mr. and Mts Gordon I.. Hammock 

Ann Hamnet 

Mr. and Mrs C Guy Hancock Jr. 

Porq x Hand 

Mr. and Mrs H H Hanks 

Suzanne K. 1 lansen 

Frances Koblegard 1 larcus '5C 

Pat R. Hargrett 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harrell 

Mr and Mrs. Donald Lee Harrison 
Heline Cortez Harrison '48 
Ann Ratclrffe Harrover '58 
E. W.Harvey Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth 1 lau h 
Mr. and Mrs. James 1 I latfield 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Heacock 
Mrs William R. Hemphill 
Mr. and Mrs. John I lavid 

Kuty Met onnell Henninger '54 

M.ugaret Caldwell Herndon ' W 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Herring 
Judge and Mrs. Joseph Eugene Hess 
Ml an ! Mrs. A. R. Heyward 111 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hildebrand 
David B. Hill Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hill 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hockenhury 
|oy Nalty Hodges 
Dr. Allan A. Hoffman 
Mrs. George N. Hoffman 
Catherine Gierhart I logshead '4 i 
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Holberron 
Marcia Helms Holland 
Patricia Murphree Honea '49 

Elizabeth C. Home 

Capt. and Mrs. A. W. Howard Jr. 

Joan Davis Howard '66 

Mr and Mrs. Dulany Howland 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 

Cecilia M Humphrey 

Betty Rankin Hunsucker '53 

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Hunt III 

Hope Hennen Hunter 

Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C '.. Ikcnherry Jr. 

FY Burr llgenfrii 

James Jackson 

San Brooks Nan lames '44 

Joyce K Jennings 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Jmaeft" 

Mr and Mrs. Edward Q. lohnson 

Patrit ia Zoch Johnson 

M.ik i.i i ioocli lohnst, in ' u > 

Mr. and Mrs. Warkins i ' lohnston |r. 

Mr and Mrs. G. Paul Joins It 

Marietta Barnes Jones '51 

Reid Jones |t. 

Richard W loneslll 

Mrs. William Clarke Jones 

Mr and Mrs Goodwin S. Ionian 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth A. lustis 
Beth Tillev Kantner '42 
Mi and Mrs Paul 1 Karseras 
Mi and Mis |ohn Franklin K.u 
Mr. and Mrs M A. Kenig 
Ml and Mis GaryW Kennalv 

Kathryn Poerschke Kennedy '4J 
Mr. and Mis Charles E Kenyon 
R B. Keplingei |i 

Gail McLennan King "69 

Ralph W Kittle 

Mi and Mrs IVier II 

George I Kluchesky 

Ml and Mrs George Fisher Kluttz 
Mrs I tank S Knight 

Mr and Mrs. Robert R Knight 

K,n,l. ill 1 Kniseh It. 

Mi and Mis |ames 1 Knotts 

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd K. Knowles 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Koss 
James N. Krauter 
Marjorie t Creasy Lacy '45 
Elizabeth Usher Laffitte '49 
Nancy Williamson Lamb '67 
Mr and Mrs John P. Lambert 
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 
Mr and Mts DiviJCarlLandin 
Alene Brewster Larner '32 
Mr and Mrs J. Henry Latchum 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lawrence 
Mr. and Mrs. Mil 1 IM 
Marianna Jamison Leach '47 
Mr. and Mrs Philip C Learned 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lcatherhury 
Sally Cox Lee '51 
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lenox 
Blanche Campbell Lewis '39 
Dr and Mrs. Donald R Lewis 
Chaplain B.IK W Libbi 
Ann Wilson Linn '61 
Mrs. Jerry Wilbur Little 
Mary P. Littrell 
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lloyd Sr. 
John Lodge 
Virginia Richard 1 ollis 
Mr. and Mts. Creston S. Long 
Virginia Warner Louisell '47 
Ethel McCants Lowder '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck 111 
Mr. and Mis Ri< hud W. Lynch 
Mrs. Enid H.Mac k 
Nancy Daniel Mahaffiey '62 
Alice Guerrani Manly '36 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Mann 
Mr. and Mts. Edwin M. Marked Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Marston 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C Martin Jr. 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews '4- 
Mrs. Steve L. Mathis 111 
Mr and Mrs. B. W. Matthews | r 
Betty Choate Matthews '51 

1 lartwell Watkms Maure '50 
I -tin lyn loins Maxwell '40 
1 aura \A inson May '47 
Mr. and Mrs i lennis McAlister 

Mr and Mrs. Henry McBride 
Kathryn Ann R.m I McCain '51 

Mrs. James W McClelland 

Man. Wo. si Met brmick '50 

Mi and Mrs Richard W. McDaniel 

June Lewis Mcllcnn '49 

Mi and Mrs rhomas A. McKenna 
Phoebe Skillman McMillan '42 
Mi and Mrs William M 
I lelen c Meek '37 
Carolyn P. Meeks 
I> Patricia II Menk 

The Rev and Mfs Harry A. Menzies 

Karen K Mildren 

Gen. and Mrs II. A- Miley Ir 

Mr and Mrs lohn H Miller 

Mr and Mrs Kenneth Miller 

Mrs William \ Millet 
Mr and Mis Robert 1 Mitchell 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Margaret Churchman Morten '47 

Ml and Mrs Percy Montague III 
Mr and Mrs IVnman Moody Jr. 
Kathryn D Moomau 

-iuIsFup. Moore '45 
Mr and Mrs Henry R. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Moore 
Mr. and Mrs. William Shivers 

Morris 111 
Marsha R. Morrison 
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Mulford 
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Murray 
Anne G. Musser 
R. Edward Nance 
Elsie Nelms Nash '52 
Dororhy Hundley Neale '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Nichols Jr. 
Eustcia Caul Nicholson '51 
Susan Speake Noble '60 
Drs. Mabry and James O'Donnell III 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Odom 
Martha Riviere Offutt 72 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 
Dr. and Mrs. Roy M. Palk 
The Rev. and Mrs. John G. Parks 
Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Patrick 
Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 
Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Payne Jr. 
Mrs. J. Royden Peabody Jr. 
Margaret Keller Pearson '38 
Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 
Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Penhallow 11 
Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 
Julia Kohler Peterson '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Anne Early Pettus '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Phillips Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Carey A. Phillips 
Mrs. James A. Philpott 
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Piorkowski 
Sally E. Pistey 

Catharine Prentiss Plummer '45 
Mrs. William C. Pole 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Potter 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 
Mrs. Ashwenie K. Prashad 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Pratt III 
Dr. and Mrs. Herman Preseren 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Price Jr. 

Jane Proffit Pruett '46 

Patty- Tipton Pugh '56 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porter Quarles Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. William Quillian Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Raber 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Radcliffe 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Ravenhorst 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Mrs. Beverly M. Read 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Regan 


William O. Reuther 

Sarah Whitmore Ricks '36 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Robinson 

Betsey Towler Robson '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Rogers Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Romweber 

Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Roper 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Russell 

Juliette Walket Sanders '37 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Schott 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Schroeder 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Scott HI 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

Mrs. Edwin C. Shaver 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Reese Shoemaker Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Dr. Beverly P. Silver 

Betty Ott Smallwood '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bachman S. Smith III 

Betsy Carr Smith '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson W. Smith 

Emily Reese Smith '46 

Katharine Hoge Smith '41 

Patricia C. Smith 

Dr. Randolph R. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Smith 

Rebecca Danziger Snell '52 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Southerington 

Dorothy J. Spangler 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 

Sally Peck Spaulding '47 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 

Mrs. W. Price Stepp 

Mrs. Oscar N. Stem 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Stoneburner 

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stovet Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Stowe 

Rose Driver Stuart '69 

Carroll W. Suggs 

Ann Early Sutherland 

Mrs. William A. Suthetland 

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sutherland Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kendall Sydnor 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Tammany 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Tattetson Jr. 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 

Margaret Flythe Teague '58 

Mrs. E. S. Tennent 

Mr. and Mrs. Turner B. Thackston 111 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas '51 

Frances Edwards Thompson '37 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark O Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thrift Jt. 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Colonel William H. Tomlinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tompkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 

Mary Mason Torrence '54 

Dotty Hobby Travis '56 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Marsha Tucker 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Tunstall 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

Mrs. David S. Turner 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 

Martha H. Turner 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Mr. and Mrs. John Twohy IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Holt Upham 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 

Myrna Williams Vest '47 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Joseph von Tury 

Jane Vreeland '47 

Mary Lament Wade '52 

Harriett Middleton Waldtop '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Waller 

Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 

Jo Ann Ware 

Audrey Martin Watson '40 

Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 

Cecile Cage Wavell '45 

Mr. and Mts. Robert H. Webb 

Francis A. Weiskittel 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Wetzel Jt. 

Capt. and Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 

John M. Wexler 

Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Dorothy Dyer Wilkins '28 

Elizabeth Gaulding Williams '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Isham R. Williams Jr. 

Vice Adm. and Mrs. Joe Williams Jr. 

Miriam Hughes Williams '31 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. 

Williamson III 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wilson 
Margaret Getty Wilson '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 
Mrs. E. Y. Wimbish 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wirsing Jr. 
Nina Sproul Wise '41 
Beth P. Witt 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 
M. Harr Woodward '46 
Mr. and Mrs. William Wren 
Amie Trask Wright '50 
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Yount 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry Zabel 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Zell 
Mrs. Otto E. Ziebe 
Dr. Charles L. Zukaukas 

Faculty and Staff 

A/lary Baldwin College's faculty and staff carry out the fundamental process of creating the 
appropriate learning climate. Those listed below have also chosen to demonstrate their additional 
upport for the College's educational leadership through Annual Fund contributions. We salute 
,ill those who. shape the Mary Baldwin College environment. 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander '66 
Dr. Robert T.Allen 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Askcgaard 
Mark L. A I 
Linda L. Binjth 

Dreama B. Brown '86 

Randol| I.I' 1 
Tracey M. Cote '89 

I It I tin. | 

Dr. VirgHn.i I'"-, itei I mi ' i 

I )r. I Hani ' 

I mrlick 


'i '88 

I 'i |ami .1 II irringti m 
1 an ilyn M. Hensley 
Teresa L. Hester 
Marji -Mr I loge '58 

Amu II Am I . 

Sara Nmr I him b '69 
Nancy L. Johnston 
Dr. Eric N [om 
Miu Kelly 

Robert H. Lafll hi 

I I MIM B I ill 

I ii lame 1 1. Loti 

I lonna Love 

Dudl ) B. Luck 
I (ebra Martin 

Kenneth McBride 

Nancy P. Mclnryre 
lames P. McPherson 
Carolyn P. Mucks 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Wanda K. Morris 
Anne G. Musser 
Mn hael 1 1. Norns 
I ii Hi iderii I hven 
Dr. Jam- T, Pielrowski 
William c. Pollard 
Pamela Rii hardsi in 
Walter Ridgely '81 
I Ii il« tli P. Rothschild 

John Runkle '81 and 
I larriel II Runkle 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '5 i 
Frank R. Southerington 
Theresa Koogler Southerington '72 
Sharon B. Spalding 
Sandra S. Sprouse 

Alan J. Stamp 
Kathryn Stevens 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Dr. Patricia Westhafer 
Dr. Heather Wilson 
William J. Winter Jr. 
Allison Young 

Former Faculty, Staff, and Emeriti 

runner faculty, staft and emeriti arc- jus) as important to the College as current facult\ and staff. 
Their wisdom and knowledge is everlasting. Their generous support shows continuous dedication 

to Mary Baldwin College, and tor this we are proud. 

Alice E. Addlcron 

Barbara Boley Adelman 

Audrey Bondurant Barlow '85 

Bettie A. Beard 

Clair Carter Bell '76 

Elizabeth P. ( ampbell 

Sus. m i lanfield 

Katherine Kivlifjhan ( lartcr '44 

[ >r M.u |i irie B. Chambers 

Lee Johnston Foster 75 

in Robbins 1 I rates 

Rear Admiral W. J Galbraith 


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. ( irafton 

F. Freeman Jones Jr. 

Marietta Bames Jones '51 

Katherine Yarid J ulcer '83 

George Klucheslcy 

Aleacia Knotts 

Jane Gillam K< 

jams R. Kvatemik 

Katherine McM. Lichtl I 

Dr. James L McAllister (D) 

Dr. Patricia H. Menk 

Dr. Mary Gathright Newell '65 

Dr. Frank R. Pancake 

Dr. James B. Patrick 


Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

ldi:aheth |ennings Shu] 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer Jr. 

■ iKIi 
DebraG Wen 



Mary Baldwin was founded in 1842 with the support of the Presbyterian Church, and this bond 
continues today. Individual churches and the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic contibute to the 
educational progress through their relationship with the College. Many thanks to these churches 
for their contributions totaling $19,199. 

First Presl 
Staunton, Virginia 

( n. kc l 'oven, ml Presbyterian 
Richmond, Virginia 

Lexington Presbyterian Church 

Lexington, Virginia 
Second Presbyterian Church 

Roanoke, Virgil 

I the Mid-Atlantic 

Richmond, Virginia 

The Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Cvery year Mary Baldwin College, along with fourteen other privately supported colleges and uni- 
versities in Virginia, benefits significantly from the generosity oi business, industry and other private 
sources across the state through the efforts of the Virginia Foundatii in tor Independent (. blleges. 
In 1991-92 this total effort produced $3,434,456 from more than 800 private enterprise contribution 
sources for VF1C colleges; Mary Baldwin College received $167,251 as its unrestricted share. 

The VFIC is a joint fund-raising organization established by and tor the benefit of its member 
colleges. Business and community leaders assist in soliciting contributions from the corporate com- 
munity which are distributed in June to the fifteen, non-tax supported, member colleges and 
universities, according to a standard formula: 40% on the basis of undergraduate enrollment and 60% 
divided equally. 

VFIC has been recognized nationally as the premier independent college fund among the $8 
similar associations in terms of its annual distribution to member institutions. In l'-Wl -92 the t. >llou 
ing companies and individuals provided leadership contributions ot $5,000 or more to the VFI( 

$150,000 and above 

Jessie Ball duPont Fndowmeni Fund 
|essie Ball duPont Fund 
Philip Morns 

$100,000 and above 

Frank Armstongjr. 

C&P 1 elephone i bmpany ol 

Norfolk Southern I brporation 
F. Carlton Wilton 

$50,000 and above 
Basseti Furniture Industries Inc. 
Bea li >. Foundation Inc. 
Camp Foundations 
Camp Foundation 

J.L l. amp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 
Camp Younts Four lai 

Ethyl Corporation 

First Colony Lite Insui 
MoFil t brporation 
NationsBank ot Virginia 
North Shore I oundation 
Virginia 1 loi Springs In< 

(The Homestead) 
\ irginia Powei ( bmpany 

$40,000 and above 

i SX Cor] 

I state i 'i Shelley Krasnovt 

mdl onaine Snell Fund 
Reynolds Metals i bmpany 
I . nindation 

$30,000 and abow 
i Financ ial ( brporation 

Warren \V Hobbie Trust 
The Pern Foundation Inc. 

Tenneco Inc. 

Newport News Shipbuilding 
United Parcel Service i 


$25,000 and above 

I In IVnm 1 irrcr Foundation 
Mary Morton Parsons Foundation 

Massey Foundation 

$20, (XXI and above 

Appalachian Power t bmpany 

Centel ol Virginia 

t. hesapeaki Corporation Founi 

Robert B I 

Signet Banking < brporation 

Union Camp Corporation 

$ I 5,000 aiui above 

Fidelity Banks Inc. 
Robert B. Claytor/Norfblk Southern 

First Virginia Banks Inc 
Landmark Communications lrx 
Tlie Virginian-Pilot es 

Tlie Le.l 
The Roanoke Time- es 
1 News 

Mat- Foundation 
ibome Robins 

$10,000 and above 

\ 1 cs I Foundation 
Allied-Signal Inc. 
Best Products Foundation 
Deluxe Check Printers Foundation 

The Flagler Foundation 

Gotrwald Foundation 

Coleman A. and Emily S. Hunter 

Charitable Foundation 
James River Corporation of Virginia 
Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation Inc. 
Media General Foundation 

Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Montague-Betts Company 
Richfood Inc. 

SouthTrust Bank of America, N.A. 
Universal Corporation 
Weinstein Management Company 

Carole M. & Marcus M. 

Wheat, First Securities Inc. 

$7,500 and above 

Georator Corporations 
Intermet/Lynchhurg Foundry 

Lane Co. (The Lane Foundation) 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
Norfolk Shipbuilding 6k Drydock 

Roanoke Electric Steel Co. 
George J. & Effie L. Seay Foundation 
Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of 

Vulcan Materials Company 
Washington Forrest Foundation 

$5,000 and above 

Burlington Industries Foundation 
Canon Virginia Inc. 
Caruthers Foundation Inc. 
Chesapeake Bay Seafood 

Christian, Barton, Epps, Brent & 

Gordon L. Crenshaw 
C. A. Cutchins 111 
The Daily Press Inc. 
C. B. Fleet Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 
Gray Lumber Co./Garland Gray 

J.J. Haines & Company Inc. 
William A. Hazel Inc. 
Home Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 
Hunton & Williams 
Robert E.R. Huntley, Esquire 
IBM United States 
Jefferson Bankshares Inc. 
Janet Middleton Lewis 
Chas. Lunsford Sons and Associates 

Div., Frank B. Hall of Va. Inc. 
Markel Corporation 

The 1978 Senior Gift Society 

Marriott Corporation 

The May Company Foundation/ 

McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe 
H.P. McNeal 

Nationwide Insurance Companies 
New River Electrical Corporation 
Noland Company Foundation 
Ohrstrom Foundation Inc. 
Pinkerton Group Inc. 
C.E. Richardson Benevolent 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation Inc. 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Stone & Webster Engineering 
Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack 
Titmus Foundation Inc. 
Ukrop's Super Markets Inc. 
The United Company 

Virginia Metal Industries Inc. 

Jane D. Ellington 78 

Lisa Howard Grose 78 


JL he 

he Ham and Jam Society is a special giving club that enables Mary 
Baldwin donors to help the College celebrate the Sesquicentennial Anniversary 
through increased support of the Annual Fund. We give thanks to all the many 
alumnae and friends who gave a special anniversary gift and joined Ham and 
Jam. The Ham and J am Society listing is found in the Annual Fund section of 
this report and we warmly acknowledge their continued support and loyalty to 
Mary Baldwin College. 

If you have not already joined this strong group of supporters , it is not too 
late. Ycm can qualify for membership through 3 / December 1 992 with a gift of 
$l50r/ra$l50 increase over a previous gift.^ 

Mary Baldwin College 

Annual Fund Awards 


l hrough these prestigious awards, we recognize our alumnae's 
broad support tor Mary Baldwin College. The awards are pre- 
sented each year and are named in honor of past presidents of 
Mary Baldwin College. Accepting the awards on behalf of their 
respective classes, class delegates represent their peers during the 
National Alumnae Association Meeting. The classes listed be- 
low are commended for their outstanding Loyalty to the College. 

The class of 1942 is truly unique. This wonderful group of 
alumnae and classmates won every award during the 1991-1992 
Annual Fund year. They offer such a great gift to the College in 
honor of their 50th reunion year and the College's 150th birth- 
day. Special thanks goes to Nancy McWhorter Hurley and 
Margaret Williams Adams tor their unending work as co-chairs 
of the 1942 Reunion Fund-Raising Committee. 

Way to Go! 

Top Ten Classes 

In Dollars Contributed 

In Perct 


•nt Participation 








































The Fraser Bowl 

Class of 1942 

Awarded to the das- presenting the largest gitt to the 1991-1992 Annual Fund, 
the Fraser Bowl was secured hy the ( !lass ol 1942 who contributed $37,085 to 
the Annual Fund. 

The Jarman Cup 

Class of 1942 

The Jarman Cup is presented to the class demonstrating the highest level of 
class partuip alii in in the Annual Fund. An outstanding B2% of the < '.lass of 
1942 contributed to the Annual Fund during 1991-1992, thereby assuring the 
awarding of the Cup. 

The Lewis Platter 

Class of 1942 

Congratulations go to the Class ol P>42 tor their outstanding increase ol 
$27,485 giving to the Annual Fund. 

The Spencer Pitcher 

Class of 1942 

An important goal is to increase alumnae participation in the (. College's 
Annual Fund. The Spencer Pitcher is bestowed on the 1 1 ass obtaining the 
greatest percentage of increase m p.iriu ipation Wall an ini tease from 51% 
in 1990-1991 to 82% in 1991-1992, the Class ot 1942 is recognized for the 
largest percent increase in participation, 

Reunion Fund-Raising, 

Reunion Agent and 

Calling Committee Programs 

I he Mary Baldwin College Development Office acknowledges 
and thanks that group ot Annual Fund volunteers who are tin 
reunion fund-raising chairs, reunion agents and calling commit' 
tee members. The efforts ot this group and their enthusiastic 
cooperation with start at the College helped secure 
the 1991-1992 Annual Fund of $905,030. 

The reunion fund-raising chairs, reunion agents and calling 
committee members listed below represent the loyalty and 
generosity expressed by so main alumnae, parents and friends ot 
Mary Baldwin College. In acknowledging their efforts, we also 
thank everyone who responded to their requests tor .Annual 
Fund support. 

Reunion Fund-Raising 


Margatei Williams Adams 

1 lannah i lampbell Boatwrighi 

Margaret Meredith Harden 
Nancy tvlcWhortei I lurlei 

Sara Mackev I lodehn 

Suzanne Hudson Mai I 
Louise Vandiviere Mashhum 
Kathryn 1 leep Powers 
Mar] Morris Blakely Sorrells 
Eleanor Jamison E 


Ncilson Peine Andrews 

Marcclle Roger* \skct) 

Mary Eldridge Berry 
Linda Dolly Hammacli 
Susan lohnson High. I 
Antoinette Harrison |amison 
Man, Anne Gilbert Kohn 
Susan Pegram OKjara 

Sail] Heltzel Pear-all 

Shirley File Robbins, I 
|udy Tiapp Ru-t 

Ruth Dtewrj Wills 


Diane Dinwiddie Andre 
Janice Smith Barry 
Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Gay Gilmore Butler 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 
Dixie Epes Hoggan 
Nancy Williamson Lamb 
Sallv Stoweis Oliver 
Mary Lane Dudley Purtill 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale, Chair 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 


Patricia C. Click 

Jill White Cooke 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Catherine Spratley Favre 

Sue Ellen Nixon Fey 

Marcia McDonald Helms 

Karen Stonebumer Miller, Chan- 

Mary Tompkins Miller 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen 
Sara Allen Moody 
Marcia Pearson Sendax 
Karen Searle Snyder 
Mary Phipps Such 
Susan Richards Tyler 


Dawn Martin Blankinship, Co-chair 

Laura O'Hear Church, Co-chair 

Susan Foster 

Anne Paul Josey 

Treena Epperson Koroneos 

Susan Little 

Lorrie McCloskey 

Virginia Ferrell Teague Nexsen 

Kelly Owens Reams 

Sara Pendleton Tartala 

Elizabeth Howard Young 


Jane Blair 

Tracy Brickner 

Karen Colaw, Co-chair 

Jonni Lou Cord 

Carol Elliott, Co-chair 

Winifred Gravely 

Elizabeth King Johnson 

Linda Kirkland 

Virginia Miller 

Elizabeth Rawls 

Alicia Josephine Keller Sharpe 

Margaret Stephenson Simpson 

Allison Young 

Reunion Agents 

Ann Brown Voss '52 
Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Frances Wills Delcher '57 
Kathleen Fitzgerald Picoli 77 
Katherine Brant '90 

Calling Committee 

Barbara Johnson von Reis '37 
Anita C. Malugani '39 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay '40 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Julia Johnston Belton '49 
Ann Craig Bickell '49 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Amy Roberson Spence "76 
Kelly Huffman Ellis '80 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers '£ 
Andrea Oldham Anderson '89 

Annual Fund Honor Roll 

Alumni who contributed to the 
1991-1992 Annual Fund are listed 
below according to class year. The 
College community thanks each of 
these alumni for their investment in 
Mary Baldwin College's future. 


43% giving $150 

Katherine Bear Aulick 
Margaret Bishop Fitchett 
Margaret Coffman Henry 


55% giving $350 

Jane Summers Brown 
Laura Vaughan Gaillard 
Mary Louise Lawrence Graham 
Louise Hodges Hartzog 
Agnes FrazerJone~ 
Agnes Dunlop Wiley 


33% giving $5, 120 

Josephine Barkman Gileman 
Evelyn Sanders Flowers 

Shirley Hayncs Hunter 


33% giving $425 

< ..inline Thrift McGehcc 
Virginia Roosa Slocum 


29% giving $315 

I .wser 
I Rutherford I I 
Etta Brown I ! 

Marguerite I *unl 
Amanda McCaskill 
Elizabeth Putnam insel 


30% giving $250 

Dorothy Miller Campbell 
Virginia Jordan Carroll 
Frances Ruckman Oxner 
Cora Brodhecker Robertson 
Caroline Wood Sydnor 
Dorothy Dyer Wilkins 


35% giving $430 

Anita Bernie Burrows 
Jane Ast Davis 
Cornelia Quarles Moffett 
Anna McMahon Schultz 
Mary Taylor 
Ellen Williams 


50% giving $955 

Evelyn Baker Arey 
Elizabeth Hesser 
Nancy Johnson Hurt 
Bessie Conway Lewis 
Mildred Moore Nixon 
Emily Cobb Parks 
Mary Hebbard Parmelee 
Katherine Duff Powell 
Li luise Bowen Wilson 


30% giving $1,025 

Mary Walter. ( tr. swell 

I lizal • ill ( Crawford Engle 

Anna Carroll Jones 
Marguerite Valz Olson 
Agnes Junkin Peery 
RuthD ei 
Miriam Hughes William 


45% giving $1,31 5 

I )., mh\ I Inn lung Alliens 
P igi I [i tward Bradham 
Anvilla I'll-,, uii I iitdliy (I)) 
Rebecca Williams I [oloman 
Susie Harris Howe 
|i ni Bri .'• iti rLarnei 

Josephine Hutcheson Magnifico 
Harriett Seem Neff 
Virginia Maben Stokes 
Elizabeth Wilson 


53% giving $1,330 

Margaret De Mund Banta 

Louise Randol Brooks 

H. Jean Btehm Cottman 

Vitginia Brand Francis 

Sara Harris Hanger 

Katie Jones Hansen 

Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 

Ruth Hopewell 

Matgaret Grabill Jones 

Margaret Grier Livingston 

Gladys F. Lyles 

Mary Scanlon McCallie 

Ruth Frazer Painter 

Oral Maude Greenwood Rogers 

Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 

Matilda Belcher Swicegood 

Charlotte Taylor 

Alice Buel Winn 

Virginia Manson Wood 


38% giving $3,525 

Grace Crowe Bobo 

Kitty Drummond Bridgforth 

Mary Benson Buckley 

Evelyn Wood Chatham 

[ean ( lould Clarke 

Mildred Mawhinney ( !lements 

Margaret Schneider Conzett 

Sibelle Reid Cushman 

Virginia Lyon Johnson 

t atherine Zimmermann Kriete 

Caroline Caldwell Leith 

lacqueline Crinkley Maddex 

Elizabeth Schutz Mitchell 

lull. i ( iniii h H I' I I 

Martha (Jray Thomas 

Myrtle Tencate I homa 
Emily I imberlake Wattei ion 


53% giving $1,645 

Lois Prescott Butz 
Matian Martin Cather 
Martha Logan Crissman 
LaRue Prideaux Hall 
C. Hoy Howarth 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Amine Cosby Kellam 
Capt. Winifred Love 
Virginia Weaver Macomber 
Mary Bell Archer Mapp (D) 
Mary Clark Marks 
Marguerite Harper Morrison 
Louise Martin Nagel 
Evelyn Brown Nilsson 
Virginia Davis Nooe 
Kerlyn Baber Obaugh 
Jane Barnes Ruffin 
Marjorie K. Stuart 
Jean Clark Wright 


35% giving $7,026 

Maxwell Wright Ball 
Helen Wade Dantzler 
Katherine Dyer Dudley 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Mary Gardner Glen 
Nancy Wallace Henderson 
land Duthie 1 1. .11 
Dorothy I looge King 
I >t . Anne Bradley Lo Grippo 
Alter ( Juerranl Manly 
I [arriel Schofield McLaughlin 
Elizabeth Vincent McMullen 
Rat hael I landshaw Meeker 
Sarah Whirmore Ricks 
Raquel Fajardo Ross 
Nellie I lankins Schmidt 
Ruth Morrison Stogdale 
Elizabeth Arnold Vilseck 
Lucilla White Whined 


35% giving $ 1 5,560 

Blessing Whilmore Brown 
Mary < larti t 
Virginia Kyle Copper 

Mary Welton Enzian 
The Rev. Mellie Hussey Hickey 
Margaret Hunt Hill 
Janet Holley 
Roberta Vance Hi 'met 
Virginia ' iantt kcndig 
Elizabeth Thomas Kirtley 
Elizabeth Curry Langley 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 
Helen t Iraig Meek 
Edythe Aiphin Moseley 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
losephine Harnett Ritchie 
Juliette Walker Sanders 
Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 
Hi, l rant es Smith 
I li abeth Becken Sowell 
Ethel I offey Strawr 
Fiances Edwards Thompson 
Elizabeth Carpenter Williams 


43% giving $2,400 

Phyllis Williams Ayres 
|oan Ballard Bailey 

l-'dnh Vogler Baldwin 
Winifred Young Bowman 
Eleanor Cely Cartel 
Fiant es Apple Carter 
I',, n; Bird ( i k ili 
Elizabeth Lm .is 1 ummins 
|anel Hollis Doswell 

li mmei Dunlap 
Opal Newton I iarrett 
Elizabeth] loward Greene 
Mary Philpotts 1 ludgins 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Hazel Crist Key 
Allele i iooch Kiessling 
Mm Moffitl Knorr 
May MeCall 

Agnes McClung Messimer 
Sarah Lacy Millet 
Peggy I looven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Mary 1 umpkin Pope 
M.ii \ 1 Liu heson Ragland 
Jessie t 'ovei Seay 
1 brothy y olien Silverman 
Marion I lartlev Todd 
I elia 1 luyett Whiti 

mson Woltm in 


65% giving $7,210 

Shirley Black Barre 

Margarcttc Loieiii.ui Blundon 
Margaret Shields l'» iyi i 
Mary Kerr Brooks 
Virginia Broughton 
I larrietl Low Brown 
Margaret Browning Busk k 
Billie Bussey 
llr ibetb Boyd Caskey 
Margin rite I atham ( li mmi 
lame I lolin.m 1 dwards 

N.uii\ Eskridge 

i. ihnston E> ans 
Anna ( laperton Everhart 

Mary Anne \\ ilson Cibbs 

Fiances Rue Godwin 
\ Irginia Wotth ( iondet 
|ean Reed ( ; i lybeal 

1 ouise Wilson 1 1 iiin.i 

Mm Hemp 
Myrtle boy Hennis 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon 

Elsie Rudolph Herri 
Margaret Cochran Hutch 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Huffman 

i li [ohnsti 'ii 

ss.u.ili Maupin Jones 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 
Sally < bllinKriek 
Mildred J. Lapsley 
LI in. L. i ampbell Lewis 
Anita C Malugani 

1 'unlap Mclntyre 
Anna < iilkeson Meanley 
Jean Young Moi ut 
Hazel Nelle Astin Nelson 
.,,, ,i iriffith O'Malley 
Barl iraB ikei Rit haidson 
Margie Phipps Shii k 
Ermagard Knise Skaggs 
Katherine Moffeti Smith 
Nancy Owen Stuart 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Mary Cronin Wolte 
Sarah Jones Wright 
Helen Hull Yood 


64% giving $12,807 

Polly Bartlett 

Alice Jarman Browdet 

Mm, or Tobin Burke 
Ellender Stribling Chase 
Marji ii' \.1.mii on i ovei 
V m Van \t t.i Derr 
Harriei I louston I tonaldson 
Katherine I loll 1 '> iei 
Bertha Keller DuBose 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 

i Mdrich bogle 
\ irginia I layes borrcst 
Alice Bitner b'reiind 
Jeanne Smith Gardes 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Barbara Lemmond ( iraham 
Harriet Johnson 1 o it t Ut 
Sarah Elizabeth 1 1 nui.iL 
Margaret Herschei Ihtchman 

i Arnold Hoi: 
Elizabeth Carter I loover 
Betty Shelton 1 lutcheson 

shiiley Renting Iben 

Gladys Walkei lacol 
Elizabeth Clayberget Jones 
Kathryn Lineweavei Kivlighan 

Kallii ' iinet 

lean Baiim Mait 
Nua SoRelle Martin 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Alma 1 Inns Mitchell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 

Almeyda Sprat ley Peyton 

eO. R ". ' i" I 
Molly W agenei Ri< e 
Maty t onion Schull 
Betty I 
Louise Chert) Shannon 

Rachel Hassell Stevens 
Alice |ones Thompson 
Sally Cheney Walker 

Aii.licy Martin Watson 

Katherine Lewis Watts 
Barbara Payne Webster 

holson Williams 
Florence Jeffrey Wuii;. i 


51% giving $5,135 

Betty Wilcox Aim 
Theressa Mason Axford 
blame kibler Baldwin 

Louise Kinkel Boehmke 
Dr. Julia Boy-kin 
Dale Peters Bryant 
Ann Carroll 

Rat hel Irvine Cohen 

Jane Raudenhush (. binet 

Virginia Evans Crapucherres 

Gladys Rodgers White DePue 

Anna Greenland Dortch 

Betty Kull Drumheller 

Leila IXinlap 

Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 

Elizabeth Brewer Rsh 

Mary Cltnard blinn 

Harriet King Geer 

Malvine Paxton Graham 

Jean Lamet Cray 

|oyce Albright ( rreig I tenis 

I line Harman 

Phyllis Browne Holbert 
Katherine Jarratt 
Eleanor Johnson 
Harriet Angler Kubn 
Virginia ' 1 1 nil I ■ I. 
Betty K" : 
Dorris Withers McNeal 

Pons Siler Millet 

Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Mi * irhe id 
Lillian Rossell Rawlings 

Benton Reagan 

Katharine 1 loge Smith 
Mary Miles Whitakei 
Nina Sproul Wise 

Mane I 'liner Wolfe 


82% giving $37,085 

Margaret Williams Adams 

i irolyn Stehlin Andi 

1 li al . ili Mi i 'i, nil Anthony 
\mii \tyvell 

Man Simpson Bailey 
Mildred Pinneo Bailey 
Mi and Mrs. bred Bartenstein 

(brothel oi Man Bartenstein 


Man 1 aghtner Basi 

Glada Moses 1 

Ann I -light 

Hannah y 'ampK-ll Boatwrighl 

Marian I [omsby Bowditch 

\nnc 1 layes Bfewer 

n Norton Brushwood 
Adelaide McSween Burnett 
IVtty Moorhead Clayton 
lanei Dudley Danby 

n.'i Meredith Darden 
Maty l in 

i 1 a a Vytes Duckworth 
Elizabeth Leman Dunson 
Man Bartenstein Faulkner 
Pearl Epling 1 

Jane HarrtsGathng 
Sara Mackey Godehn 
Carolyn iham 

Inez lones Hagaman 
Betty Bail 
Janet Werner 1 i 
A. Maxine Ham i I 
Elizabeth Wotting 1 1 " 
Katherine Eatly Holden 
Miriam Stith Homer 

McWhortei Hurley- 
Beth Ttlley Kantner 

Murphy Keller 
Kathryn Poerschke Kennedy 
Catherine Dewees Launt 

: eod 
Nancy Hughes \: 
Louise Vandiviere Mashhum 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Nancy Price McCrackin 
Katharine Anderson McKinnon 
Phoebe Skillman McMillan 
Emily Eakle Morgan 

Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Ami, i balls Pharr 
Kathryn Heep Powers 
1 ', ittie t Steei Radclifl 

Ena Taylor Reed 

irenwald Skibo 

Mildred Hudson Small 
|, , \nin Moms Snokes 

Mary Morris Blakely Sorrelb 

Laura Luck Stiles 

■ |amison Supple 
Agnes |ohns Sweet 
Dr. Leslie W.Syron 
Elizabeth Appleby W 
Margaret McDonald White 

, White Willard 
Margaret Bean Yeakle 


54% giving $23,630 

Joanne Powell Mexander 
Jane I hjrham Barwick 
Mildred Proffit Batson 
Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Reed Munson Beveridge 
Mary Hull Calkins 
Harriett Harrington Connolly 
Anna 1 .mi- Pay 

Henrietta NL Mullen Dimmock 
B< .mi, , W a, 
Elizabeth Nelson Fenwick 
Louise lackson Green 
Maydwelle Mason Grimsley 
Ann Graham Hazzard 
n, is I lickman 

Mary Ivigley Higgins 
I Catherine I. uefh.ut 1 1 
Margaret NL Murray Hotrel 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathryn Lucas 1 lummen 

Caroline Rose Hunt 

Emily lerger 

Meredith lones Johnson 

Man. i ■ 

Gladys Adams Link 

Betty lohnson Mix 

lean Mover Mobley 

Man Bullock Morris 

lanette Mclntyre Morrow 

Dorothy Hundley Ne lie 

Bette Crosswhite Overton 
Margaret Price Pinson 
Sally Wheat Potter 
Elizabeth Tyree Powell 
Gloria Paradies Rothmayer 
Margaret Harrell Saylor 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Anne Garrett Tanner 
Katharine Shelbume Trickey 
Edith Angerer Tschoepe 
Mary Anderson Vaughan 
Mary Scott Walton 
Margaret Mayer Ward 
Maty Mitchenet Wilds 


42% giving $14,455 

Laura McManaway Andrews 
Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Mary Bish Bundy 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Mary Cooke 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Sally McCullough Futch 
Nancy Schettler Gordon 
Helen Gansman Graves 
Sara Brooks Nair James 
Dorothy Shelton Jones 
Elizabeth Wysor Jordan 
Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod 
Mary McGowen Martin 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Margaret Creel Miniclier 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Edwina Davis Ohr 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Frances Taylor Roberts 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
Mary Lott Wilson 
Betty Cooke Wood 


48% giving $7,185 

Carmen Hayes Anderson 
Mary Anne Rhame Bates 
Gail Riley Blakcy 
Gary Bryan Boyd 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Elizabeth McCatnphell Button 
Nclwyn Kirby Oulbertson 
Charlotte Cohn Davis 
Jean McArthur Davis 
Sally Garrett Eneix 
Gayle Ann Heron 
Elizabeth Pollard I Inusrr 
Anne Gard Kinzie 
Erah Hattcn Kliewer 
Dorothy Eloife Whirmure Kurbjun 
Marjorie Creasy Lacy 
'. I Latimei 
Marian McBurney Levering 
Helen C jxik McQuillen 
Sally Smith Metzger 
Jean Griffith Mitchell 
Carol Saulsbury Moore 

Margaret McBryde Patterson 

Nancy Roycroft Perry 

Catharine Prentiss Plummer 

Jeanne Britt Purdom 

Julia Pancake Rankin 

Bessie Stallings Ritter 

Peggy Nash Rolfes 

Nancy Nettleton Rood 

Nona Jean Macklanburg Rumsey 

Anne Sims Smith 

Julie Sprunt 

Ann Dowdell Stauss 

Mary Burr Stevens 

Eloise Williams Sturgill 

Ann Whitehead Thomas 

Betty Neisler Timberlake 

Nancy Townsend 

Mimi Mitchell Tufts 

Frances Tullis 

Margaret Roberts Wagoner 

Cecile Cage Wavell 

Mary Griffith Williams 

Sylvia Finley Willis 

Beverly Rhodes Wilson 


50% giving $30,157 

Billie Joseph Ameen 
Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Mary Goodrich Baskin 
Velma Newbill Booth 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Rosemary Kearfott Bralley 
Beverley Jane Darden Britt 
Madelyn Richardson Brock 
Joyce Craig Butterworth 
Rachel Merritt Carpenter 
Virginia Bridgers Corrigan 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Kitty Presnell Davis 
Bertie Murphy Deming 
Eva Mathews Donalson 
Margaret Davis Evans 
Patricia Asman Fearnow 
Maude Cover Freeman 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Cornelia Adair Green 
Nancy Howe Guild 
Constance Small Hancock 
Shirley Vestal Hill 
Ann Martin Hobson 
Hazel Harris Humphrey 
Irene East Larner 
Melissa Turner Lurken 
Mary Feldman Marquette 
Ellen McDonald Minet 
Mary Brown Myrvik 
Mary Cause Oppelt 
Dr. Beneta Peacock 
Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 
Gladyl McManaway Poindexter 
Grace Braucr Potter 
Marilyn West Price 
Jane Proffit Pruett 

Margaret Pollard Rea 

Margaret Miller Reynolds 
Edith Eggen Roosevelt 

I [i I* n Blai I Sinnoti 
Betty < >n Smallwood 

Emily Reese Simili 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Joan Moran Srruili 
Mabel Fairbanks Smith 
[ane Frierson Snipes 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 
Rita Hickey Stone 
Frances Wagener Tebbs 
Cecile Mears Turner 
Lillie Trimble Turner 
Sue Anderson Van Ness 
M. Harr Woodward 


57% giving $10,632 

Mary Thackston Anderson 
D. Dunn Barnes 
Mary Armistead Bear 
Nancy McFarlane Bonner 
Ann Martin Brodie 
George Ann Brown Carter 
Mary Doney Clausel 
Mary Estes Cumming 
Mary Quick Deaver 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 
Martha McMurry Ellis 
Burney Hay Gardner 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 
Alice Summers Hale 
Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitt Hansen 
Elizabeth Baker Harris 
Miriam Buckles Helmen 
Florence Harris Hinson 
Mary Bob Hale Hoe 
Dell Proctor Hollstein 
Katherine Kohler Huguenin 
Emily W. Hundley 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Donna Hull Jones 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Marianna Jamison Leach 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott 
Virginia Warner Louisell 
Ethel McCants Lowder 
Alice Wilson Matlock 
Laura Jane Atkinson May 
Betty Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKinney 
Margaret Churchman Moffett 
Virginia Roseborough Morton 
Anne Early Pettus 
Ann Bush Putzel 
Elizabeth Walsh Read 
Margaret Addison Robbins 
Patticia Euhank Sledge 
Mary Reed Smyth 
Sally Peck Spaulding 
Nancy Newton Stevenson 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 
Joann Myers Thompson 
Harrictte Clatkc Thome 
( ili nia I Hike Trigg 
Myrna Williams Vest 
Jane Vrecland 

Winifred Gochenour Wampler 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Dorice Mae Waters 
Lee Edwards Watkins 
Charlotte Fall Williams 
Maiillyn I luyl Yancey 


47% giving $11,618 

Shirley Burlingaine Batchclder 
Mary I lurley Blackshear 

lean Wallace Blount 

Emily (iriffin Buchanan 
Geraldine Canby ( ,'arn ill 

Anne Monyhan Chambers 

Paula Rupe Dennard 

Merry Key Ellington 

Elva Fifer 

Martha Higgins Fishburne 

Betty Jo Bales Gallagher 

Pamela Bumside Gray 

Martha Brown Hamrick 

Heline Cortez Harrison 

Rose Harrison 

Beverly Wood Hart 

Ruth McBryde Hill 

Ann Lucas Hite 

Ann Doyle Hopps 

Jane Hammond Jervey 

Anne Cronin Keith 

Jacquelyn Siler Kimrey 

Margaret Clarke Kirk 

Mary Wagner Knott 

Annie Beale Kornegay 

Doris Clement Kreger 

Bettie Barnett Lombard 

Helen De Vore Mattenson 

Peggy Harris Milligan 

Helen Kinser Moncure 

Gertrude King Owen 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 

Helen Atkeson Phillips 

Esther Spurlock Pruett 

Katherine Shannon Robinson 

Doris Moffat Salter 

Martha Godwin Saunders 

Harriet McLean Slaughter 

Janey Martin Tanner 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 

Jean Butler Viel 

Dorothy Wilson Vincent 

Harriett Middleton Waldrop 

Elizabeth Page Wardle 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 

Margaret Getty Wilson 

Katharine Adair Woods 


53% giving $9,725 

Margaret Newman Avent 
Barbara Minter Barnes 
Julia Johnston Belton 
Ann Craig Bickell 
Nancy Anderson Blakey 
Rosa Hutson Blankin 
Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 
Mary Dorcmus Burgess 
Margaret Lawson Craighill 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Emily Ogburn Doak 
Patricia Downing 
Jean Farrow 

Betty Farrington Felegara 
Betty Beasley Fiedler 
Beiiy Barker Fraser 
Helen Hicks Cant 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 
Ann Ashby Helms 
Patricia Murphree Honea 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
Ellen Andrews 1 1. inter 
Bettie Thomas Jacobsen 
Bitty Marl in Johnson 
Cynthia Betts Johnson 
Betty Harrell Kyle 
Elizabeth Usher Laffitte 
Jane Sebrell Leachman 
Jeanne I Hiliois l.nar 
Vera Canaday Lupo 

Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 
Jean Quarles Mary 
June Lewis McHenry 
Mary Williams McLean 
Margaret Warren Miles 
Jacquelyn Dickey Miller 
Betty Fugate Moore 
Margaret Ryder Pence 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 
Mary Hcydcnrcich Rubbins 
Martha Reeves Rudd 
Anne Millner Sager 
Joanne Smith 
Carrie Ham Tarkington 
Katharine Blakey Taylor 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Vivienne Hutchens Vail 
Aileen Judd Vreeland 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Mercer Pendleton Wat I 
(Catherine Potts Wellford 
Katharine Callanan Williams 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 
Joan Moore Wolt: 


43% giving $9,791 

Judith Judge Ashcraft 
Harriet Bangle Bernhardt 
Margaret Bamer 
Helen Beckelheimer Baugh 
Marie McClure Beck 
Marian Jones Berlin 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Martha Carrick Brook 
Elia Durr Buck 
Jean IV Vore Calhoun 
Jacqueline Edwards ( lohen 
Jeanne West l bvington 
Mary Wellman Diehl 
Louise I larwell Fanjoy 
Mary ( lochenour Fowlkes 
Gwendolyn Burton Freeman 
Anita Thee Graham 
|oann Mitchell ( inn 
Virginia Rose Hagee 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
Emrac Wingate Hawn 
Betty Burnette Howes 
Emma Martin Hubbard 
Betty Anderson Jeffrey 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 
Eleanor Townes Lcath 
Nancy Cohen Locher 
Johanna Westley Lucas 
Adnane Heim Lyman 
Virginia Smith Masses 
Hartwell Watkins Maute 
Joyce Kagin McCauley 
Letitia Shaw Mil ' 
M.h\ McCormick 
Clara Burroughs M( Farlin 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 
Barbara Payne Nolan 
Mary Matthews Park 
Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 
Evelyn Mathews Pierson 
Mar> White Richards 
Doris McClary Rollins 
Bess Plaxco Smith 

Betsy I arr Smith 

Virginia Rosen Stricklei 
Sunshine Jones 1 hompson 
Mary Horton Waldron 
Mary Wright Whaling 

Marilyn Simpson Williams 
Margaret Wilson Wood 

Amie Trask Wright 


5 7% giving $11,780 

Martha McMullan Aasen 

I >. irothy Bridges Adams 

( iene\ ieve ( ourtney Ames 

Elsie Martin Andersen 

Dorothy Atkinson 

Mary Ann Tucker Barker 

Charlotte Jackson Berry 

Elizabeth Williams Bradford 

Donna Davis Browne 

Jolyn Ferguson Caldwell 

Margaret Baugh Carroll 

Martha Kline Chaplin 

Jane Stanley Chislett 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 

Elizabeth Beck Dewees 

Nancy Draper 

Ellen Underwood Eckford 

Anne Potts Eddins 

Stuart Mosele) bills 

Margaret Penniman Fontaine 

Betty Berger Fulgham 

Marilyn Walseth ( lani 

Mary Hollers George 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 

Mary Lut: Grantham 

Jacqueline McClenney Hainihon 

Anne McMichael Hardingham 

Eileen Gregory Harrell 

Anne Markley 1 larrity 

Sallie Smith I [aslam 

Anne Schuchard Hebdon 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Dr. Allett.i |ervq 

Marietta Barnes Jones\ Eberle Latimer 

Sally Cox Lee 

Ann Hefner I . K \ 

June Beaslev Mann 

Leek Paschal Mason 

Betty Choate Matthews 

Kathryn Rawl McCain 

Eustacia Caul Nicholson 

Wilma Hodge Obaugh 

Anne Poole 

lean Romm Robinson 

Patricia Brown Schlick 

Mary Christie Schroeder 

Mildred Vick Shaw 

Betsy Merritl Sherard 

loan Dieckmann Stein 

IVu\ White Talley 

Lilian Bedinget Taylor 

Elizabeth Brinckcrhott Thomas 

lane Moudy Van I h igi 
M mil i Ann Woolverton 


50% giving $11,259 

Adelia 1 loefgen Baldwin 
Anne Person Bayloi 
Mary Wilson Benthall 
lessica ( Silliam Boatwright 
Leslie Booth 
MaryWrighi Bothofl 
Evelyn Chapman Brown 
Carline 1 obit: Da\ is 
Ann Fowlkes l\M 
Erline Griffin ! 
Helen Tilson Fletcher 

Judith W.Godwin 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough 

Julia ValzGood 

Nancy McMillan Gray 

Jane Thurmond Gregory 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 

Florence Wimherly Hellinger 

Ann Greer Kidd 

Ann Brown Lammers 

Constance Detrick Lamons 

Peggy Demng I i 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 

Marjorie Gordon Manning 

Dorothy Payne Nash 

Elsie Nelms Nash 

Nancy Curdts Pollard 

Ruth Worth Puckett 

Dorothy Smith Purse 

Ruth Harrison Quillen 

Joy Chapoton Ramsey 

Joyce Acker Ratliff 

Anne Stuart Richardson 

Mary Jane Gray Richardson 

Margaret Moore Riplev 

Ann Schlosser 

Betty Gwaltney Schutte 

Penelope Watson Scott 

Barbara Sanford Smith 

Nancy Wilemon Smith 

Rebecca Danziger Snell 

Margaret King Stanley 

Janet Russell Steelman 

Joan White Thomas 

Elizabeth Powell Todd 

Marjorie Sykes Tutnhull 

Mary Lamont Wade 

Nancy Gray Waller 

Alice Ball Watts 

Emily Mitchell Williamson 


36% giving $4,495 

1 >. roth} Beals Ballew 
Martha Bamett Beal 
Martha Booth Bernhardt 
Julia Scarborough Burgess 
Margaret Garrett Corsa 
Mildred Hudson Costa 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Nancy Barron Gourley 
Joan John Grine 
Ida Ryland Guthrie 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Ann Lee Harrison 
Ann Taylor Hednch 
I aura Hays Holmes 
Betty Rankin Hunsuckei 
Marilyn Myers Lee 
Harriette Tehell Long 
Lina Garrott McClintock 
lane Tucket Mitchell 
I lie Newman 

Elma Rollins Proffin 

lane Allen Rowe 

Patrk i.i nbbals St Inn. k 

Elizabeth DahlShaner 

Man Shilling Shannon 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 

rhart Spillman 
Jo Anne Vames Stamus 

Helen Harrod Thompson 

Joan Martin Tuckwillcr 

th I iaulding Williams 


35% giving $7,115 

Ann Robinson Brown 
i nb IV Loach 
Donia ( i 

t lav I Bacon Dreizler 
Agnes Gray Duff 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 
Nancy RawlesC Iri 
Mary McKee Hagemeyer 
Anne l Men Hall 
Janet Mitchell Harper 
loan I tavenport 
Kun McConnell Henningei 
Virginia Evcrsolc Herdman 
Martha McKnigbi Hues 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 

ii Kenan 
Betty Garter Lane 
Ann Shaw Millet 
Lee Pierce Mosso 
Winifred Boggs Myrick 
Margaret Stanley Parsons 
Anne Doshet Read 
Ida Sumner Red 
Betty Garrett Schmidt 
Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 
Andrea Bethea Shepherd 

Willie Ashlin Wyatt Smith 
Man Mason 1 orrence 
Merle Watkins Warren 
lane Edwards Wheeler 


23% giving $1,500 

Ellen Stlckell Bate 

(Catherine Gracey Cannon 
Prist ill. i Markli | 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Patricia Rutherford Miller 
nbargei Mustoe 
nnington Piluso 
Lilly Simtill Smith 
( linl. in Stephens Squibb 
1 I. anoi 1 1 irwell I rtomsen 

Ellen Rogets Trotnian 

I >i Najia 1 lassen White 
|ane lohnston Witham 


45% giving $4,820 

Margaret Adair Aimar 
Man Beali 
Diana Rede Cabell 

Fleanor Cahill\ Payne Dahl 
i eha Wainwrighl Darsey 
Patrk ia Bowk I 
Nancy Buston Downs 
Laura i Hausen I Yum 

Manila i'.itke I'nhian 
losephine Tetrell I ilovet 
Anne I i.sxle 
Susan l\>:icf titot: 

Betty Bradford Harhom 

Man Reynolds 

Bettye Hun In i 
Marjorie Mowl 
Ann Dick Lovelady 
Elizabeth Malone 

Ann Ritchie McHugh 

Aline Powers Moore 

Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham 

Susan Andes Pittman 

Patty Tipton Pugh 

Jeanette Fisher Reid 

Claire Fontaine Rice 

Virginia Hunt Roberts 

Man- Colonna Robertson 

Mardrivon Cowles Scott 

Patricia Lary Stevens 

Blanche Gambrill Stockbridge 

Dotty Hobby Travis 

Ellawells Milligan Williams 

June Morrow Winslow 

Lois Morrison Zeigler 


24% giving $1,870 

Patricia Parker Auman 
Julianne Rand Brawner 
Mary Wilson Cruser 
Katherine Thorington Flythe 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Corrinne Currie Lane 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Sherril Gerding Miller 
Shannon Greene Mitchell 
Jane Hogan Moses 
Carla Rucker Nix 
Mary Wells Powell 
Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 
Elizabeth Crawford Robbins 
Sara Burwell Robinson 
Betsey Towler Robson 
Nancy Switzer Sowers 
Alice Jones Wire 


33% giving $5,011 

Nancy Pillow Bachman 
Emily Baker 
Janice Gregory Belcher 
Ann Cooke Britt 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Kathleen Hand Carter 
Anne Claiborne Dohs Elder 
Mary Jane Ramsey Fisher 
Ann RatclifTc Hanover 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 

ince McHugh Kimerer 
Linda Larkin 

Marrha Thulm Leynes-Selbert 
Kay Lessley Linn mi 
Patrii ia Schendel Loring 
H. Perry Wornom Moore 
Sheffield Lander I 

hrey Pan iki 
Nancy McMullan Pauley 
Lydia Woods Peale 
i 'i n >vey 
Patrii i 
Elizabeth I 

Margaret Flythi I 

■\, v7ithrou rumi i 

Margaret Skinner Webb 
Merita Long V. 

.'. ilhn, 
Bruce Suttle Winfi'-M 


36% giving $2,065 

Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 
Julia Finks Biggs 
Ann Apperson Boston 
Martha Caplinger Brinkley 
Marie Harvard Collins 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Margaret Foster Curtis 
Mary Phlegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Demler 
Ardys Hough Dodge 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Suzanne Stifling Duffey 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Elizabeth Williams Hoover 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 
Patricia Bonelli Maull 
Helen Smith McCallum 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 
Dt. Gwen Kennedy Neville 
Alys Boozer Owsley 
Louisa Jones Painter 
Helen Ritchie Scherff 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Lucy Fisher West 
Patricia Henderson Williams 
Mary Lynn Bamer Wood 


42% giving $6,268 

Sally Armstrong Bingley 
Barbara Judd Booth 
Mary Brown 
Susan Warfield Caples 
Judith Carter 
Knox Clarke Chapman 
Patricia Henry Cooke 
N. Vaughn Cotner 
Patsy Little Culpepper 
Sandy Pheris DeWald 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 
Beverly De Lashmutr Engle 
Sara Squires Erickson 
Carolyn Gilmer Hislcy 
Sally Cullum Holmes 
Alice Cox Hubbard 
Elmore Bartlett lnscoe 
I n ll.i Johnson 
Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 
Nancy Hartley Leonard 
Joan Loffland 
Nancy Hooker Manning 
Anne Fray Mil ..nun 1 
Susan Speake Noble 
Mariam Mathews Perrin 
Jane Shiflel Re> rodi 
Sara Miller Richard i 
Vicky Hill Run .i I'll 
Patrii ii Edwardi Sa Ii rs 

Mary Kay McConchie Schultz 

Sharon I looks Sicwert 
Betty I ngli itoddard 
Jeannette Hervey Trice 
Ann Ballard Van hin.iii 
I Ii in rice I taniel Wellons 


34% giving $3,505 

Anna Lloyd Rohrer Bach 

Barbara Reid Bailey 

Patricia Goshorn Ball 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 

Suzanne Sessoms Blair 

Lou Nordholt Bramwell 

Suzanne Burch 

Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf 

Ann Price Clark 

Elizabeth Allan Collins 

Barbara Williams Craig 

Shade Thomas Cronan 

Elizabeth Burton Crusel 

Lois Willard Daniel 

Jane Haley Dykes 

Cecelia Flow Eller-Collins 

Eleanor Starke Evans 

M. Penzold Fooks 

Lynn Terrell Gafford 

Frances Kretlow Gehring 

Judith Merritt Gibbons 

Janice Parker Gregory 

Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 

Nancy Klauder Hall 

Frances Lynn Purdom Hammonds 

Charlotte Leverton Hamner 

Ann Bartenslager Hanger 

Dr. May Wells Jones 

Ann Wilson Linn 

Mary Sharp Swayze Mount 

Ellen Venable Poteet 

Patricia Liebert Riddick 

Susan Ely Ryan 

Sigrid Gudheim Scott 

Emily Reeves Sloan 

Mary Vaughn Stanley 

Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 

Nancy Strauss 

Laura Burford Sullivan 

Otey Hayward Swoboda 

Kathetine Smith Tinker 

Sylvia Scott Weaver 


41% giving $7,563 

Mary Stone Adler 
Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Marcellc Rogers Askew 
Shirley Quarles Baird 
Jane Coleman Balfour 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Martha Wade Bradford 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Indie Thomasson Gather 
Minnielynn Martin Clay 
Ann Alexander Cook 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Lucy Martin Danner 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Elizabeth Scoti Featherstone 
Penn Walker Floumoy 
Roberta Montgomery Fonville 

Jennifer Wilson Green 

I inda I tolly I lammack 

Margaret Saunders I layes 
Susan Johnson High 
Susan 1 loopei I logge 
I larriel I lope I loward 

>' ianford I ludgins 
Vera I homas |ames 

Antoinette I larrison |amii 

Lynn Frierson Kennedy 
Susan Cadie King 

Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
Nancy Daniel Mahaffey 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis 
Charlotte Mooney 
Susan Pegram O'Gara 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall 
Betty Kelley Peple 
Emily Troxell Pepper 
Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno 
Sally Akridge Rieves 
Shirley File Robbins 
Sara White Robey 
Judy Trapp Rust 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Nancy Harris Snead 
Virginia Gregory Sparks 
Judith Richardson Strickland 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 
Marion Drewry Wills 


42% giving $17,080 

Anne Hogshead Aleman 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 

Martha Hunter Boyd 

Sarah Livingston Brown 

Nell Rogers Carvel 1 

Lucy Burnett Chambers 

Elizabeth Cooke Chapman 

Joan Jackson Childrey 

Faye Baker Clark 

Mary Gould Coulbourn 

Reese Edmondson Currie 

Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges 

Linda Wyatt Duncan 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson 

Nancy Blood Ferguson 

Harriet Murphy Frazier 

Terry Geggie Fridley 

Judy Lipes Garst 

Lucy Morris Gay 

Judith Thompson Hatcher 

Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 

Martha Fant Hays 

Roberta Gill Hefler 

Nannette Jarrell Heidrich 

Elizabeth Laird Hicks 

Holly Hanson Hill 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp 

Linda Estridge Hofmeister 

Barbara Wishart Johnson 

Robbie Nelson LeCompte 

Kathryn Hooks Ligon 

Shearer Troxell Luck 

Susan Sale Luck 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara 

Linda Fobes Marion 

Joan Stanley Maroulis 

Kinie Roadman Martin 

Mary Cochran McCoimell 

Virginia Hesdorffer McDonnell 

Patricia Fisher McHold 

Becky Cannaday Merchant 

Dr. Page Putnam Miller 

Or. Joann Brown Morton 

Melissa Kimes Mullgardl 

Minta McDiarmid Nixon 

Gale Palmer Penn 

Katherine Sproul Perry 

Mary Smith Perry 

Mai mi < lenient Kiddle 

Eleanor Mc( j>wn Robideau 
Sue Jordan Rodarte 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 

Fiances La Nieve Sexton 
[ngrid <■ larlson Shindel! 
Lynetti Wanner Shiver 
Mary McGrarh Stone 
Caryn Fogarry 1 1 ! I i 
Prunes I ).i\ i~ I enBrook 
Margaret Mapp Thacker 
Elizabeth Linn Traubman 
Emily T. Tyler 
Elizabeth White 
Nancy Ely Wright 


37% giving $7,210 

( arolyn Smith Ahhitt 

\ ii a Reid Argabright 

Anne Fisher Bahnet 
Paula Greenlee Barber 
Mary Juer Barnwell 
Beverly Estes Bales 

Karen Appleby Baughan 
Elizabeth Baughan Baul hagi 
Julia Carrington Bemis 
Martha Murchison Boyd 

Alice Farrior Butler 

M ii-Ji'i l 'ole I hnppcll 

Sally Horsey Danner 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 
Sandra I irisham I lillard 
Anne Nimmo 1 )ixon 
Glenn Ellen Downie 
Mary larr.nt 1 >unn 
ludith Floeter Ford 
Dr. Virginia Royster Frani isco 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Rossie Wolevei I lampton 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Ann King Harkins 
Elizabeth lasher 1 Pirns 
lane Tanner I lenderson 
Susan rhompson 1 loffman 
Molly Holt 
Nancy Rowe Hull 
Bess Alexander Johnson 

i 1 hompson |i hnson 
pl II pe Baldwin Lanier 
Anita Sattels I awson 
Jo Ellen |ennette I uscombe 
Mar) \nn Appleln Marchio 
Thyllis short Marcom 
N. [Catherine Farrai Marshall 
Eleanor Poole Mi C brd 
S, ( larolyn i llemmei Mc( 'ullev 
Ann Higgins McWhirter 
Darlena Sizemore Mixon 
Nancy Fairfax I lardesty Montgi imery 

HI 111 I ' Mill I'llM 

Pamela Milliken Reed 
Wortlev Davis Smith 
Nancy Smith Sunt: 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 

Ann Morrell Tucker 
Jean Umberget Wert: 


37% swing $9,076 

Marsha Nye Adlei 
Id Aver) 

Martha Bertrand 
Bwendolyn Black Bishop 

Martha Pea holm 
Diane Cooper Byers 
Elizabeth Walkei I iti 

Mary Whittle Chapman 
Frances Kniglu I larl 
Virginia Chapman Cobb 
Janice Jones Collins 
I mei I l.iddrell Connors 
Mary Picken Crad 
Katherine Early Dougherty 
Gail McMichael I hrew 
Anne Smith Edwards 
Carol A. Emory 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
Judith Payne Grey 
I ii .1 ih. mi I I in li n 

Sara Beahout Hartman 
Judy Roy Hoffman 

ili libson Kanner 
Paula Stephens Lambert 
Ann Mebane Levine 
Ellen Pagenstechei Lewis 
Marion Gordin Lord 
Helen Hutcheson Massingill 
Cornelia Jackson McAllister 
Margaret Hogenauer Met i irmii I 
Elizaberh Brown McKeL 
Kathryn Johnson McKuiiuc 
i harlotte I yson Mewbom 
Nancy Jackson Miller 
1 V Mary Gathnght Newell 
Adele [effbrds Pope 

Margaret I itintet Riddle 
Julene Reese Roberts 
Emma Martin Rouse 
Dorothy lafrate Kud\ 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 

:n i in, hley Shappley 
i hi 'I Stewart Shaw 
ludy Bryant Skinnei 
Jane Smith Sydnor 
Mir: ml Mil li nl I In imps, ,,i 
Dianne Baldwin Trimmiet 
Susan Spickard Uhlig 
Susan Browne \X ebb 
Margaret Malone West 
Eleanor Chew Winnard 

Margaret |.k kson Woi dl 01 I. 

i lismei Yancey 


39% giving $8,425 

I in \ I aniei Ad( i k k 
Dr. Ann Field Alexandei 
Glenda Pearson Anderson 
Julia Blanchard Batcheloi 
Susanne Rayhurn Bates 
\n Je ill I iipfen Bowi i 
Ashlin Swetnam Bray 
Nancy Yates Briggs 
Katherine West Burkhart 
Dr. I, met Whin- 1 ampbell 
Roberta Long I ampbell 
Avril Laughlin ( h ise 
\ irginia Uexandei ( Irane 
lull. i Barbee I rothei - 
t '.itole Rednoui Dixon 

I ugeni.i 1 ledden Powdeswell 

Sandra Zeese Pus, oil 

Mary Ellen Killingei Durham 

Mm R. uner Fanes 

Marguerite I Hiane I His 

Judith Moore Fishei 

Nancy Simmons Broclcenbrough 

Susan Mulfbrd I I 
Glenda Norris George 
\ irginia I 

Mary Alice Tollcy Goodwin 

Sally Mirks Goodwin 

Nancy Morns ( 

Virginia Freeman Haile 

P Hiu i.i Bilbo Hamp 

Gwynn McNaughi Henderson 

Rosemary Harris Henderson 

I urn ii Phillips I logue 
|i lan I (avis Howard 

■ I lutt 
lane Ellen Via IUi 
Beryl-Ann Worts Johnson 
I tin i li 'hnson 
' I hi. Stem Kaufman 
I 'i I i. nl Apperson 

■ Lind i 
Kathryn Jackson l.ohmiller 
Virginia Vaughan LonguiUo 
Lou 1 lartgraves McCarty 
Betty Dnm Mc( lonnell 
Donna White Merkel 
I li hi in e Merntt Percy 
I. uui Wiethofl Price 
Karen Cowsert Pry or 
Betsey Gallagher Satterfield 
Ann Ymgling Schmidt 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
Alii e I ippiti Stey tan 
Mm Arehart Stonehurg 
M. Eli:aheth Swope 
I I [i ipe Rotherr Taft 
I li abeth [ones Thacker 
Jo Turner Thompson 
Ann Morgan Vickery 
Annette Tixier West 
Anne Fraser Wilhelm 
Sarah lasher Wilkes 


33% giving $12,572 

Sandra Preseren Alley\ Carolyn Comtorth Baud 
Margaret Maddex 
Janice Smith Barry 
Pi. mi es t i. ilium Bear 
Anne Willi, mis Blanks 
Sandra Grizzard Brooks 

Ulderson Can- 
Margaret Turner Coleman 
Angela Blose Corley 
Margaret Weaver CrOSSOn 

Sylvia Shepherd Dalke 
Man Helsley Dodson 
Winton Mathei I li ihi rty 

Louise 1 i 1 

iiilds Fillets, m 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
r inn ii Forbes 
lean I ambeth Hart 
Ellen Anderson Hill 
Wylyn I etson Hodnetl 
Dixie Epes I loggan 

' in 1 1 1 lolden 
M in- iii- 1 iillespie I lolt 
Mikal Bralley Hoothagle 
Sus.m Massie Johnson 
Kathryn Rice Knowles 
Ivy Koster 

N.iih \ Williamson I amb 
Mm Page Manning 

>ley McDaniel 
Margaret |ennings M,t: 
.Mice S '• 

India Throop Mount 
Nun \ 1 alkenberg Mullet 

Sally Stowers Oliver 
in N. Palmer 

tnaugh Parker 
ibeth Preddv 
Man Lane Dudley Punill 
Barbara 1 reeman Ragsdale 
ii Newman Renner 
Ann I lumphrey Sanders 

Lindsley Wheel, i 
Mm Blot I "smith 
Martha I larlow Stronach 
Lucia Lionhcrger Thomas 

Susan Townshend Townsend 

Burns Travis 
I Stephens Trice 
Man Ann Powell Wallace 
Susan McKeown Waters 
The Rev. Leslie Westbrook 
Mm ni McDowell Whitlock 


41% giving $11,460 

Emily Bonner Anderson 
Kathleen Aure 
Sharon Knopp Bares 
Virginia Watson Bernard 
Nancy Geiger Bondurant 
Nancy Carrow ECtt 
Judith Way Bouchard 
Brown Bowles 
Andra Brewer 
i .in >K ii Martin Bryan 
Kathleen Kenig Bvlord 
Virginia Campbell 
I 'i i atherine W il 
le.mne Si haub ( llasse 
i 'i mi I lillyer Copley 
I ii .i I'.ilni.i ' louper 
Patricia i Tomwell 
Susan i lamble Dankel 
Ellen Gaw Dean 
Shan n Gray Duncan 
Angelina Painter Eschauzier 
Mm Fleming 
Nan< j I riksen I , gelson 
1 he Re\ 1 h M , 

Frances Ford 
Dr Suzanne Freeman 
I mi. 1. 1 Overcash Frit: 

lohnston Gamer 
Elizabeth Gathnght 
Celia t libson 
Nun \\ hitten ( lillenv 

Ropet l lolden 

l.onna Dole Harkrader 

I ryfogle I lartley 
Barbara Craft Hemphill 
Sus.m \ aughan Henry 
1 \nn Boyd I lewitt 
Leslie Watson Hill 
Barbara Loy ill Hooks 
I ad) Applck lackson 
Jennifer James 
Susan Merklas Kahn 
Patricia Leonard Ludwig 
Lynn Merntt M.n I wen 
Sarah Sterretl Meyerhofl 
Sharon Miller Midland 
:ti I Monahan 

i inch Moore 

Jeannette L Norfleet 
Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 
Martha Howard Patten 
Susan White Persak 
Carol Mathews Ray 
Martha Blake Rex 
Florence Temple Roberts 
Patricia Thomas Robinson 
Cornelia Green Roy 
Julia Backus Smith 
Linda Goddin Smith 
Katherine Martin Snider 
Mary Miller Sopher 
Dr. Lois Lundie Spence 
Susanne Dyer Stanley 
Cecelia Davis Stevens 
Edith A. Stotler 
Susan Clements Tarkington 
Cathy Turner Temple 
Tempe Grant Thomas 
Blanche Humphreys Toms 
Susan Graham Turner 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 
Beth Free Van Fossen 
Virginia Reynolds Vogel 
Mary Walker Volk 
Ann Livingston Wainscott 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 
Helen Pritchard Walther 
Cynthia Knight Wier 
Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams 
Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 
Margaret McRae Wilson 
Sandra Charlton Woodward 


41% giving $20,375 

Claudia Montague Adams 
Susan Cutler Appel 
Claire Lewis Arnold 
Judith Christian Ashby 
Barbara Atwood 
Neely Garrett Axselle 
Suzanne Hartley Barker 
Martha Nussear Barr 
Jeanne Briscoe Baum 
Miriam Jones Beckwith 
Cynthia Yeager Bouldin 
Frances Buhman 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Susan Christ Campbell 
Mary Rcbekah Kennedy Caruso 
Lynn White Cobb 
Abigail Robinson Coppock 
Linda McAllister Dawe 
Helen Suzanne Jones Duncan 
Judith Barnett Duttercr 
Sydney Turner I I I 
Ann Trusler Faith 
Susan Train Fearon 
Margaret Lipscomb Foster 
Martha Fowler 
Margaret Duranr Fried 

Judith Call iv . i , [otaii 
Mary Weston Grimball 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 
Patrii i-i Binkli . 

lyn Riepe Hill 
Elizabeth Cay I line 
Mary Baker Hoffman 
Martha Masters Ingles 
Sara Nair James 
Elisabeth Lindsay Jones 
Judith West Kidd 
Gail McLennan King 

Camille Horence Kunkle 

Lynda Cullop Lawrence 

Margaret Livingston 

Elizabeth Hanes Main 

Elizabeth Maxwell 

Frances Thompson McKay 

Barbara Wales Medina 

Julia Baldwin Montgomery 

Grace Friend Mullen 

Patricia McGeorge Nickerson 

Nancy Chubbuck Norton 

Jill Olson 

Katharine Parker 

Mary Moffett Hutcheson Priddy 

Margaret Thorn Rawls 

Margaret Barranger Reid 

Sandra McQuarrie Rigby 

Tia Nolan Roddy 

Corrie Smith Sargeant 

Virginia Moomaw Savage 

Caroline Schooley 

Susan Swaffbrd Sheldon 

Edwina Smith 

Katherine Quillian Solberg 

Mary Allison Starun 

Rose Driver Stuart 

Anne Emmert Thompson 

Jane Collis Thornton 

A. Jane Townes 

Anne McLeod Turner 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 

Judith Wade 

Mary Ellena Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 


38% giving $11,320 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 

Janet Bartholomew Altamari 

Carolyn Bass Armentrout 

Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 

Emily McClure Ballard 

Jane Graves Bartlett 

Martha Carpenter Bell 

Mary Browning Birkhead 

Chris Ziebe Blanton 

Caroline Walker Brant 

Susan Lanier Brown 

Carolyn Carleton Campsey 

Jo Guider Chase 

Anne Beatty Cole 

Mary Saunders Conwell 

Mary McCaa Cothran 

Margaret Wright Crawford 

Travis Taylor Derring 

Lynn Des Pre: 

Alice Dibrell Freeman 

Leslie Freeman 

Dale Smith Georgiade 

Candace Snodgrass Gessner 

Elaine Rabe Giese 

Minna Thompson Glenn 

Jean C. Grainger 

Elizabeth Larner Gutmann 

Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan 

Margaret I laile 

Ann Harris 

Zoc Kerbey I lolmet 

Jane Smith Hopkins 
Gair Hartley Jewell 

forsham [ordan 
Laura Weiskittel Kelly 
Rebecca Thomas Kopp 
Cally Lewis Lavigne 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 

Ann Perkins Lewis 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 
Marcia Vigneault Litton 
Mary Zanne Macdonald 
Lynn Kirshman Mackle 
Grace Hitchman McGrath 
Louise Rossett McNamee 
Patricia St. Clair Michaels 
Janet Ernst Mills 
Elizabeth Inyk Mize 
Julie Spencer Murphy- 
Laura Croom Murray 
Connie Kittle Neer 
Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 
Pauli Anne Overdorff 
Emily Borden Ragsdale 
Mattice Brandt Ranney 
Margaret Scott Reading 
Janice Coleman Robertson 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 
Louise Parmelee Sylvester 
Anne Hancock Teresa 
Stephanie Shearer Timm 
Karen Pixley Trimble 
Daphne Walker 
Devon Hixenbaugh Walter 
Pattie Newell Williams 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley 


41% giving $10,738 

Patricia Mclver Alvey 

Linda Rawlings Baker 

Leigh Suhling Barth 

Susan Zagora Bender 

Marcia Williams Bohannon 

Carol Cadell Bowie 

Lee Willey Bowman 

Louise W. Boylan 

Emily Paine Brady 

Janet Dennis Branch 

Martha Blain Buchanan 

Caroline Waldrop Buckman 

Constance Gantt Coffman 

Elizabeth Conner 

Margaret Agnes Cooper 

Susan Hoch Crane 

Sally Cannon Crumbley 

Holly Merkel Daane 

Betsy Marshall Davis 

Catharine Dorrier 

Katherine Downie 

Mary Babcock Edwards 

Sara Catherine Dabney Edwards 

Nancy Morse Evans 

Claudia Withers Fahrner 

Jane Elizabeth Faulds 

Melissa Wimhish Ferrell 

Cynthia Fitch 

Barbara Leavitt Franklin 

Rosemerry McClintock Franks 

Lila Caldwell Gardner 

Susan Price Garth 

Jean Orne Gosling 

Elizabeth Francis Griffith 

Jennifer McHugh Haase 

Dee Bowman Haggard 

Susann Hutaff Haskins 

Betty Herrman 

Elizabeth ( dement Jeffery 

Wendy Kane 

Mary Ferguson Karnes 

Janice Booth Maner 
Nancy Foster McGraw 
Carol Carman Mettam 
Susan Norton Minor 
Shirley Frey Morris 
Antoinette Bond Morrison 
M. Merrick Twohy Murray 
Jane Shortell Nelson 
Eleanor Myers O'Mara 
Laura Sadler Olin 
Mary Murrin Painter 
Man' Luanne Pardue 
Brooke Hume Pendleton 
H. Marie Mooretield Perm 
Ann Gilmer Richardson 
Katherine Blackwell Roach 
Kathryn English Roberts 
Gray Thomas Rodriquez-Barber 
Marion Ross Catlett Rose 
Spencer Jester Savage 
Catherine Gladden Schultz 
Robin Spence 

M. Catherine Henderson Stein 
Carol Sorrell Strawbridge 
Mary Stewart Strickland 
Doris Fauber Strickler 
Catharine Pierce Stringfellow 
Caroline J. Struthers 
Katherine Terrell Svejnar 
Mary Bass Wanless 
Amy Nelson Warren 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver 
Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 
Julia Anderson Wilson 
Elizabeth Sutherland Winstead 


38% giving $7,464 

Julia Andrews Allen 
Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Jill Kiely Anderson 
Constance E. Atkins 
Rogene Elkins Austell 
Claudia Turner Bagwell 
Anne Vogtle Baldwin 
Caroline Dixon Bartman 
Connie Lowrance Beach 
Penelope Patrick Biskey 
Barbara Robertson Burke 
Susan Pruett Caldroney 
Carol Ditto Cary 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain 
S. Shepeherd Johnston Chuites 
Patricia C. Click 
Jill White Cooke 
Susan Ellen 

Nancy Preseren Fankhauser 
Catherine Spratley Favre 
Mary Rogers Field 
Virginia Masters Fleishman 
J. Player McPhaul Fleury 
Janie Davis Flournoy 
Lea Ayers Oilman 
Leah Waller Golden 

Margaret I hull ( .nan 

Marcia McDonald Helms 

Elizabeth Hoover 
Jean Dittmar Hubertus 
Linda Orinels Irby 
Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison 
A. Talbott Jordan 
Margaret Jones Kramer 
J . Page Price Lewis 
Caryn Gove Long 
Nina Reid Mack 

Susan Henry Martin 
Karen Stonehurner Miller 
Mary Tompkins Miller 
Sara Allen Moody 
Sallie HuharJ Moore 
Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 
Susan Mansheld Myers 
Martha Riviere Ofifutt 
Mildred Willis Paden 
Susan Rogers Parks 
Melitsa Wilson Paschold 
Jill Butler Pendleton 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen 
Marilyn Muhleman Rausch 
Marcia Pearson Sendax 
Elizabeth M. Smith 
Linda Verner Smith 
Susan Almond Smith 
Katen Searle Snyder 
Jann Malone Steele 
Leslie Thompson Stieflei 

Mary Atkinson Stone 
Mary Phipps Such 
Marsha Summeison 
Susan Richards Tyler 
Melanie Gamble Walker 
Jane Inge Wallace 
Kathy Young Wetsel 
June Reynolds W.xxl 
Jane Rayson Young 


46% giving $10,938 

Linda Thorn Abele 

Carolyn Holmes Avery 

Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 

Sharon Wood Baltimore 

Sally Deitrick Brady 

loan kirby Brawley 

Nancy Greever Brooks 

Virginia Fauntleroy Cartet 

Mary Jane Conger 

Peggy I'.irmJcc i lontreni 

Jean Corttight Copeland 

Virginia Phillips Counselman 

Helen Delgado 

Margaret Wilson Doherty 

Georgia Robert Draucker 

Linda Dixld Ebersole 

Linda Lueders Falck 

Olivia Young Fisher 

Judy Spence Frank 

Jane Hudgins Frazier 

Mary Mudd Galve2 

Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorp 

Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 

lVirdre Diugherty Gtogan 

Alice B. Hansbaigei 

Elizabeth Pollard 1 lemeter 

Judith Hemdon 

(Catherine I lewitt I lolmes 

Agnes Kelly Houff 

Beryl Barnes lerardi 

Mary Burton Johnson 

The 1 Ion I 'athcrinc I lood Kennedy 

Deborah JobeKoehlet 

Karhryn Anne Krauter 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 
Patru i.i Gonzalez Lustig 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Catherine Keenan Mayo 
Carmen Holden McHaney 
Sally Jacohy McMillen 

Susan Dihrell Miller 
Donna Deit: Mumby 
Elizabeth Wilgus Murray 
Sandra May O'Donnell 
1 lis Siegfried Oglesby 
Sarah Eason Parrott 
t ir 'lo Payne Pilcher 
Susanne Reaves Rhanie 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Barbara Kniselv Roberts 

Carroll Royei Roberts n 
Cynthia Huftstetler Rosenthal 
Margaret Bryant Rust 
Robyn Timberlake Ruth 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 
Carol Jackson Schmidt 
Sarah Stallworth Sebtell 
Deborah Veale Sergi 
Martha Hildehrand Sherwood 
Amelia Ann Smith 
Melanie Dexter Snoddy 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 
Dorothy May Thompson 
Man Totin 
Diana Phinney Tucker 
Deborah Verdier-Smith 
Martha Wagoner \ ines 
Julia Ofien Wangler 
Anne Hatfield Weir 
Susan Simmons Weir 
Demaris Elsasser Wheeler 


28% giving $5,215 

Bliss Buford Abb. n 

Carol Tilson At wood 

Bridget Ryan Baird 

Catherine Boynton Beazley 

Judith Stovall Boland 

Nancy McEntite Bradford 

Knstina Mallonee Buckingham 

Kathleen Batksdale Crainc 

Marguerite Ivy Crews 

Betty Davis Crump 

Betty Darwin 

Ann Bowman Day 

Leigh Yates Farmer 

Susan Englander Fraile 

Helen Radclittc Gregory 

Agnes I larwood 

Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 

Rosemary Baldwin Hendricks 

Daphine Tilley Hill 

Emily Marie Ferrara HollingS 

Jean Temple I loll 

Susan Baughman I lomai 

Ann Skinner I lornshy 

Elizabeth Simons 1 lossli 
Judy Durham Kennedy 
Elizabeth Anne Coleman Knopp 
Betsy Hunsucker 1 uu 
Julia Williams Layfield 
Nancy Hudson Lloyd 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Nancy Doyle Molitor 
Eve Hitchman Morrison 

[Catherine 1 lull Nowell 

Julie Tippins Parker 

Elizabeth Read-Connole 

C Camille I aemers Ki. hards 
\.iiu\ Nodine Robinson 
Barbara Mitchell Sample 
Lisa Anne Sloan I evin 

Rorence Pressly Snydet 

Elizabeth Can Spell 

Lynn McWhorter Speno 
Thankiul Salmon Sulli 
Sandra Wandnsco Waller 
Marjone Widener Wardrop 
Claudia Williams 

I Stanley Wood 
Kathrvn Payne Wueste 


28% giving $9,825 

Florence Brandon Allison 
Anne Munn Bailey 
Constance A. Bak 
Pamela Shell Baskemll 
Anne Merry Bell 
Anne Hunter Plonk Boone 
Susan Brooks 
Sally Matthews Bryant 
Michele Richard Bustamante 
Janet Farrar Byington 
Martha Marshall Cassell 
Dirothy Sue Hebrank Chrome 
Helen Whircomb Coates 
Beverly Shenk Coltrane 
Susan Green Coulter 
Anne Jones Cutchins 
Susan 1 lamner Daoust 
Frances Kirby Duncan 
Pat Eldridge 
Oneita Carlson Enoch 
Lee Johnston Foster 
Mary Jim Morgan Fulton 
Elizabeth Evans Grainer 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 
Caroline Tove Hedegaard 
Patricia Piorkowski Hobbs 
Susan Lemon Hobbs 
Anne North Howard 
Molly Ely Hunrer 
Dr. Clauderte Hunt Hyman 
Nancy Pole LaRocca 
Janney Shoemaker Marshall 
Margaret Byrd McGeorge 
Deborah Jean Moench 
Anne Lonnquest Moore 
Gretchen Clemen Morns 
Mary Robin Neel 
Harriet Marrow Neldon 
Elizabeth Patterson Pinto 
Lisa Harvey Raines 
Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 
Florence Jones Rutherfi >rd 
Janet Gouldman Rutherford 
Pamela Txld Schmid 
Susan McGinley Scon 
Sharon Keys Seal 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 
Susan Heiner Steadman 
Sara Mcintosh Stem 
Nancy Moncure Sokes 
Eva Stimson 
Katherine Hunt Stormont 


Deborah Dull Walker 

Patrice Snoddy Wall 
Anne Anderson Wallen 
Catherine Choate Ward 
Anne Feddeman Warner 
Lynda Bergen Wheadey 
Susan Williams 
Debia Wood-Raines 


34% giving $10,546 

Janie McShan Allgood 
Margaret Bryson Altman 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 

I larke Stanley Beckner 


Jennie Pcery Budd 
Susan HazelwcKxJ Buftn 
Katherine Hobbs Burnett 
Patricia Tuggle Collins 
Shirley Uiuglass 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 
loan Ferrell 

l atharine Johnson Hagg 
Frances Henderson Ford 
Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 
Cap, Adkins Guza 
Mabel Fetterman Held 
Maude Martin Huff 
Jennifer Henle\ |ames 
Denise Doyon Jared 
Carroll Blair Keiger 
Kathryn Lee Kemp 
Ann Nickerson Kowalski 
Pamela Dunbar Kreger 
Lynn Howard Lawrence 
Holliday Harper Love 
Meredith Lyons-Crews 
Mary Hollings McConnell 
Emily Fulgham McCullough 
Lt. Cmdr. Christina Beardslcy 

Margaret Roberts McMahon 
Jane Miller 
Bonnie Tuggle Miller 
Claire Colbert Mills 

Mary Ruhardson Misiti 
Eleanor Gubbins Mi>orc 
Margaret Carr Nortleei 
Catherine Priddy Norman 
Lisa Wall O'Donnell 
Mary Sutton Payne 
Uura Wall Phillips 
Douglass Head Pittman 
Susan Riegel Price 
Margaret Lybrand Ryland 
Susan Shipman-Jicha 
Victoria Simons 
Amy Robetson S| 
Ivy Lynn Mathias Stennett 
I .tiffin Sutphen 

in F. Thomas 

LydiS Ann Winder Voort 
Joanne Palmer W.hsI 


30% giving $6,145 

t arolyn Hedge Baird 

Ellen Gill Ball 
Alison Wenger Boone 
Man i ieorge Bradshaw 
Sherry Bassetl Brooks 

Suzanne Stringer Bryson 
Louise King Cavanagh 
I'im v lyde i handler 

Inula Hinrichs Christovkh 
Pamela Martin Cottistock 
i it. m Md lutchen DBughoidge 
Ann Calhoun IVnt 
Elizabeth Bnmi Downey 
Susan Dunlap 
Evelyn Wells Fisher 
Beverly Hall 

Judy Ellen Harden 
Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 
Amy Ivy 
Lucile Jones 
Sruarr Lee Jones 
Rebecca Regan Keever 
Terry Colaw Kershner 
N larv Hunter Leach 
Kathryn McCain Lee 
Diane Hepford Lenahan 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 
Marjorie Bates Moore 
Nancy Pearson 
Patricia Hines Phoenix 
Kathleen Fitzgerald Picoli 
Edith Roosevelt Putgason 
Katharine Randolph 
Page Branton Reed 
Fredand Strickland Rodgers 
Lindsay Barksdale Rorick 
Debra Wolfe Shea 
Catherine Gephart Shook 
Martha Lynch Smith 
Patricia Stratton 
Amy Schnabel Sutton 
Julie Taylor 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 
Mary Jo von Tury 
Chesley Wynne Walters 
Shawn Keys Whitman 
Laura Mallory Woodall 
Betty Wright 


26% giving $5,507 

Anne Hall Allen 

S. Carroll McCausland Amos 

Mary Eros Bames 

Laurie Scott Bass 

Kathy Ballew Bowen 

Jane Douglas Brammer 

Pamela Williams Butler 

Pamela Turner Chapman 

Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 

Jennifer Johnston Cobb 

Sylvia Goshom Crawford 

Catherine Ferris 

Karen Brookshirc Gilliam 

Melanie Goff 

Elisabeth Truett Grcenbaum 

Lisa Howard ( i t 

Catherine McKenney Harcus 

Lavalette L-icy Jennings 

Mary Baldwin Johnson 

Nancy Tokarz Jordan 

Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 

Leisa McCauley Kite 

Nina Taylor Kn 

Susan McKtmy 

Dr. Nancy Meek 

Mary McCall Mizell 

Susan Walker Monahan 

Nan Mahone Po ton 

Cappy" Paul Powell 

i, ill i ,ii 
Tracy Wngbt Richland 
Mary Ail 
Mollie Moomau 
Katherine T. Taylor 
Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 
Gayle Hogg Wells 
Sally Wetzel Wi. Il 
Jennifer Reilly Yurina 


22% giving $4,783 

Jane Morris Alford 

Sallie Patton Baugh 

Nancy Clark Brading 

Gloria Zuniga Canseco 

Ellison Miller Carey 

Cynthia Carson-Brown 

Marlean Lumpkin Davis 

Elizabeth "B.J." Felton de Golian 

Mary Lehnertz Faulkner 

Mary Hamblin Getty 

Kimbetly Baket Glenn 

Jenniret Pace Gray 

Cynthia Luck Haw 

Jane Harcus Hill 

Leslie Dore Hogan 

Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 

Barbara Johnson 

Sallie McCutcheon Johnston 

Debta Wilton Kipley 

Nancy Wilson Kratzert 

Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 

Sue Lollis 

Mary Nell McPherson 

Charlotte Johnson Moylet 

Lisa Scott Pugh 

Lisa Jane Rowley 

Jane Baugh Singletary 

Sarah Way Speaker 

Barbara Strong 

Ann Stephens Talbott 

Nancy Dana Theus 

Gtetchen Binard Wavell 

Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 

Susan Harris Witt 


24% giving $6,230 

Margaret Dudley Alford 
Amy Adkins Augustine 
Mary Griffin Bachmann 
Jo O'Neal Brueggeman 
Ann Gregory Colligan 
Susan Martin Cooley 
Elizabeth Abercrombie Daniels 
Athalie Smith Detse 
Melinda Dodge 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 
Brenda Vazquez Forbes 
Mary Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 
Carolyn Dew Gruensfelder 
Victoria Goodwin Hatdy 
Katherine Williams Hetzet 
Chtistina Hoist rum 
Karen Emmet Hunt 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 
Marlene I tenny Jones 
' nun' Bourne Jung 
Susan Cowan Kaiser 
Martha Philpott King 
Suzie Kleck 

|n lull I eitch MacLennan 
Mile Learned Mahr 
Sanford Jones McAllister 
Lynda I larrison Meredith 
Linda Fogle Newsom 
Trueheart < ..< ll ie Pi irtl I 
Ann Lee Power) 
Lynne Myers Rawlings 
Susan Walker Scola 

i ruhby Scruby 

I lana Shapiro 

: 1 hi ui JhIIii-I I'Brien 
Cynthia Wilson Shoemaker 

Sally Simons 

Amanda Burrus Talaat 

Diana Moote Taylor 

Mary Minichan Toler 

Tammy Trent 

Elizabeth Updegraff Vardell 

Jenifer Walker 

Jane Fritzmeier Wilken 

Carolina Woodard 


24% giving $5,1 13 

Elisabeth Alexander 

Dr. Annabel E. Barber 

Melissa Van Noppen Beasley 

Janet Davies Beebe 

Jane McClure Booth 

Elizabeth Trimble Bradley 

Margaret Moncure Butler 

Mary Wray Conner 

Michelle Howard Dase 

A. Whitney Markley Denman 

Melinda Rose Eichom 

Dr. Julie Ewing 

Leigh Williams Greer 

Kathleen Walsh Halligan 

Ann Hayes 

Kim Herring-Rutland 

Amy Tracy Ingles 

Nancy Broyles James 

The Rev. Margaret Olivia Kincaid 

Nita Knight Klein 
Sandta Krichbaum 
Dr. Glenda Whitaket Ktoll 
Sarah Snead Lankford 
Dr. Grace Cumming Jones Long 
Kathleen Wilketson Magnan 
Lucinda Furr McKinney 
Kathryn Gravely Melo 
Carol McKenna Mongan 
Suzanne Montague 
Susan Montgomery 
Elizabeth Gates Moore 
Elizabeth Nash 
Patricia McGinnis Nicholson 
Rebecca Linger Nolte 
Pamela McCain Pearce 
Pamela Pope 
Glenda Ridgely 
Walter Ridgely 
John Runkle 
Susan Price Sams 
Frances Harris Schwabenton 
Susan Sherman 
Martha Read Skinnet 
Kimberly McCall Staley 
Sara Poulston Tompkins 
Peggy Vaughn 
I larnett Waldmp 
Valerie Lynn Wenger 
Rebecca Smith Wirt 


23% giving $4,530 

Andrea Zitkaukas Aikins 
Sarah Beard 
Sara Beth Bearss 
I in. i Bigler 

Dawn Martin Blankinship 
Wendy PfaUtZ Blomberg 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner 

Dawn Sullivan Bourne 

Stephanie Catlson Btennan 

Elizabeth Burris Brooke 

Laura O'Hear Church 

Susan Wilson Clark 

Joyce Boatwright Cole 

Audrey Cross 

Anne Edel Dennis 

Carolyn Duke Elkins 

Susan English 

Susan Foster 

Sata Blait Harrison 

Margaret Ellen Healy 

Catherine Henson Kinniburgh 

Anna Gibson Koon 

Treena Epperson Koroneos 

Elizabeth Dudley Landes 

Adele Moore Lane 

Rebecca Lovingood 

Jennifer Manthorpe Mackey 

Virginia Mason 

Elizabeth Barnett McLaren 

Kimberly Henley Miller 

Karen Neff 

Virginia Ferrell Teague Nexsen 

Amelia Anne Darby Parker 

Joi Louise Phelps 

Paige Lovelace Quilter 

Nancy Ragsdale 

Kellie Owens Reams 

Margaret Herbert Roach 

Caroline Savage 

The Rev. Marable Wise Southall 

Rozalind Foreman Tanner 

Sara Pendleton Tartala 

Edith Pardoe Webb 

Elizabeth Howard Young 


15% giving $3,765 

Dr. Neysa Angle Allen 
Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Melinda Cain 
Susan Parker Drean 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Kathleen Jones Flynn 
Rhonda Foreman 
Linda Martin Gtaybill 
Katherine Yarid Juker 
Jane Gillam Kornegay 
Sylvia Lynn 
Carolyn Enochs Mance 
Anne Beverly McCormack 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Georgianne Miller Mitchell 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
Sally Pruett Putnam 
Emily Shore Reeve 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Ora Smith 

Peyton Burnett Telegadas 
Shawn Brown Thompson 
Carolyn McClure Turner 
Charlotte R. Wenger 
Sheila Young 


19% giving $2,640 

Mary Stuart Copeland Allano 
Marilyn I lughcs Allan 
Elizabeth Drake Baker 
Judith Bauerle 

A I abell Birdsong 

Deborah Hardie Boitnott 

Sydney Wood Bruni 

Kerri Glenn Byrne 

Lisa Byrne 

Laura Martin Davis 

Elizabeth Fox Day 

Virginia Gates DiStanislao 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 

Susan Vick Dunn 

Barbara Kiley Green 

Margaret Troutman Grover 

Mary Kathryn Hockman 

I teborah Huffman 

Dr. Sheila Jean Kendnck 

Lee Beal Kirksey 

Rohin Newcomb Lermo 

( 'hri'-lme I '.miplx-ll Mcirellcs 
Janet Andrews Melton 
Sherry Duncan Miller 
Mary Judith Moschler 
Dana Talley Nettles 
Renee Olander 
Belinda Norden Pitman 
Carroll Oliver Roach 
Dr. Saundra Earcckson Seitert 
Dr. Carol Shannon 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 

1 i Campbell Swanson 

Linda Trainer 
Anne Smith Walbridge 
Judith Cross Winters 
Laura Wilson Young 


18% giving $2,095 

Kelly Andrews 

Audrey Bondurant Barlow 

Cydney Basset) 

Susan Anderson Benes 
Margaret Coleman Billings 
lulu Shenk Blauvelt 
Dawn Tusing Burns 

Fein i.i Rand ( 'ook 

Pamela Place Dwyer 

I li abeth Dickerson Franklin 

Sandra I larrison 

Alice Ingram I lit km n 

Maura Kelley 1 ligginbocham 

Margaret Humphrey 

l 'aroline Craig Jacobs 

Pryoi i lastleman Lancaster 

Catherine Lubawski 

Lisa Ingham Nalley 

Chelsea Morgan Nienabei 

Man l ''Brien 

Pamela Bales Rasmussen 

Jeanne Reuthei 

Martha I owlet Robson 

Lillian Smith Shannon 
Virginia i lampbell Sowers 
Lynn Ballard Thornes 
Su anne Woodfin 
Beulah Walker 
Anne Ware 
S.n.i Zimmerman 


12% giving $4,086 

Diane Akers 

1 're. una B. Brown 

Phyllis Bruce 

Jocelyn Cassidy 

Carroll Fee Coupland 

Tamara Dingbaum 

Lynn Dinger Edmonds 

Julie Ellsworth 

Stacie Hamilton 

Doris Harlan 

Judy Thompson Harper 

Mil li ul Hart 

Haley Johnson Keene 

Ann Hall Branscomc Kendall 

Rita "R.J." Landin-Loderick 

I li ibeth Birks Lange 

Elizabeth Broach O'Donnell 

Elizabeth Purdy 

Annette Reynolds 

Rosemane Whittington Scott 

Jackie Reynolds Scruggs 

Donna Cason Smith 

Carol Vaughn Sprinkle 

Michele Start ii 


11% giving $970 

Anne Ashworth 

Carolyn Casler 

Constance Chick 

Karen I Inlaw 

Rebei i a < nine- 

Barbara Davis 

Carol Elliott 

Barbara Grant 

Tcrri Hinton 

Virginia |essup 

Kerr) [ohnson 

Ann Marks 

1 lerben McClure 

lenanne York Montgomery 

Minh.i Quarles 

Brenda Royden 

I 'i me 5< ymour 

Alicia Josephine Keller Sharpe 

Karen Sisko 

Kristen S I 

Danielle Webber 

Claire Williams 

Allison V m 


13% giving $1,820 

RalphettaG. Alter 
Mary Blasser Brown 

Margaret ll.irtlev Buchanan 
Elizabeth I 'oleman 

Mallnn l 'opeland 

Mar) Melissa I terb) 
Heathei I Hirh uri 
\ Gibbs 

Clydenne ( ilenn 
Eleanor McClendon Hall 
Barbr iHs 

Viwi. ] lolland 

I an i Kisei |ussila 
Pamela |ustis 
Mm 1 less King 

Margaret Marhis Lindeman 
Sally Miller 
Margarei I M 

Melissa Price 
Laura Yoch Prizzi 
Joanne M. Reich 
Teresita Zapara Trigo 
Lisa Dressier Walrod 
Melissa C. Warburton 
Karin Whitt 
Deborah Wuensch 


14% giving $1,325 

Kelly Garrett Abbott 

Susan Achey 

Andrea (, >ldham Anders, m 

Courtney Bell 

Anne Benham 

Marylouise Bowman 

Susan Wilson Boydoh 

Katherme Carter 

Peggy Jo Clark 

Michelle Bovenizer Clarkson 

Tracey Cote 

Susan Sipple Elliott 

Ingrid Erickson 

Diane Herron 

Kathleen Hewitt 

Lucille Hodges 

Holly Hunnicutt 

Michelle Jackson 

Cynthia Coleman James 

Jennifer Scott [ohnson 

Lao I eonard 

lulie King Murray 

Amy Gupton Nelson 

Jamie Newbern-Jones 

Shelby Powell 

Pamela Pnntt 

Kathleen Sale Shannon 

Fro. i Shifflett 

Kimberly Schalon SI mi 

Katrina Spanka-Kloman 

losephine Threlkeld 

Rebecca Walker 

Angela F ivata Week 


13% giving $950 


Da\ id Austin 
Rosins Bolen 
Kathl one Brant 
Elizabeth Carreras 
Sara Ellen Cary 
Katherini SI [h I 

Keith I k 

Ri Fii. I dmonds 
Mm I touglas Erikson 
Mar) Vermillion 
[Catherine 1 laas 
Ann Hall 
Martha 1 [arisen 
Mary In an 
Evelene |ackson 

Allison James 

Aleacia I 

Ann Farkum 

Kelley Conner LaVangie 

Denise Lockett 

Susan M 

Cecilia Si 

Martha Sims 

Sandra Terry 

Carolyn Wilkn 
Deborah Zimkus 


9% gi%'ing $695 

Pamela Amiiierinann 
Elizabeth Bender 
Virginia Berry- 
Shea Dejamette 
Tina Dempsey 
Martinah DiSavino 
J. Lynn Dize 
Corinne Earle 

( Una I " in 

Amy Hundley 

Priscilla Huynh 

I leather 1 [oudeshell Neel 

Caroline Oden 

Leslie Olson 

|amie Peel 

Sarah Penhallow 

Karen Pi 

Mary SI 

Kelly Thornhurg 

Mary Tucker Thrift 

Eleanor Ware 

Jennifer Webb 

Mary Wexler 

(D) Deceased 

Mary Baldwin College 

Special Gifts and Grants 

Designated Gifts 
and Grants 

Carpenter Programs in 
Health Care Administration and 
Preparation for Ministry 
L Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 

Carroll Lectures 
Jane Frances Smith '37 

Chaplaincy Program 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 

duPont Visiting Minority Scholars 


Philip Morris (VF1C) 

Employee Relief Fund 
Dr. Robert T. Allen III 
LydiaJ. Petersson 
Walter Ridgely '81 

Mary E. Humphreys Lectures 
Anne Person Baylor '52 
Jessica Gilliam Boatwright '52 
Leslie Booth '52 
Barbara Brown Bowles '68 
Mary Higgins Buford '47 
Julia Hickson Crim '61 
Martha Higgins Fishburne '48 
Martha Parke Gibian '56 
Ellen Eskridge Groseclose '48 
Mary Cloud Hamilton 

Hollingshead '61 
International Business Machines 
Jane Hammond Jervey '48 
Margaret Clarke Kirk '48 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott '47 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas '57 
May Thornton McCavitt '52 
Jane Tucker Mitchell '53 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Helen Kinser Moncure '48 
Mary Taylor Murray '54 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page '48 
Mary Wells Powell '57 
Esther Spurlock Pruett '48 
Rurh Worth Puckett '52 
Margaret Mixire Ripley '52 
Martha Godwin Saunders '48 
Betty Gwaltney Schutte '52 
I <• Watson Scott '52 
I [arriel McLean Slaughter '48 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Rebecca Danziger Snell '52 
Nancy Switzer Sowers '57 
Nancy Nelson Spencer '64 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner '58 
Emily T. Tyler '63 
Suzanne Smith Vaughan '59 
Betsy Berry Williamson '48 
Margaret (iurry Wilviti '4o 

Master of Arts in 
Teaching Program 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Beime Carter Foundation (VFIC) 

Mednick Fellowship for 
Faculty Development 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 

Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Christie 
Liggett Group Inc. 

Scientific Equipment Fund 

Ethyl Corporation 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Lecture Program 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Student Investment Club 

Household International Corporation 

George Hammond Sullivan 
Program in Political Science 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

The Tree Fund 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Designated Gifts and 
Grants for Scholarships 

Non-Endowed Scholarships 

Alumnae Association 
Virginia L. Lester Scholarship 
Mary Baldwin College Alumnae 

Beazley Scholarship 
Beazley Foundation (VFIC) 

Frueauff Scholarship 

Frucauff Foundation (VFIC) 

Individual Scholarships 

AAL Branch 5963 

David D. Alston Scholarship 

American Association of University 

Mary L. O. Andrews Scholarship Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Onnie Bailey Jr. 
Baylor College of Medicine 

Chippenham I luspital 

Churches I lomcs Foundation 
Citizeas Scholarship Foudation of 
Shenandoah ( bunty 

' I, ill Si In I ii 1 1 1 1 1 'I ruM 
College Assistance Program 
( .mi |«-r Wnml Products Foundation 
' .linn: i 1 1 r, Works Foundation 
Coven ml Presbyterian Church 
I (.inn I J. Edelman Inc. 
Emmanuel Episcopal C church 
I ii i l'i.i| hi 1 lniii I 

First Presbyterian Church of 

Columbia, Tennessee 
First Presbyterian Church of 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Heilig-Meyers Foundation 
Judges Athletic Association 
Kansai Gaidai 
Knights of Columbus 
Lawrenceville United Methodist 

Lexington Rotary Club 
Lucyle S. Love Foundations 
Mid-Atlantic Chamber Orchestra 
Mill Gap Ruritan Club 
Millboro Ruritan Club 
North Stafford High School 
Poplar Springs Baptist Church 
Potomac Senior High School 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Ridley Foundation 
Riggs National Bank 
Rockingham Publishing Co. 
R. Wallace Rosen Trust 
Mary Reed Smyth '47 
Smyth Foundation 
Snow Hill Lions 
Soroptomist International of 

Woodbridge, Virginia 
St. Giles Presbyterian Church 
St. Luke's United Methodist Church 
St. Paul's Church Home 
Staunton Education Association 
Turner Ashby High School 
VFW Post 5108 
Virginia Business Professional 

Women's Foundation 
Waynesboro Rotary Foundation Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs. Merritt Welchel 
West End Baptist Church 
Wilson Trucking Corporation 
Woodbridge Kiwanis Foundation 

Hobbie Scholarship 
Warren W. Hobbie Charitable Trust 

Tenneco Scholarship 
Tenneco (VFIC) 

Ethel Murphey Ruble 
Memorial Scholarship 
Jean Ruble '36 

UPS Scholarship 
UPS Fund (VFIC) 

Lettie Pate Whitehead 

Foundation Scholarships 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Support for 

"A Dazzling Broadway Concert" 

Benefit for Local Scholarship 


Endowed Scholarships 

Elva B. Archer Library Students' 
Assistance Fund Scholarship 

Sarah Hayes Armistead 

Pauline Bartlett 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bass 

Edith F. Bland 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Brock Jr. 

David Tennant Bryan 

W. Hamilton Bryson 

Henry E. Coleman Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Warwick Davenport 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

A. Bush Enos 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 

Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Cornelia L. Hardenbergh 

Rebecca Scott Harris '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hatcher 

Dorothy Douglass Kellam '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Land Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Large 

Capt. Winifred Love '35 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Loxterman 

Helen D. Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mahoney Jr. 

William T. Mahood 

George Walter Mapp Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Acree W. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard S. Smith 

Martha Gray Thomas '34 

Mary Leavell Tompkins 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Elizabeth H. Wagner 

Mary Morris Watt 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. White 

Mrs. Robert F. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Marcia F. Zwicker 

Mary E. Latimer Cordner 
Scholarship Fund 
Alden Boyd 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 
Marguerite Latham Clemmer '39 
Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 
Nancy Schettler Gordon '44 
Margarer Hunt Hill '37 
Phyllis Browne Holbert '41 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hoyt 
Emily Jergcr '43 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 
Sarah Maupin Jones '39 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Mildred J. Lapsley '39 
Julia Monroe McCabe '43 
Sally Smith Metzgcr '45 
Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Jean Young Moore '39 
Julia Pancake Rankin '45 
Sarah Whitmore Ricks '36 
Dr. Erhel Mae Smeak '53 
Betty Neisler Timherlake '45 
Mary Cronin Wolfe '39 

T. David Fitz-Gibbon Scholarship 

T. D. Fitz-Gibbon Charitable Trust 

General Endowment for 
Student Aid 

Dennis Fund 

The Julia Martin Holland 
Memorial Scholarship 

The Marquerite Fulwiler Livy 
Scholarship Fund 

Robert Bruce Livy 

The Mayo Scholarship 
Bonnie M. Hohn 

James McAllister Preparation for 
Ministry Scholarship 

Martha Murchison Boyd '64 

Mrs. M. A. Bristow Jr. 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Mr. and Mrs. David II. Lewis Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Martin 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smcak '53 

Elsie Carleton Olsson Memorial 
Scholarship for Day Students 

Alumnae Chapter-Staunton 

Melissa E. Patrick Scholarship 

Maj. Melissa E. Patrick 78 

Elizabeth Kelley Rogers Scholarship 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo O. Doran 

Mr and Mrs. Fred L. Greenley 

Mary Weiglein Leonard '64 

Sharon M. Love 

Virginia Ferrell Teague Nexsen '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin E. Marshall 

Oaks East Group 

Kellie Owens Reams '82 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stacy Rogers 

Charles Rutenbur 
Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Dr. James B. Patrick 

Mary Shuford 

Memorial Scholarship 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 

Mary Wray Conner '81 

I lelen Stevens Forster '8? 

Alice Moret: Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee McKaughn 

Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 
Mr and Mrs. Mark K. Miller 

Emma O'Mara and Starke Baken 
Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Jane Frances Smith '37 

Annie Walker St. Clair 
Scholarship Fund 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship Fund 
IV Man Gathrighl Newel] '65 

Donald D. Thompson 
Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F.Smith Jr. 

Elizabeth Fleming Ast Wise 
Scholarship Fund 

Elizabeth Gronemeyer Wise '39 

The Associates of the 
Martha S. Grafton Library 

Martha S. Gratton Library patrons 
owe a special debt of gratitude to the 
following steadfast benefactors. Many 
thanks for your support. 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

( iladys F. Lyles ' i * 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Other Restricted Gifts 
to the Library 

Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Marston 

Dr. Patricia H. Menk 

Virginia Foundation tor Independent 


Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 
Robert B. Claytor Library Fund 
S. E. Liles Jr. Library Fund 
C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

George and Effie L. Seay 


These gifts are donations of goods, 
services, or products given by 
individuals or corporations to benefit 
the *. College in an immediate and 
tangible way. The College is truly 
appreciative of the many contribu- 
tions made in this manner. 

Blue Ridge Security Systems 
Hannah Campbell Boatnght '42 
P itiu i.i C. Click 72 
Leila Dunlap '41 

Carol Elliott '87 

1 Stop One Hour Photo 
I itherine Spratley Favre '72 
Glassner Jewelers 
Dixii I pes Hoggan '67 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 
Linda Grinels lrb\ 72 

Suzanne Hudson MacLeod '42 
Merle Norman Studio 
Mary Tompkins Miller 72 
Montgomery Ward 
Kathryn Hccp Powers '42 
Man ii Pearson Sendax 72 

Alicia losephine Keller Sharpe '87 
Sara Pendleton Tartala '82 
Susan Richards lyler '72 
Melanie Gamble Walker 72 
I lizabeth Howard Youn 

Special and 
Planned Gifts 

Faculty Recognition Gifts 

Mary Baldwin College frequently 
receives gifts that honor faculty and 
staff of the College. This year, uitt- 
were made in honor of the following 

p» 'pie 

Mary T. Echols by 

Clydenne Glenn '88 

George and Betsy McCune by 

Ginny D. Alpert 

Laura Catching Alexander 71 

Bolivai Andrews 

Automatic Leasing Service 

Jane Coleman Balfour '62 

Charles W. Ballew 

Dorothy BealsBallew '5 i 

George V. Bernard 

Betty F. Broyles 

Carl Burgdorf 

Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 

Crista R. Cabe 

Henry M. Caner Jr. 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Eugene W. Chismer 

A. Hatcher Cole Jr. 

Janet Haddrell ( "minors '65 

Stuart W. Copeland 

I Kane Brown Cunningham 

Linda J. Douglas 

Letia M. Drewry 78 

Kathenne Dyer Dudley '36 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Herbert C England It 

Martin Favata 

General Reinsurance Corporal ii m 

Benjamin W. Giuliani 

Thomas L. Glenn Jr. 

Mearl K. Gordon 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. C rrafti m 

Thomas P. Gratto 

James G. Green 

Judith Payne Grey '65 

I in. 1. 1 I \illy Hammack '62 
Cynthia Luck Haw 79 
Florence Wnnhcrlv llcllincct '52 

Joy Nalty Hodges 

Anne Morns I looke 

Roben H.Hull 

Johnson & Johnson 
William S Johnson 
Sarah Maupin Jones '39 
Eric M Heiner 

International Business Machines 

Kathenne McM. Lichtenberg 
« harli - - 1 ikIsIII 
Man Blevins Mason 
Nancy P. Mclntyre 
William T. Mclntyre Ii 
William 1 McMillan 
Pauline A Mitchell 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Jean T. Mi sire 
Lisa R Moore 

Anne I i. Musser 
Lynn H. Nichols 

FWObrugh Ford Chrysler 

Lillian A. Pennell 
Barry L Phillips 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 
William O. Reuthet 

■ i '57 
I ■... lib Dethlofl l 
Mrs. William R.Satterfield Jr. 
Malvina H. Savage 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
Dr. Beverly P. Silver 
H. Gordon Smyth 

Dr. Lois Lundie Spence '68 

I am t Russell Steelman '52 
Rose 1 (rivet smart '69 
Frances M. Thacksu m 
Three CCC Foundation 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Harnett Middleton Waldrop '48 
("aroline I Ipshur Walker 
Jo Ann Ware- 
Mrs. Thomas S. Williamson III 

Patricia H. Menk by 
Sandra Zeese DriscoU '66 

William C. Pollard by 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

The Heritage Society 

The greatest source of endowment 
growth is from planned gilts such as 
life insurance policies and trusts 

The alumnae and friends listed 

below are hereby honored tor naming 
Mary Baldwin College as hcnctkian 
in their wills, life insurance policies, 

retirement plans, and/ot trusts 

i .Hole 1 ewis Anderson 
Laura McManaway Andrew s 44 
Christine Armstrong '33 
Ann E. Atwell '42 
Jo Avery '65 

it Barrier '50 

Beverlj Estes Bates '64 

Sarah Warren Br. 
I harl 'Hi |ai kson Bi trv '51 
Marj Bit iwn & iwr 
Dorothy Berry Bragonier '10 

Andrew J. Brent 
Ann 1 laves Brewer '42 

1 le inon Eckel Brough '65 
Evelyn < haptnan Brown '52 
Elisabeth and Edmund I lampbeU 

\nn Blown I artct 47 

Vonccil L. t lhapman '4' 

losephine Barkinan (. '24 
Charlotte ' llins '67 

i oulbourn < >l 
Ann Alexandei Crane 'bo 

Man. in Mish I ulpcpp, i 

|anc Reid i unningham '59 


SalK l\irM-\ Dannet '64 
Bertie Murplu Deming '46 

Anne Ponder Dickson 'ol 

I uldy Kirkpatrick Doenges W 
I aura i lausen Drum '56 
Katherine Dyei Dudley '36 

Man' Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 
Margaret Van Devanter Fancher '22 
Leigh Yates Farmer '74 
Susan Train Fearon '69 
Annabel Fetterman 
Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 
Dr. Thomas H. and 

Martha S. Grafton 
Mary Agnes Grant '30 
Joyce A. Greig '41 
Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Jane Lee Harcus '79 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Jean M. Holliday '37 
Susan Baughman Homar '74 
Mary E. Humphreys 
Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 
E. Lindsay Jones '69 
Margaret Grabill Jones '33 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 
Jessie Cover Kennedy '38 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Constance Derrick Lamons '52 
Roberta Wilson Lea '66 
Gladys Adams Link '43 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Martin, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMullan 
Don D. Montgomery 
Lisa R. Moore 
Edythe Alphin Moseley '37 
Ann Hunter Murray '54 
Harriett Seem Neff '32 
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 
Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 
Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff'36 
Dr. Frank Pancake 

Anne P. Phillips '42 
Anne Poole '5 1 
Mary Buckner Ragland '18 
Malou Thorn Rawls '69 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Maylia Green Rightmire '22 
Barbara K. Roberts '73 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Robert S. Setgeant '75 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Dorothy Redwood Sutherland 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Charlotte Vorwerk '57 
Nancy Rawls Watson '49 
Cecile Cage Wavell '45 
Harry W. Wellford 
Elizabeth Bunting White '81 
Claudia L. Woody '77 
Hilda Zieglet '40 


Estate of Doris S. Ames 
Estate of William P. Ames Jr. 
Estate of Charles F. Cole 
Estate of Fannie Royster Cooke 
Estate of Alice Buchanan Kincaid '24 
Estate of W. E. Woolbright Jr. 
Support of the Music Department 

Memorial Gifts 

Mary Baldwin College also receives 
gifts which help perpetuate the 
memories of departed friends, family 
and alumnae. Gifts to the College 
were made in memory of the 
following people. 

Carl Broman by 

Martha Moseley Johnson '59 

Edith Pitts Hannah, Edith Pitts 
Curtis, and Elizabeth Pitts 
Woodcock by 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

Daffin Scholarship in memory of 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 

Harriett H. Donaldson Memorial by 

Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 

Eleanor M. Kirkman Memorial by 

Lynn Kirshman Mackle '70 

Otis Vernon Lott by 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 

Gertrude Davis Middendorf by 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 

Elva Bell Archer Mapp by 

Sarah Hayes Armistead 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bass 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Brock Jr. 

David Tennant Bryan 

W. Hamilton Bryson 

Henry E. Coleman Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Land Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mahoney Jr. 

William T. Mahood 

George Walter Mapp Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard S. Smith 

Mary Leavell Tompkins 
Mary Morris Watt 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. White 
Mrs. Robert F. Williams 

Mary Bell Archer Mapp '35 by 

Pauline Bartlett 

Edith F. Bland 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Warwick Davenport 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

A. Bush Enos 

Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 

Cornelia L. Hardenbergh 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hatcher 

Dorothy Douglass Kellam '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Large 

Capt. Winifred Love '35 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Loxterman 

Helen D. Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. Acree W. Moore 

Martha Gray Thomas '34 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Elizabeth H. Wagner 

MarciaF. Zwicker 

Patty Joe Mahony Montgomery 
Memorial by 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Craig 
Southwestern Bell 

James McAllister by 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll '66 

Irene Doub Roberts '01 by 

Mary Jo von Tury '77 and 
Mary Elton Roberts von Tury 

Mary Francis Dudley Schmid by 

Anne G. Musser 

Ellen Trotman by 

Ellen Rogers Trotman '55 

Susie Wise by 

Ruth Frazer Paintet '33 

^ g* 

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists, 
errors or omissions in this report may have occurred. We ap\rreciate our 
donors' generosity, and we apologize for any inaccuracies in this list. Any 
arrreclion should he sent in writing to: 

Anne Holland '88 

Director of Annual Fund Services 

The Office of Institutional Advancement 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 

*$ fi* 

not wash i mi f< M days. Less than a 
decade later the lessons on handling 
materials were applied to her All )S 
research -research that led to a blood 
test foi HIV infections. Betsy received 
.in Institute of Health award for her 
work with the All IS virus. She contin- 
ues i" work in develop a vaccine while 
she i ompletes her doctoral studies in 
microbiology at the University oi \kn\ 
land. She studied biology and chemistry 
at Mary Baldwin C College, and hei first 
position alter graduation was in a labo- 
ratory that was engaged in research in 
rumor immunology. Betsy Read- 
Connole's professii >nal at hievements 
have brought honor to Mary Baldwin 
( College and lia\ e been ol great sen ic e 
to humanity. •* 

Irma Salinas Rocha '43 


Human Ki^/u-. A( in ist 

/vlthnimh often harrassed and threat- 
ened, Irma has written oi Mexico's 
so< ill and political struggles for more 
than 1 5 years. I let weekly columns are 
syndicated and published in newspapers 
throughout the republic, including El 
( 'niversa! in MexU o < City and El Porvenir 
in Monterrey. Not only a political 
unier but aUo an ai n\ ist in hei < om 
munity, Irma de\ eloped the ( Centra 
Social Benjamin Salinas assoc iation (in 
honor of her father), which hel|'s edu 
eale and Organize the poor. She is the 

author oi several hooks concerning the 
economic and social history of Mexico, 
and most re< ently wrote and published a 
biography oi her late father, a sui 
businessman and humanist who has 
been her source ol inspiration. Irma. 
from Mexico and [~exas, deserves recog- 
nition and respect foi hei courageous 
humanitat tan a< i i\ tties. >* 

Ruth Douglas See '31 


I listorical Researcher 

/\ writer, editor, athlete, and gift< d 
honor student in English, Ruth See was 
not to be deterred from fulfilling her 
potential at Mary Baldwin. Aftei 
aline she earned a master's degree in 
religious education at New York Theo- 
logical Seminary in 1934 and soon 
joined the faculty at Stillman Institute 
(now *■ bllege) in ruscaloosa, Alabama. 
In 1953 she earned her doctorate in 
religion at New York University, and 
from 1949 to 1968 served as the editor 
oi youth materials for the Presbyterian 
Board of Christian Education in Rich- 
mond, Virginia. She joined the Virginia 
i ommonwealth University faculty in 
1 968 as an assistant professor of history. 
In 1974 she made a career move to 
Montreat, North Carolina, to join the 
Historical Foundation of the Presbyte 
nan and Reformed Churches, where she 
remained until her retirement to I 1 it 
risonburg, Virginia, in 1984. Ruth is the 
author of three religious hooks. 1 Ki life 
i i | iradigm of meritorious service as 
an educator, historical researcher, and 
volunteer. •» 

Jane Frances Smith ' >7 
I listorian 

/\ ftei graduating from Mary Baldwin 
College and a master's program at the 
I Iniversity of Wisconsin, lane Smith 
dedicated fout years to teaching in the 
then Beverley Manot High School in 
Staunton, lane, a scholar and lovei of 
history, recognized her ideal niche when 
ii was presented to her in l l M2 by The 
National Archives in Washington. She 
began a 47 yeai association with The 
N itional Archives and Records Sen ice 
She was a Fellow of the Society of 
\nn i k in \u hiv ists and direc tor of the 
i Ail Archives Division from l u 7'^ to 

luring this time she established 
-erics at the 
C bllege, a scries that honors the 
memory of Di Mary Swan < arroll, a 
longtime memb< i of the history faculty. 
I ai Ii y ear i lutstanding sc hi ilars in 
American history present evening n^\ 
c lassroom lei tun - dut ing a two-day visit 

npus. \n ai nve and recognized 
leader aim ing pr. ifessi) inals, Jane has 
keen affiliated with the Western I listory 
Association, the Organization of 
American Historians, the National 
Trust foi Historic Preservation, and the 
Virginia I listorical Soc iety. 1 ler 
biography is included in Who's Who of 
American Women, nummary of Ameri- 
can Scholars, Dictionary oj International 
Biography, and Who's Who in Got 
merit. Her excellent qualities of mind 
and spirit are to he respected and 
emulated by young scholars. Jane 
Frances Smith's achieve- 
ments have brought recognition to the 
College, and she has enriched the 
academic lifi « 

Dr. Lois Lundic Spence '68 



lJx. Lundie Spen< e is a si ien< e edut a- 
tion spe< ialist with the North ( 
State I niversity Sea ( Irani Program, 

I i national network of marine 
resean h programs in coastal and ( ireat 
Lakes states. She was awarded the 
National Marine Science Educator of 
the Year Award in 1 V) S> aiivl later was 
the recipient of the North ( arolina 
y lov ei nor' s Award tor i Conservation 
and c Communications tor her Big Sweep 

i . which attracts thousands of 
volunteers to an annual, massive one 
■\.w litter cleanup along the North 
I 'arolina coasl m\A inland streams. 1 lei 
workshops tor teachers have taken edu- 
cators into swamps, coral reels, .t\^\ rain- 


"Small colleges have their advantages . . . 
1 know from the experience of working 
in two universities with over 20,000 
students. I know that Mary Baldwin gives 
women opportunities to be leaders and to 
realize that our opinions count. " 

— Lundie Spence 

forest rivers for first-hand experiences in 
exotic environments. Recognized as a 
leading marine educator, she meanwhile 
earned the master of science in biology 
from Florida State University in 1971 
and completed her doctoral studies at 
North Carolina State University in 
science education. Lundie's enthusiasm, 
dedication, and action have given great 
force to educational programs that 
will improve marine environments and 
influence this generation's sense of 
stewardship of marine resources. **> 

Margaret King Stanley '52 


Arts Advo 

iv gni I as a brilliant organizer and 
impresario of the performing arts, 
Margar inley has influenced 

the expansion and developing m .1 th' 
gional, natii mal and inn ma 
tional levels. In the 1960s she began the 

in Axiti mil i and her 
own manufacturing and design firm fi >i 
women h al 1 1 taught art to 

elementary students and English litera- 
ture to college students. In the 1970s 
Margaret, as founding executive director 
of the San Antonio Performing Arts 
Association, introduced year-round per- 
formances of music, dance and theatre 
to audiences in San Antonio and south 
Texas. In the 1990s she initiated the 
internationally recognized San Antonio 
Early Music Festival, a cooperative 
venture with the Dutch Ministry 
of Culture and the Holland Festival of 
Early Music, Utrecht. For her efforts 
with the Early Music Festival, she was 
awarded Holland's prestigious Erasmus 
Medal. For a decade now, Margaret has 
hosted "On Stage," a weekly radio 
program featuring interviews with local 
and national celebrities. Her current 
and former hoard appointments include 
membership on the International 
Society of Performing Arts Administra- 
tors, the Metropolitan ( )pera National 
( Council, Southwest Performing Arts 
Presenters, the National Committee for 
tin | off ny Ballet, and the San Antonio 
■■. mi In my. Margarei King Stanley's 
lifetime devotion to the aits continues 
i" hi • far-reaching national and 
internatii mal signifu ance. « s »- 

Dr. Leslie Woodzelle Syron '42 

Professor Emerita of Sociology , 
Meredith College 

/\ recognized and respected professor 
of sociology for more than 40 years, Dr. 
Leslie Syron has applied her gifts and 
knowledge in the classroom and in her 
community. She completed her master's 
degree and doctoral work in sociology at 
the University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill and has been a professor of 
sociology and economics at Meredith 
College, Raleigh, North Carolina, since 
1945, serving as department chairman 
until her retirement. Always a volunteer 
to help meet the social needs in her 
community, Leslie was the recipient of 
the prestigious Wake County Woman of 
the Year award and the Woman of the 
Year in Education award. The North 
Carolina Conference for Social Service 
has recognized her leading role in 
implementing social programs. Leslie 

has served in the American and 
Southern Sociological Societies and in 

the top national leadership position tor 
the American Association of University 
Women. Leslie Woodzelle Syron's pro- 
fessii mal dedi< at ii m and achievements 
haw brought honor to Mary Baldwin 
College, and she has performed out- 
standing service to her community. >• 

Mildred Rovcroft Tcer '44 


Board oj I rust 

In the midst of a hiis\ lite, Mildred 
Teer maintains a i aim determination 
and serenity as she goes aboui making 
life better tor her friends and neighbors. 
For more than 40 \ears she has been a 
prime mover in affairs of c ivic and 
social interest in her home community 
of Durham, North Carolina. The Red 
i loss, Durham l 'itv School Board, 
North Carolina Museum of Lite and 
Science Board, Durham Recreation 
Advisory Board, Allied Arts Board, and 
mam othei ( ivic programs ha\ e 
manned under her leadership. In 1974, 
Mildred was honored as the Durham 

( in en ot the Year. I let Strength and 

( Imi.k icr helped shape ( lollege 
Alumnae Board poln ies in the past, 

and she has been an enthusiast i< and 

intelligent patron during her service on 
i he i !i illege's Bi Mid ot r rustees. 

Mildred Teer has applied her high 
ideals to count less educational and 
social causes and has performed 
outstanding sen i< e to her community 
and to Mary Baldwin C College. •» 

Joan Skelton Thomas '69 
( ".osiume Designer 

l\ student of art history al Mar\ Bald- 
win and a former high school teacher, 
Joan Thomas entered the demanding 
costume-design business through a 
friend who was a seamstress tor the mov- 
ies, loan's first contract in the movie 
business, on Deadly Blessing in 1980, 
continued tier interest and talent. In the 
past m\ years she has worked as 
tume designer, supervisor, and seam- 
si ic^ t.a more than 20 motion pictures, 
including Lonesome Dove, Robo( lop, 
Silkwood and Tender Mercies. She refers 
to the business as "crazy," vet uniquely 
challenging and intricately related to 
charac terization and storytelling, loan 
earned bachelor's degrees in art history 

lucation at the University of 
Texas, Austin. She now lives in Holly- 
wood, C 'alitornia, and is costume super- 
visor on the motion picture The 
Adventures <>( liiuklchcny Finn, Walt 
Disney Productions, being filmed in 
Mississippi ■» 

Betty Neisler Timherlake '45 

/Always devoting a portion ot her time 
io worthy i auses, Betty I imberlake is 
,iss, ,i iated with unselfish endea\ i »rs thai 
have exa( ted great demands on her. She 
is the former leader of national alumnae 
a< n\ ities fot the v lollege, and her 

*n the Board ot Trustees from 
1955 to 1961 helped sustain a decade of 
pio^ie^s when the campus more than 
doubled in size. While her husband, 
Buck ["imberlake, sen ed as Mary 
Baldwin College vice president from 

1968, she was a popular figure 
om impus and an enthusiastic sup 
portei oi academic excellence. In her 

former home! own ot Charlotte, North 
Carolina, Betty directed the Red Cross 
Chapter and coordinated women 

volunteers tor all Red Cross services in 
the city and Mecklenburg C ,'ountv. In 
Betty's present home community ot 
Lake Waccamaw, North i Carolina, she 

has founded with others the Lake Wa< - 
camaw Library and the I ake Waccamaw 
I )i p. .i Museum. I Icr keen interest in 
. !u, ation ha- led her into scrv i< i 
the boards ot the Southeastern ( ommu- 
nitv ( bllege Foundation and the C 'olum- 
bus <• lounty Sele< tion Committee tor 
Morehead Scholars ai the University ot 
North I arolma at C 'hapel Hill. Betty 
Timherlake has performed distinguished 
service to Mary Baldwin ( bllege and 
to her community. >* 

Carolyn J. Weekley '67 
Direco h Rockefeller 

Folk An I 

While an art student at Mary Baldwin, 
(, larolyn Weekley was drawn to the 
Shenandoah Valley folk art and customs. 

rly experiences with American 
art were the beginning ot a lifelong 
involvement with the folk arts. *. arolyn 
joined the ( '. ill anal Williamsburg 
Fi tundation in 1967 as editor ot the 

al Williamsburg News, and less 

than two years later was I 'tiered the role 
of CuratOl of collec tions at the Museum 

ot Earlv Southern I lecorath e Arts m 
Winston-Salem, North ( arolma. Later 
she returned to her home stat< as i ura 
ioi of de< orative u<^ at the Virginia 
Museum of I ine ^rts in Richmond. In 
1979 she joined the Abby Aldrich 
Rockefeller Folk Art i 'enter in Colonial 
Williamsburg as >. uratoi and has 
directed tin- prominent museum since 
1984. Carolyn, who ,\Uo studied at 

Winteithur, has lectured and written 

extensively on American painting and 
decorative arts and i- a respected and 
devoted i mat. a ot American art. 
Carolyn Weekley's career achievements 
have brought honor and recognition to 
Marv Baldwin I 'oil, » 

Linda Arledge Wilson '80 ADP 
Human Services Advocate 

i\s the founder and first president of 
the National Association for Transpor- 
tation in the early 1980s, Linda Wilson 
became a catalyst for what is now a 
national movement to improve trans- 
portation sen-ices for rural, poor, dis- 
abled, and elderly Americans. Linda 
is executive director of JAUNT of 
Charlottesville, a specialized transporta- 
tion system used by human services 
agencies and people in rural areas. 
JAUNT provides jobs as well as trans- 
portation to work and health services. 
The agency's impact on rural economic 
development and the quality of life in 
rural areas has made it a national model 
agency. Linda has achieved state and 
national prominence as a leading advo- 
cate for transportation services in 
nonurban areas. Recently, Governor L. 

Douglas Wilder appointed her to a new 
state council for specialized transporta- 
tion. She serves on a host of other com- 
mittees devoted to improving economic 
conditions for the rural poor. Also one 
of the founders of the Staunton- Augusta 
Shelter for Battered Women and past 
coordinator of a statewide anti-poverty 
family planning project, Linda is cred- 
ited with enhancing opportunities for 
women who are underrepresented on 
local, state, and national legislative 
bodies. Linda Wilson's humanitarian 
achievements have brought honor and 
recognition to Mary Baldwin College. **■ 

Rita S. Wilson '82 ADP 

Community Leader 

Ivita Wilson's gifts of spirit and speech 
have been dedicated to helping and 
educating others. She has resided in this 
community for most of the last 30 years 
and is retired from her career as a rehab- 
ilitation counselor and probation 

officer. In 1991, she accepted an 
appointment to the Staunton City 
Council and received the most votes at 
the next election. The former vice 
chairman of the Staunton School Board 
and organizer of the Staunton- Augusta 
County Black Historical Association, 
Rita has been a champion for education 
and community involvement. She 
spearheaded the Community, Involve- 
ment, Awareness association responsible 
for inspiring Staunton neighborhoods to 
form cooperative relationships to revi- 
talize their community. Rita's fortitude, 
intelligence, and courage have had an 
uplifting influence in the community 
where she has lived and worked. 
Augusta County, Staunton, and the 
College are better because of her pres- 
ence and wise leadership. Rita Wilson 
has performed outstanding service to 
her community. **■ 

Joan Thomas, costume designer — 
She refers to the business as 'crazy ' 
yet uniquely challenging and intricately 
related to characterization and story- 
telling. She is costume supervisor on 
the motion picture The Adventures of 
Huckleberry Finn, Wait Disney 
Productions . 


(. 'aroline Hum and Irma Salinas Rocha, 
Medallion recipients 

*Board of Trustees 
Terms oj Sen i< e 

Yum Lewis Arnold 
1985- 1 990 

Charlotte lackson Berry 





Peggy Andersi in i. 'arr 

(. Jeorge M. ( lochran 
1968 1971 

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Caroline Rose Hum 

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P \\ illiam Moore, Sr. 

William C i. Pannill 
1987 19 

Mildred Roycroft Teer 
1974 l u 7» 

Meisler Timberlake 

Founders' Day Convocation 

Memory, Dream, and Celebration 

The following passages are taken from 
"Sesquicentennial as Memory, Dream, and 
Celebration," Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neiille's 
address to distinguished guests, students, 
faadty, and friends on the occasion of the 
151st Founders' Day Convocation at Mary 
Balduin College on Friday, October 9, 

Today, in this ceremony, we 
are in the position of stand- 
ing at an intersection of eras, 
on the threshold of the first 

one hundred and fifty years 

and — on the same threshold 
— the future years and future generations 
nt our alma mater. We find ourselves in a 
ceremony in which we pause to take 
notice and to think ahead, a moment out 
of time, suspended between two times for 
our college and our lives. . . . 

Today we remember the founders — 
Rufus Bailey, Mary Julia Baldwin — not 
because we saw or spoke to them but 
because we read about them and listened 
to the retold stories of their lives, attend- 
ed graveside memorials at Thornrose 
cemetery, and heard numerous speeches 
about them on Founders' Day. We know 
them from the st< >rics in The Mary Bald- 
win Magazine, and from I >r. Menk's book; 
I in in a mi ire immediate way we know 
them because their actions have influ- 
enced our lives. Our college years bring 
into experience an evidence of their 
activities thai otherwise remain invisible 
relics of the past. In ceremonies like the 
one today we pull together those lifeexpe- 
mbols. . . . 
Memory provides us with a myriad i 'I 
image: foi the i lymb ili< i onstnu tions. 
For those "I ii- who have returned to Mary 
Baldwin on a journey that is, in fai t, a 
kind of pilgrimage, a II Ii 'I memories 

rushes over us: the memory of the moun- 
tains seen for the first time through the 
window of a train; of arriving at the 
C 6k O station and coming up the hill to 
find our dorm room and our roommate; of 
the beauty of the main building so stately 
and dignified, still guarded by the two 


Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville '59 
addresses students and faculty at the 
Founders' Day Convocation. 

great statue dogs; the steep hill on New 
Street; the color and drama ol autumn; 
buildings now present only in memory 
where parts ol our lives were shaped and 
changed— Skyl [igh dorm, the old 
Chapel, the dining room, the ( tavered 
Way. Flere, we say, is the place where I 
lived; here is where I had to sign out in go 
on a date or to leave for the weekend; 
here is the desk near a window in the old 
library where I used In sit and study and 
Ii I'n to the church bells, and enjoy the 
fresh smells of the Virginia spring. . . . 

For those of you who are on the verge 
of beginning this journey, for those of us 
who are looking backward, the ceremony 
today collects and encodes for us the 
memories and the meanings of our college 
days. At the same time that we share a 
remembered past of our own histories and 
of our college's history, we also place 
these stories into other stories that weave 
the threads of the past into the fabric of 
events waiting to be made. In the process 
of remembering, we are at the same time 
constructing the scenarios for the future. 
We are participating in a dream. . . . 

And so today as a way of affirming 
our memories and our dream, we engage 
in this ritual of celebration. In the act of 
marking the sesquicentennial we call 
forth an array of symbols in a great pro- 
duction of performance art. Our perfor- 
mance encapsulates the reasons and 
purposes of the college itself: to conserve 
the old, the tradition of the past, to save 
the knowledge and the learning that is 
accumulated, in an ongoing process of 
cultural preservation; but also to use that 
heritage to build the new, in a process of 
construction. The purpose of a liberal arts 
education for our society and for our own 
lives is to enlarge horizons, to conserve 
our world but also to transform it through 
the work ol earing deeply for our collec- 
tive imagined future. 

We call out all the powerful symbols — 
procession, formal regalia ol the academy, 
music, scripture, convocation address, and 
surround this with days of feasting, danc- 
ing, touring, playing, and having a won- 
derful rime — in order to do the tasks of 
this important day. 

And now, we invest yoti the seniors 
with yi ii a new status. . . . We celebrate 
together. We affirm our memory. We 
renew our dream. Long may the dream 
com iniie. ** 

Campus Notes 

New Student Center 
and Terrace Dedicated 

TIk- William C i. Pannill Student C ]enter 
officially opened on September 16 with a 
dedication ceremony honoring Mr. Will- 
iam G. Pannill of Martinsville, Virginia. 

Mr. Pannill, who lias served as a mem- 
ber of the Mary Baldwin ( lollege Board of 
Trustees since 1987, donated $1 million 
in 1990 towards the construction of the 
10,000-square-fooi student center. 

During the Sesquicentennial Finale, 
the new, bluest one C \nthia 1 laldenhy 
Tyson Terrace was dedicated, a tribute to 
President Tyson given by Trustee Chair- 
man c 'harles S. Luck 111 and Ins family. 

The terrace complements the student 
center, which has areas tor informal gath 
crin^s, the college's pi 'si office, meeting 
rooms for college activities, the bookstore, 
and tood concessions. 

An attractive post modem structure 
reflei ting the neoc lasskal elements of 
other campus buildings, the William ( I 
Pannill Student C 'enter adds ,i bright , 
1 1 mtemporary look appn ipi iate to a 
student center. *» 

1992 Fulbright Scholar 

1992 alumna Elizabeth Boxley Bowles, of 
Oakton, Virginia, is one of only 59 people 
to receive a 1992 l); > Fulbright French 
Government Teaching Assistantship. 

Ms. Bow les graduated <. um laude and 
received her B.A. in French this past 
May. She was an 1 lonors I isi student and 
member of the Alpha Lambda 1 Vita 
1 lonor Society. She is teaching English at 
the Academk dc I imoges between October 
1992andMaj 1993. 

The purpose ol the prestigious J. Will- 
iam Fulbright Scholarship Program is to 

Virginia No rt tar) o) l\lucation]ames W. 
Dyke h with Rita Wilson '82ADPat 

ma & i '■ !"■ ram inau juration. 

increase mutual understanding between 
the people ot the United Slates and other 
countries. Fulbright Scholarships were 
awarded to t">70 students this year. •"* 

Master of Arts In Teaching 

In August, Mary Baldwin inaugurated its 
first master's program, the Master of Arts 
in I eat bing, with a special program fea 
turing chief State education officials. 

Sec retary oi Educ anon tor the Com- 
monwealth ot Virginia lames \Y. Dyke, |r 
wis ilk keynote speaker. Dr. Thomas 
Elliott, division chief tor compliance 
coordination tor the Virginia Department 
ot Education, shared the platform with 
Secretary I tyke. 

" 1 1 i< hing is the most important pro- 
fessii 'ii m this nation, because kids 
natural resources." Dyke said. "We're 
cutting down on the bureaucracy in edu 

cation and ensuring teachers are treated 
as pi, ifessionals. . . we've started a revolu 
lion As an innox ator in education, Man 
Baldw in is on the cutting edge." 

Inaugural acti\ ities inc luded profes 
sional development workshops tor teac li 
ers on multi'Culturalism led by Shirley 
McCoy, minority achievement specialist 

toi Fairfax <. bunty Public Sc hi » V I 
Department of Education Regional Direc- 
tor Kay Wright addressed teachers, fa< 
ulty, stall and guests on national changes 
in education. 

MBC''s Master ot .Arts m Teaching 
IV igram, which currently has an enroll- 
ment ot 68 students, foe uses on grades 

K-8. Each course is team taught by a 
member ot the MIX graduate faculty and 
an experienced public school teacher. 

The program otters a course schedule that 
is convenient tor teaching professionals, 
as well as men and women wh( I want to 
enter the field ot elementary educ ation 
from other cue. I » 

1992-93 Record Enrollment 

Mary Baldwin posted i 22 percent in- 
crease m enrollment over last year while 
manv private liberal arts colleges have 
seen dec reases. I his increase marks the 
eighth straight yeai ot growth tor MBl '. 
I oral enrollment tot the 1992 93 aca 
demic yeai has reached 1,649, the largest 
student body m the college's hist< iry 

Man Baldwin's sm 1 1« is due both to 
its educ ational innovations and to its 
continuing strength as a women's college 
with a traditional baccalaureate program. 
Another factor in this increase is the 68 
-indents enrolled in the new Master ot 
An- m Teaching (MAT) program. 

The number ot new Students in MBt, )'s 
traditional program, which includes the 
Program tot the Exceptionally Gifted, lias 
i limbed h six pen cut this year, « tth 2 J4 
new students, up from 220 last year. A 
total ot 6 M traditional students (new and 
returning) are enrolled this year. 

The 15-year-old Adult Degree Pro- 
gram has grown tremendously, enrolling 
v, l s men and women compared to 660 
last year. •'* 


Dr. James L. McAllister Jr. 

Professor Emeritus of Religion, Philoso- 
phy and History, The Rev. Dr. James L. 
McAllister Jr. died Tuesday, August 4, 
1992, in Staunton, Virginia. 

Dr. McAllister earned degrees from 
the University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill, and Yale Divinity School. 
He received his Ph.D. in religion and 
philosophy from Duke University. He 
completed post graduate work in Bir- 
mingham, England; Montreal, Canada; 
and the College of Preachers in Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

A member of the Lexington Presbytery 
from 1957 to 1976, Dr. McAllister 
became a priest of the Episcopal Church 
in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia 
in 1976. After retiring from Mary Baldwin 
in 1983, he became rector of Goochland's 
Grace Church. In 1988 he became rector 
of Emmanuel Episcopal in Harrisonburg. 

Dr. McAllister has authored articles for 
numerous publications, including A Mis- 
cellany of American Christianity, The Die- 
armory of Southern Religion , The journal of 
Presbyterian History, Social Action, Motive, 
Anglican and Episcopal History Journal, 
and The Blackwell Dicticmary of Evangelical 

In L 991, through the generosity oi the 
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foun- 
dation, Mary Baldwin established the 
James L McAllister, Jr. Preparatii m for 
Ministry S hi ilarship ti i honor I )r. 
McAlli terandhi wife, Frances. ** 

Eleanor H . Raynolds 

■ ■■ i ■ in i Eleanor H. 

I Is died Tuesday , 5i pti mber 8, 
1992, in Stamfi ird, < Connecticut. 

She began hei term on the < College's 
B ai I of! ru to in 1991 , erving on the 

Dr. McAllister 

Mrs. Raynolds 

Development Committee. As the 1992 
Mary Baldwin < Jmimcnccincnl speaker, 
sin- inspired the Class of 1992, charging 
the graduates to "share their goodwill and 
edui atii in happily with others." 

I [eralded by Fortune and Working 
Wmnan magazines lor her mh cess in the 
business world, Mrs. Raynolds was a pari 
nerai Ward I lowell International, Inc., 
an executive search firm. I let interesi in 
vi ilunteerism resulted in ihe hook, 

Beyond Success: How Volunteer Service 
Can Help You Begin Making a Life Instead 
of Just A Living, published and co-written 
with het husband, John F. Raynolds III. 

Mrs. Raynolds served numerous organi- 
zations during her lifetime including two 
terms as President of the British- Ameri- 
can Chambet of Commerce, for which 
she was honored by being named Com- 
mander of the British Empire by Her 
Majesty the Queen of England. She ser- 
ved two years on the White House 
Fellows Commission in New York, and 
founded The Peer Group for women in 
management and the arts. She also served 
on the New York Mission Society and the 
Women's Economic Roundtable. ••*• 

Hugh Bell Sproul Jr. 

Former Mary Baldwin College Trustee 
Hugh Bell Sproul, Jr. died Friday, Septem- 
ber 18, 1992, in Staunton, Virginia. 

Mr. Sproul served on the MBC Board 
during the 1960s. He was president of The 
Erskine Company, Inc., a Staunton based 
professional building corporation. He- 
served as vice president of National Valley 
Bank .\m\ director of the United Virginia 
Bank Shares Corporation. 

A graduate of Augusta Military Acad- 
emy and Washington & Lee University, 
Mr. Sproul was founder and past president 
i il the Shenandoah ( lame and Fish Asso- 
ciation. He was a charter member of 
Huntsman and a Master of Foxhounds at 
Glenmore Hunt Club. He was an active 
member of the Masters of Foxhounds 
Association of America and a life member 
ol the Shcnandalc Skccl Club. Mr. Sproul 
was a member, deacon, and former trea- 
surer ol i he 1'iisi I'icshylcrian ( Ihurch. ; '*' 

Campus and Alumnae Notes 


Changes and 
a Welcome 

Shortly before the publica- 
tion of the last issue, ( ienie 
Addle-ton, who greatly 
improved the quality of The 
Magazine through her leader- 
ship over the past foui years, 
was appointed Directoi of 
Communications .it Union 
Theological Seminary in 
Richmond. Although not an 
alumna, Genie left Mary 
Baldwin with enthusiasm for 
and deep commitment to the 
mission of the ( bllege, which 
continues to this da\ ( )n 
behalf of the entire ( bllege 
community, I wish to 
express oui great apprecia- 
tion for Genie's laboi of \a\ e. 

With this issue we welcome our new 
editor, Ann White Spencer, who joined 
the staff in August. Ann comes to Mary 
Baldwin from Randolph Community 
C bllege in Asheboro, North Carolina, 
where she taught journalism and English 

and served as duet tor of publk affairs and 
development. Ann has experience in 
journalism, corporate public relations, and 
edui ation. We look forward to her contri- 
butions to The Magazine. 

I want to express a special noted thanks 
to Michelle Hite Martin, our assistant 
editor, who for several years has worked 
devotedly on alumnae news, features, and 
publii ations. Michelle assists with eac h 
issue of rhe Magazine. 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 
Editorial Ad\ ison Board, (.'hair 

Admissions Volunteers 

I n.' [992 Admissions Volunteer Excellence 
Awards u i tdership 

I .hi, i, m, e. From the left are volunteer 
', aroUn I pshur Walker; admissions committee 
chart ( ynthia fCnigfi! Wien '68, who presented 
the awards; and volunteer Malvina Sa< 


I pdate will be a regular column, 
providing a forum foi timely corrections 
and additions to alumnae/i and college 
news and ti>r the discussion of issues 

related ti i I fie \l,i a:mc. 

•"• Gertrude Davis Middendorf, MB( "s 
librarian emerita formerly from Staunton, 
i i, is deceased. Mrs. Middendorf, 
known to most former students as Mrs. 
1 )avis, was featured in the last issue of 
rhe Magazine. She had suffered dei lin 
1 1 1 ■ ■ hi alth foi several yean prioi to her 
death in May 1992. 

•• In the alumni pi. ifile on Kimhcrlv 
Brooke O'Donnell '82, which ran Ln 
the September issue of The Magazine, 

Si >m< background on Kim's leadership 
roles at MB( ' was .'mined. During her 
years at MB( '. Kim played basketball 
and set records some siill unbroken. 

She has returned to every 

alumnae basketball § 
the past 10 years! 

* ln the March 1992 ( lass 
Notes, Juliane Jorgensen 
Taylor '64 was reported as 
de( eased. Mrs. Tavlor 
reports that she is v crv much 
alive and in good health. 
We apologize tor any 
inconvenience caused by 
our mistake. 

«■■* On page 51 . we report 
the July 1 5 death ot Harriet 
Louisa Tynes '19, who from 
1044,,, 1968 directed the 
Children's Home Society ot 
North Carolina, making it 
one ot the most respected 
private adoption auciK ies in 
the nation. Miss Tynes, 91 . 
was huiied at I inkling Springs Presbyte- 
rian (. hui\ h t emeterv in Fishersville, in 
her native state of Virginia. Her lifelong 
levotion to helping others formed early 
in her lite from experiences with her 
father's work as a physician in Staunton, 

• s » The General Assembly ot the 
Presbyterian <■ Ihurch I ISA has honored 
Martha Stackhouse Grafton, dean 
emerita of Mary Baldwin College, with 
the 1992 Award foi ( hitstanding 
Sen ice to 1 lighei Edu< ation foi hei 
outstanding contributions to the 
(. 'htirch's mission m higher education. 

Campus and Alumnae News 

A Student Reflects 

As you know, our sesquicentennial week- 
end took place in mid-October. Some of 
you were here and some of you chose to 
stay home. Some of you visit often, and 
some of you had not returned since gradu- 
ation. No matter what the case may be, 
you are all Mary Baldwin alumnae and 
you deserve many thanks. 

First, I would like to thank Dr. Neville 
for her meaningful speech at convocation. 
She reflected on her favorite memories 
of Mary Baldwin: seeing the mountains 
for the first time; the beauty of the main 
building, so stately and dignified; the 
color and drama of autumn; seeing the 
first snow. Her speech made me realize 
how much this college has changed physi- 
cally over the years, yet the memories are 
-■rill very much the same. 

1 would also like to recognize the alum- 
nae medallion recipients. Thank you for 
being our role models, for taking what you 
have learned at Mary Baldwin and using 
it CO the fullest. You make us proud to be 
Mary Baldwin women. 

Many of you have spent countless 
hi iurs recruiting students in your towns 
and cities. You have opened your homes 
to us, held teas and recruiting parties for 
us, and most of all you have encouraged 
us. Thank you for pointing us in the right 
in because it pays off in the end. 
ill i \ ing pn "'I i 'i that. 

Than! iu 1. 11 tall ing with us, sharing 
and comparing memories with us, and 
■ it really open oui 
Mai Baldwin is, and 
most 1 1 1 ■ i < irtantly, the women thai 1 1 imi 
i .in of this ' ollege. 

i> Maui rmann '94 

Alumnae President's Letter 

Happiest of holidays to you! I only wish I 
could tell you this personally. 

For your holiday gift giving, the Sampler 
has fabulous items for your family, friends, 
and business associates. Please take 
advantage of this opportunity and at the 
same time support your Alumnae Asso- 
ciation. Revenues from the Sampler fund 
the Virginia Lester Scholarship for a 
legacy. And remember, products from the 
Sampler can be divided. Year before last, 
all our friends received a can of hot 
chocolate mix. Last year I gave the Ham 
and jam Cookbook and made my cake 
from the cookbook to go along with it. 
This year Tom and I will be giving 
Virginia peanuts to everyone. Great 
PR for Mary Baldwin, too! You never 
know whose daughter may be a future 
MBC student. 

We have just begun our first year 
toward our bicentennial. I hope each of 
you will join me in a New Year's resolu- 
tion to do one thing each year for Mary 
Baldwin. If we do serve Mary Baldwin, 
she will be as strong and excellent as she 
is to lay. She deserves it ! 

1 lappy New Year! 

Alumnae Association Officers 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 
Vice President 

Cynthia Knight Wier '68 
Chair, Admissions Committee 

Kimberly Baker Glenn '79 

Chair , Alumnae Involvement Committee 

Louise W. Boylan '71 

Chair, Annual Giving Committee 


Chair, Student Relations Committee 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Chair, Continuing Education Committee 

Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
Chair, Finance Committee 

Julie Ellsworth '86 

Chair, Homecoming Committee 

Sue Warfield Caples '60 

Recording Secretary 

Kate Gladden Schultz '71 

Chair, Nominating Committee 

Laura ( latching Alexander '71 


Executive Director of Alumnae Activities 

Very loudly, 

hniils Dethloff Ryan '63 

Pn i I' in, MB( Alumnae Asso< iation 

/<dc-p3— *s 

Sesquicentennial Painting 
Duffey Painting Captures Spirit 

by Laura ( '.. Alexander 7 1 

Last summer t< irmer trustee and 
former President o( the 
Alumnae Assoc iation Leigh 
Yates Farmer 74 called me ro 
say thai a friend of Jackie 
Senna Westfall '58 wanted d i meet with 
me. The purpose of the visit was to discuss 
the possibility of artist Parks Duffey doing 
a painting of the C follege. fackie's friend, 
Mary Lewis Barnard, whom many MBC 
alumnae know from her years at Sr. 
Catherine's, came to campus with Parks' 
portfolio: the White 1 louse Inauguration 
card, the old Tost Office Building in D.C., 
VM1, and many historical sites in 

"Si iphisticatedly primitive" w nli a 
whimsical twist, Parks I Hjffey's wi irk 
hi ii sis with eneryv and culm As Man 
Lewis and 1 went through the portfolio, 1 
knew that Parks' particular style would be 
the perfect medium through which to 
capture the spirit of Man Baldwin 

Richmond-bom Parks Pegram Duffey III 
i/i, wght o) bet omin \ an architect offer 

Alexandria, \ irg/nia where he won their 
Fine \rts \ward Fortunately, he kepi 
painting / [is paintings are represented m 
collet Boris m i Jreai (imam, France, Italy, 
Switzerland, lapan, the Caribbean and 
thel \\ Many were painted on location. 

College fl it i 'in 5 |ui< entennial. 

Parks and Mar) Lewis made numerous 
trips to Staunton to research, take 
pictures, look, talk with staff, look again. 
It was amazing to watch the painting take- 
shape. "Don't those c buds look like 

squirrels? ["here's Apple Day and May 

1 hat looks just like Rufus Bailey!" 
"There's President Tyson!" 

The painting has been exhibited at 
alumnae events m Williamsburg at the 
home of I 'arolvn \\ ccklcv '67, the Fox- 
field Races in < Iharlottesville, ar the 
Sesquicentennial black tie dinner on 
campus, and at the home- of Cathy Turner 
Temple '68 in Richmond. The painting is 
tor sale at $8000. The Alumnae Associa- 
tion has produced a limited edition of $00 
signed and numbered lithographs made 
from the painting, 76 of which have 
already been sold. Note cards and 
postcards also are available. Net proceeds 
fund the Alumnae Asscx iation-sponsored 
Virginia Lester Scholarshi] ■* 

Mary Baldwin College 

by Parks P. Duffey III, 
ommissioned foi the Sesquicentennial 

Order form 

Limited edition lithograph signed b) the 
artist; nolo aids with envelopes; post, aids 
Un lull coloi as pictured on the front i il 
this maga ine I 

Return order to 

Laura (. au fling Alexandei 71 

Executive Director of Alumnae Acth ities 

Mar) Baldwin < bllege 

Staunton VA 24401 

Wi proceeds benefit the \ irgjnia I estei 
Scholarship Fund. 


Signed and numbered lithograph, 
22" \ 28", limited edition of $00 

irds with envelopes. 5" \ 7", 
pa< kagi 

Postcards, 4 1/4" x 6", minimum order 
of 10, postcard takes a $.19 stamp 


V it) 



Phone i 

Phone (evening) 

Quantity \ Price = Total 

x ■ 
x $12.50 


\ A residents .u\A 
4.5% sales tax 


Enclosed is mv check payable to MBC 

Alumnae Association. Or. charge my 
VISA MasteK aid 


Expiration date 

Thursday, May 27 to Sunday, May 30 
Alumnae College and Homecoming 1 993 

tun-packed Memorial Day 
Weekend tor alumnae and 
their guests: everything you 
expect from a traditional 
Homecoming plus Alumnae 
College and many activities that will 
reacquaint you with Mary Baldwin and 
your fellow alumnae. 

Class Reunions 

An intimate class dinner on Friday 
evening, the Parade of Classes on Satur- 
day morning, and an all-alumnae dinner 
and parry on Saturday evening — plus all 
the time throughout the rest of the week- 
end — will give you the chance to catch 
up with all your Mary Baldwin friends. 

Alumnae College 

Beginning with a reception and dinner on 
Thursday evening, Mary Baldwin College 
will offer an Alumnae College on Friday, 
May 28, featuring Mary Baldwin College 
faculty and current topics of interest. 

Athletic Activities 
Participate in the eleventh annual fun 
run and walk, tennis D huh, uncut, or just 
theG illege's Physical Activi- 


On-cam| M accom lations in the resi- 
dence halls will he available, and bl n I 
ms have been reserved tor Mary 
Baldwin alumnae ai I » al hotels. 

For more information 

Write tothi I •ffii e 1 4 Al nae A< tivi- 

ties, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, 

Class Reunions 

- las o/ (988 
Class oj 1983 
i lassoj 1978 
Class oj 1973 
Class oj 1968 
Classoj 1963 
Class of 1953 
Class of 1948 
( loss of 1943 

I Homecoming Weekend 

and Alumnae College Highlights 


Alumnae College registration 
Reception and dinner with faculty 


Breakfast buffet 

Alumnae College morning sessions 

Homecoming registration 

Keynote Luncheon 

Alumnae College afternoon sessions 

Alumnae Reception 

hosted by faculty and staff 
Reunion Class Dinners 


Fun Run and Walk 

Field trips 

Theme breakfast 

Bloody Mary Reception 

Parade of Classes 

National Alumnae Association Meeting 

and Alumnae Awards Ceremony 
Homecoming Picnic 

Champagne Reception 
All-Alumnae Candlelight Dinner 

and Party 


Breakfast buffet 

Alumnae ( ,'hapcl 

One Hundred Fiftieth Commencement 

Class Notes 


I.i ii isi Hodges Hartzog of < ireenwoods was 
recently awarded the Order of the Palmetto, the 
mosi prestigious of South Carolina': iv 


Lucella White Whitted of Wilmington m saw 
Nancy Wallace Henderson ofNew York \s, 
and Sarah (Dudley) Whitmore Ricks of Ba- 
ton Ri iuge LA, ai Montreal last summer. 


Edythe (Edie) Alphin Moseley of Blacksburg 

\ \ writes thai she is thankful to have her health 

ba< L aftei a rough 1991 

El izabeth (Betty) Becketi Sowell is living in 

thePerdidoBayC buntryC lubareainPensacolaFl 


Frances Perrottet Kresler i if Tin 

still volunteering many hospital hours and is 

active in watercolor groups. 


Ann Atweu of San Antonio tx speni two 
weeks on a tour visiting missionaries in Ecuador. 
Margaret (Mac) McDonald White oi King 

Willi. nil \ \ lias been hospitalired twice since 
January, the second timefoi back surgery. 

'43 50th Reunion Class 
Betty Jm insdn Mix of Redding i i writes thai 
retirement "isforthebirds,"but loves the "dream 
housi " and six ai res 


Sally ( Smitty ) Smith Metzger i >f Pinehurst N< 
visited with Betty (Bnuil Neisler 
JimberlakeofLakeWaccamaw N< and Carol 
Baulsbury Moore oi Southpon i ai the 
Moore's condominium on Bald Head Island ni . 


Ellen McDonald Minet ol Oyster Bay ny 
writes that she enjoys hei sixth year as rosarian 
ii Planting I ields Arboretum. 


Navi Anderson Blakey of Waynesl 

returned to the United States via Bangkok, 
Singapore, and I long Kong after Living in Tur- 
key lor three and a hah years 


Bettt Gilmer Young of San Anselmoi \ grad 
uated from Princeton I heologii al Seminary in 
1953 and was ordained to the Ministry oi A ord 
anil Sacramem in |une, 1992 She is interim 
program assistant foi the Women's Ministry 
I mi i ii ilu Pn sbyterian ( 'huuli in the Synods 
oi Alaska/Northwesi and Southern I California/ 
I lawaii. 


JUDITH W.Godwin of New York \i writesthai 
hei work is on exhibit ai the Marisa del Re 
Gallery on 41 East 57th Street in New York. 


Sarah MeMi LLANofNi da hi founded 

and is artistic managing directoi ol the I amp 

Lite Theatre. She was rei cutis nam. 

AAUW : the Year" and "Distin- 

guished C arizen of Nacogdoches." She was also 
honored with a Resolution of Appreciation by 
the Friends oi the Arts. 

Mary Hornbager Mustoe oi I lot Springs s \ 
retired from teaching. 


Laura Clausen Drum of Allentov 
teaching high school math at Moravian V id 
cms 111 Bethlehem 

Martha (I'ai n ) Parke Gibian and her hus- 
band, Paul, are living in Czechoskn al i 


Elizabeth (Betty) Em, it Stoddard ol Raleigh 

ni wines that s| lc enjoyed working with MEX ' 
alumnae to establish the Mary L : . Humphreys 
I e< inn- Series. 


Si zanni (Susie) Burch of Charlottesville \ \ 

went on a trip to Scandinavia .md Russia two 

weeks before the coup. 

Cecelia Flow EUer-Cotlins of Montclaii \ 

began a mam inette theatre in 1 W 1 and presents 

shows to schools, libraries and churches. 
May Wells Jones of New ( irlean spent the 
spring semester on sabbatical doing research on 
late 19th-century theatre. 


Jane Coleman Balfour's and Doi gi vs(Doi g) 

Laii.iion Wallace's daughters, J s\E (Jill) 
Ciii 1 1 i ii Baihh Rand Lee Brmub W'yi I u i 
graduated with the < lass, 4 1 992. Jane and Doug 
bi 'ill reside in Richmond VA. 

LaCEY SANFORD HudginS of I lampion VA was 

elected national president ol the Daughters of 
c 'olonial Wars 

Mary Nhi Wii 1 iams Mathis ot \u>rin i\ i> 
sen ni" as 1 hail ofO >mmon 1 lause in 


Cynthia (Cindy) Freeman Branscome of 
Fredericksburg \ \ served on the Board ol Direc 
tois of the YM( A. as president ol the 

Fredericksburg Board of Realtors, and f 

b its of Our 1 own Frederic ksburg. 
Sally Dorsey Danner of .Atlanta OA ran her 
first Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta and uas 
inducted as the onh, non-college stu- 
dent into the sorority, Zeta T.m Alpha. 
Ka iiii rim Farrar Marshall of Williamsburg 

\ s and her husband are busy with their l hnst- 
mas Mouse stores in three States. 

Carolyn Clemmer McCulleyol New BemNi 
u , irks as a paralegal. ( an ilyn and husband enjoy 

sailing and performing with I 'arterei I lioralc 

rhey have sung at ( arnegie I la 11 and in Europe. 
Pami la (Pam) Mii 1 ikin Reed of Columbia st . 

unexpectedly ran into Fr \M ES(PeNN1 ) AlinilT 
Quarrierofl harlotte Court House /A, at the 
bat 1 tlaureate sen ice foi rheii daugl 
N wo Smith Smitz of Valrico is assistant 
directoi ofOvercomers Ministries and working 
on a master in biblical studies and counseling. 


Mary Wiiii 11 1 Chapman ol Richmi 1 
guidance counselor in Hanover County. 
I'm 1 \ Steph ns Lambert ol 1 "alias 1 ■ received 
tei Ward fi n Small Business 
tor her professional achievements, 
t ions to the industry, and personal invt ilvemem 
unit) audi hai i j 

I. a It k hi ai 

Emma (Emy) Martin Rouse ol Philadelphia 

1 I1n.1t ino non -1 red it continuing edu- 

1 the I 'inversus ol IYniis\ [\ 


EVELYN Cuellar Cronin oi Dallas 
manager ai Snidet Plaza Antique Shops. 
Li 11 AnnHartgraves McCarty 1 1 Tupeli 1 MS 
is teaching English to high school freshmen. 


Sandra Grizzard Brooks and husband Gra- 

ham live on Guernsey, a small island between 

England and France. 

Is s Koster of < In, agi 1 is si nil n < ustomer 

service manager al s ireyhound 

'68 25th Reunion Class 
Carolyn (Cammy) Martin Bryan ol Rich- 
is president ol the Westminsi 
terbury Guild. 

DlANE Hill SIR Copies ol Middletossn Spring- 

.1 uas si lusion in the 1992-1993 

edit ion off lx/ id' AV In ' AY h 1, the Hire Registry . >t 
I \ui, rdinaiyProfessiotials-TheselectJanvvasbased 

, 'ii her illustril uis i areer as president and I 

Herb Patch, long record ol achievements, and 

awards for community, service. 

I.sw Boyd Hewitt moved to Raphini 

still raises Morgan horses and trains driving 
horses. The tainils and horses worked ^^i\ the 
R and Away last year and Sommersby 
this summer. 

Cornei ia (Connie) Green Roy and her hus- 
band moved ti 1 1 hail, 


Frances Buhman ol Alexandria s and her 
Samoyedd I impGone to the Dogs." 

Msus (Bekah) Kennedy Caruso ol Nashville 
in had a fascinating tout ol Js\t Townes' 
pencil company in Shelbyville rN. 
Mary (Molly) Hi icheson IVidiK of Rich- 
mond . '• is a lassser. 

|ns\ s. Thomas, Wesi I lollywood 

ing on the film Hie \dventures of Huckleberry 

Finn as costume supen isot 


Virginia (GlNl) Mosby Hayles Merritt Is- 

111 application support specialist tor 
Ml I Telecommunications. 
J s\i Irzyk Mize of Falls Church s was ac- 
cepted into lames Madison University's mteni- 
ship program to gel her master's in earls child- 
hood ediK 

S urn sMi Shi srir Timmol Dunwoody s s is 
a Spanish teacher ol a model program that she 
developed foi the( iallosvas, School in Atlanta. 


Leslie Cadell Bowie of Gloucester Point va is 
coordinator of Clean City in Hampton va. 
Mary Luanne (Lupy) Pardue moved from 
North Carolina back to Midlothian va. 
Katherine Terrell Svejnar of Pittsburgh pa 
and her husband are both professors of econom- 
ics at the University of Pittsburgh. They re- 
cently spent eight months in Czechoslovakia. 
Karen Carlson Young of Boston MA is project 
manager overseeing the conversion to com- 
puter of over five million records in the Harvard 
University library system. 

'73 20th Reunion Class 
Jane Hudglns Frarier moved to Norfolk va. 
Beryl Barnes lerardi of Farmington ct works 
for the Association of Clinical Scientists. 
Mary Totln of Lexington va is executive direc- 
tor of the Rockbridge area hospice, and co- 
founder of Blue Ridge Psychotherapy and Con- 
sultation Association. 

DEMARIS (Demi) Elsasser Wheeler of Norfolk 
VA survived two bank mergers and is now work- 
ing for NationsBank. 


Bridget Ryan Baird of MorristownTN works at 
TWA in Knoxville in marketing. 
Anne (Leigh) Yates Farmer of Richmond va 
is administrative director of the Virginia Asso- 
ciation of Defense Attorneys. 
Elizabeth (Liz) Simons Hossli of Springfield 
VA is director of the Lay Resource Center at 
Wesley Theological Seminary. 
Barbara Mitchell Sample of Forth Worth tx 
works for Luther King Cap Management. 


Martha Creasy Cutright of Danville va and 

husband Barry practice dentistry together. 

Laurie (Lu) Jones Kapfer of McLean va, is a 

full-time mother. 

Gretchen Clemen Morris of Fairfax Station v a 

wi irk- fi it Behring Diagnostics, Inc., and won 

President 1991 Sales Achievement Club. 

Hollon Meaders Otte i if Dallas tx is a dentist. 


Mary Steele Ferguson of Brewster ma is a 
teacher at Cape OkJ Community College. 
Carroll Blair Keiger of Richmond va is 
cam] nun associate at St. Catherine's School. 
Si / i GRIFFIN Sutphcn of Dublin OH in- 
active in Junior League and plays team tennis. 


Sarah Davis Alexander of Rocky Mount VA is 

.i hi in" : 

Pamela (Pam) Mar i in Comstockol < lolonial 

i nily fni i ! hi i lii'i I'lin ,i , [•Hi 

leni -ill BuildersAssociationofSouthside, 

Virginia ci iti in' I i 

I iry in hold thi po n hi i i ui 

rently serving as junioi direi toi ol Southside 
I )i itrii t Federated Wi it Clul 

I Eji INES Fitzgerald i ij M.miii teai h- 

Sarah ( Lawrence Heald ol New Ha- 
toi fl IMF in I itrui turalchem- 
; .i i 

Melissa Rhodes McCue ol Allison Pari 
neer for Bell ol Pi nn ^lvania 

I Iines Phoenix ol Ral igh ii pulled 
indhadto utouto impetiti' - I 

Molly Rouse, daughter o/Emma (Emy) 
Martin Rouse '65 , at her May marriage 
to Kermon Hines in Philadelphia. 

but still runs her own advertising agency. 
Mary Jo (MJ) von Tury of New York NY is 
assistant to the dean at the NYU School of 
Social Work and a professional actress. 

'78 15th Reunion Class 

Jean Davis Bruton of Columbia sc is the owner 

of Non(e)such. 

MELANIE Joy GoFF of Greenville NC is traveling 

in Notth Carolina with her job as a health and 

beauty aid merchandiser. 

Elisabeth Truett Greenbaum is now living in 

Charlottesville va. 

Susan Walker Monahan of Sante Fe nm and 

husband Michael own a candy company called 

"Senor Murphy Candymaker." 


Gloria Zuniga Canseco of Laredo TX is execu- 
tive director of Los Caminos del Rio, a bi- heritage tourism corridor in South 

Virginia (Ginny) Munce of Venice < \ is an 
independent film producer. 
Elizabeth (Liz) SAUNDERs-Northam of 
Accomac va, is a dentist. 
Martha Krauss Smith of Disputanta va re- 
tired to stay home with two children. 
Sarah (Sally) Way Speaker is moving to 
Birmingham AL after living in Kailua ill. 
DEBRA CARDWELL Tuggle ol Marion VA was 
among 42 graduates honored during the 22nd 
in ii ii ml commencemeni ceremony of the physi- 
cian assistant program ol the Bowman-Gray 
5i I, mil ol Medii ineol Wake Forest University 
in Winston-Salem NC. The commencemeni 
. . 1 1 1 1 was given by Martha Kelly '49, a 1984 
"i.i luate ' 'I Bowman-( iray. 


Ann (Cissy) Powers ol ( teala n is teaching 

ui grade, 

Di an a M< x ire Ta yi.( >r of Hi ipewell va w< irks at 
the U.S. Army Logistics Management College. 
Jenifer Walker of Alexandria va, is assistant 

managing editor of Diabetes Forecast, a monthly 
publication reaching over 270,000. 


Janet Davies Beebe of Raphine va has a new 
business which markets computers and periph- 
erals to the Federal government. 
Martha (Randie) Read Skinner of Jackson- 
ville FL quit het job to be a full-time mother. 
Valerie Wenger of Austin tx and her sister 
Alison Wenger Boone '77 of San Antonio tx, 
went to Russia in September. 


Jennifer (Jenny) Gifford Little of Ambridge 
va graduated from the Trinity Episcopal School 
for Ministry with a master of arts in religion. 

'83 10th Reunion Class 

Laura Peronneau Beals of Atlanta ga is an 
account executive for Eason Publications. 
Melinda Lee Cain of Dallas tx works in the oil 
and gas business. 

Catherine Sumner Calhoon is professor of 
economics and international finance at Ecole 
Europeenne de Gestion in Patis, France. 
Loretta Vigil Tabb of Richmond va is an 
investment specialist for Signet Bank. 


Kerri Glenn Byrne of Seaville nj is at home 
with two children. 

Cheryl Garrett Goddard moved to Lynchburg 
va. She is a full-time mom active in Junior 
League and church, and sings in vocal groups. 
Robin Nevvcomb Lermo and husband Erick 
moved from New Orleans to Woodbridge VA. 
Christine (Chris) Campbell Meirelles of San 
Jose ca and her husband Pedro both wotk for 
Sun Microsystems. 

Mary Pollard of Chicago il is a sales consult- 
ant for Brook Furniture. 
Carroll Oliver Roach and her fam ily recently 
moved to Roanoke va. 


Margaret Humphrey of Alexandria va is an 
assistant vice president with Citibank. 
Caroline Craig Jacobs of El Dorado ar re- 
cently opened a small boutique specializing in 
plus size dressing and accessories. 
Marcta L. Smith Meade of Newport News va 
is a supervisor of sales at Newport News Ship- 

Sarah Scott Paret Thomas of Richmond va 
works as a physician relations representative at 
Chippenham Medical Center. 


Judy Thompson Harper (ADP) of Forrest va 
finished her M.B.A. at Averett College in 1991; 
Patti-Lou Prist Kanney of Waynesboro va is 
.in accountant with Pfost and ( Company, Inc. 
Haley Johnson Keene and her husband are 
moving lo Virginia Beach VA. 


Carol ELLIOTT of Norfolk va received an Ex- 

cellence Award from the Children's Hospital ol 

the King's Daughters. She published a coloring 

book for siblings of patients in the pediatric ICU 

and created a support group lot parents of chil- 
dren in the ICU. 

Susan (Susie) Hostetter Gilvary of Chesa- 
peake Beach Ml) anil husband are both statisti- 

ciansat Bureau of the( lensus in Washington DC. 
Ellis "Beaufa" Herbert of Midlothian va 
and "Bubba" went to St. Lucia for their honey- 
moon and i. in into Si ^w Wilson '89 on her 
honeymoon with Bob Boydoh. 

'88 5th Reunion Class 
Susan Gatewood Mitcheli of Blacksburg . \ 
is a child and adolesceni therapist. 
Si SAN (Cl \ Cl \) Mi SSI R and new husband 
i arl Gaines live in the San Francisco Bay area 
where she is manager ai Mothercare. 
Elizabeth (Bess) OHLGREN-Miller and Doug 
ill- ived inti itheii firsi house in Whitefish B ly ■ 
Bess works .it the Sports Medicine Clinic. 
Melissa Jean Price ol ( Ihestet > is teaching 
third grade in Nottoway County-Blackstone 
Pi imi.ii \ and volunteers ai Maymont Park. 


Donn v Myrtle Boxley oi Stuarts I irafi 
assistant director of Annual FundOperatii m ai 
Mary Baldwin. 

Penny Lin Dearborn lived in Osaka, Japan f< n 
tw< > years and completed her master's in |apa 
nese studies from thi 1 Iniversity "t Michigan 
Asm El IZAB1 in Dorst "i Brooklyn Ml works 
in marketing ai Master! -ard International. 
Si san Sippi i Birmingham u , is work- 
ing on her master's in art history .it UAB. 
Sarah Yl A I lv (iormk-v and huvhand rcicnlh 
moved to Aberdeen mi-. 
Luctanne (Luci) Hackbert iv in the doctoral 
program inc linicalpsyc hology at the University 
ol New Mexie o in Albuquerque. 
Li i it 1 1 Joy Hodges ol Atlanta 1 1 < works foi 
the American Red c toss and lives with Shelby 
Scott Poweli who is a paralegal. 
N \i \i ii- Spencer Lorio oi M< I ean ' \ teaches 
.it St. Patrick's Episcopal School in Washington 
ix . ,mJ is a member of the Junior League. 
Rebecca Walker uiTr.mklin im-.<.Liss director 
anddirei toi of student programs in the Reunion 
Office .it Vanderbilt I Iniversity. 


Patricia (Paige) Bottom (ADP) oi 
Wilmington Ni is a substance abuse counselor 
i Mi. Southeasi Mental I lealth ( 'enter. 
An aoia Joi i i it Knotts of Staunton va is an 
off-campus advisor for MBC's chapter oi the 
St ik lent Virginia Education Assoc iation. 
Kelly Conner La Vangie of DuluthGA is work- 
ing in the Developmem ( )ffi< e ai Agnes Scott. 
Hn da (Maggie) Tail oi Annapolis md is the 
constituent relations direi toi foi ( ongressman 
Farrell in the U.S 1 1" use ol Representatives 
S iindra (Sandy ) Terry (AI )P)ol Terre I laute 
in iv working on an Ml- A in printmaking ai 
Indiana State I m\ ersity. 


Elizabeth (Bi rsY) Lee Baker of Richmond 

is asports medic ine marketing representath efoi 

HealthSouth Rehabilitation ( lenter 

Euzabi in (1 i/) I Oi ivi Bender (PEG) oi 

Clarksville i\ transferred to Missouri as an 

assistant managei ol Papa |ohn's. 

Yiroini \ (Gingi k) 1 i u.ii Hi rry ol San Anto 

nio i X does public relations for a group of doctors 

.it the Nix I lospital. 

RobynMicheli Fiorenza of Williamsburg \ \.is 

assistant manager of a children's clothing store. 

Paui \ May Ttllapaugh (ADP) ol Morgan 

Hill ca is a residential counselor for Advem 

Group Ministries in S.m love. 

Carl and Suniii (( c.i ( ea) Mnwer 

-■-i with macron p/ honor Denise 
Viitl fmei '88 


Virginia Albertson Allan '4S co Col. (Ret* 

Clinton M. Hanks, November 28, 1991 
Nancy Smith '64 to Donald Smitz, December 

Bridget Anne Ryan '74 to Renfto Blackburn 

Baird III, June 22, 1991 
Virginia (Ginny )Mi NCE'79toPaulBertholet, 

July 4, 1992 
Nanc •> Broyles '81 to Douglas D. I in 

tember 28, 1991 
Deborah Louise Hardie '84 to John Thomas 

Boitnott, October 1991 
Chelsi \ Morgan '85 to Robert L. Nienaber, 

|uneI3, I""' 
Marcta L. Smith '85 to Mark s Meade, Sep 

tembei 28, 1985 
Anni Lmoii Wari '85 to Frank C. Maloney 

[V.September 12, 1992 
Carol Elizabeth Vaughn '86 to Richard 

Leon Spi inkle 

Ellis (Beaufa) Herbert '87 to \\ illiam 

(Bubba) Britton, March 28, 1992 
Susan (Cea Cea) Musser '88 1 i irl Stephen 

Nai ai ii Mn ii rSpi ni i R*89to< harles Joseph 

1, March 14. N l >- 
Angela Fa\ \i \ '89 to Roben Week, Decern 

ber, 1991 
R \c in i Anni Festa ,{ i\ to Jami-v Hi "i i i 
Fleming '92 \D?,Se\ temb i 


Martha Cri vsy Cutrighl . i ind Barry: a son, 

Barry 1 lunti 1992 

Marianni Kostai Fadden 75 and Robert: a 

daughter, Marianne Kostai, February 16, 1992 
St /\nni Higgins O'Malley '7 i ind 

daughter, Kerrigan Catherine Kells, Febru 
, |992 
Lisa Harvey Raines '75 and Don a daughter, 

I -iniK Madison, horn April 20, 1992, arrived 

May 22,1992 
Mary (Pam) Hollings McConnell 76 and 

Bright:ason, lanDeryck, April 22, 1992 
Grace McO u in n Daughtridge'77andJohn: 

ason, |ohn Belk, Jr., August 12,1991 
Patrk IA 1 Iini v Phoenix "1 i and John a von, 

John \\ e ithers] » >n, Octobet 25, 1991 
Shawn Keys Whitman 77 and Scott: a v,.n. 

dexander, February I s . 1992 
Lisa King Stratienko 78 and Alex: a daughter, 

Maria Louise, May 14,1992 

Kimbiki ^ Baker Glenn 79 and ( liarli 
Garrard Wood, August 16 

Aihalii (Missy ) Smith Derse '80 and |ohn: a 
daughter, Madeline, December 21 

Patsy Kaminer Thornley I \DP) 5 
Thomas: a daughter Karmy I 

Katherini Ki ix iii MLedoyen '81 and Charles: 
i , September 5, hWI 

Pamela McCain Pearci adaugh- 


Martha (Randie) Ri \i> Skinner 
i harles: a son, < iharlesBrightman, III, Febru- 
ary 16 

Nora Mays Saundcrv 
Michael Brandon, April 3 199 

Lanmii Liiini-.hi/ Smith '83 and 
twins, Noble Lehnerc and Marth 
May 2 

Carroi i Olivi r Roach '84 and |ay i daughter, 
Hilary Ann, May 14 

Marcia L. Smith Meade s: > and Mark: a 
daughter, I leather Aston, November 1990 

K\ki n Braxton Tufford x 7 and Si 
Zachary Alan, May 6, 1992 

Mary Bi assi R Brown '88 and Michael: a von, 
Daniel Walton, May 10,1992 

Donna Myrtli Boxley '89 rnd Doug: a daugh- 
ter, Rachel Austin, October 14, 1991 

Sarah Vi ai rsGormley '89 and Guy: a daugh- 
ter, (Catherine Virginia, April 6, 1992 


Mary Virginia Dudley '11, September 1992 
Elizabeth Brown Renn '1 J, March 1990 
Catherini Cramer Getzendaner 14,1 

her 1991 

Harriett Echols Hanger 14, May 1992 
Emily Gi mi Henegar 19, November 1 V,0 1 
Harriet Louisa Tynes 19, |uly 
Ioni Hooki r Marshbum '20, December 1991 
Mary Hi -\ i ni r Stephenson '20, April l l W2 
Pauline Ruckman Webb '21, No\ ember 1 99 1 
Rachh Henderliti '26, November 1991 
Mildred Robertson Warlick '27, Novembet 

Frances Ballenger Graham '28, August 1990 
Mary Kenner Sloan i 1991 

An\u i \|'ki scon Dudley '32, Septi n 
Mary Hi \x\ Green '35, Dei embei 1991 
Mary Hi i i Ar< mi r Mapp '35,1 ebn 
Winifred Goodman Turner '35, August 1991 
Rt in Parish Rogers '38, \ 
Harrii i Hot ston Donaldson '40, 1 >ecembei 


Virginia Ii \k Doyle '44, November 1991 
Patrk i \ Chishoi m Hanft '44, 1 tecember 1991 
Franc i v Si m; '44, February 1991 
Mary Story Richardson '49, December 1991 
Martha Needham Mainwaring '50, |anuary 

Rom hi \ Henderson McClintic '53, Novem 

Ii 1 1 n R,x.i rv Trotman '55, December 1991 
Li c i \ Win ii hi u> Makepeace '56, \ugustl992 
Patricia Hensley Kidd '64, Match [992 
Christtn \ El i isGruber '69, November 1990 

/ )ate I hnknoum 

Mary MacLeod Van Buren 15 

N \o\n Hon \k Brown '29 

Ji \n Robertson Lambert '56 

Cectj la Mai iiiiuv Anderson 

Sandra Charlton Woodward B 

Hi i in Pritc hard Walther 

Faculty Notes 


Associate Professor of Politi- 
cal Science Dr. Gordon L. 
Bowen published his article, 
"Indigenous Indians Become 
the Target of Guatemalan 
Death Squads" in Great 
Events from History 11: Human 
Rights, a multi-volume set of 
reference works. 

Assistant Professor of Psy- 
chology Dr. Ashton D. Trice 
and Lana Powers- Breese 
recently published their arti- 
cle, "Adolescents' Perceptions 
of Scientific Occupations," in 
the Fall 1992 issue of The Vir- 
ginia Journal of Science. Dr. 
Trice also presented his 
article, "A Japanese-English 
Glossary of Basic Psychologi- 
cal Terms," at the American 
Psychological Association 
meeting in Washington, D.C. 


In October, Assistant Professor of Music 
1 )r. Riley Haws attended the American 
Liszt Society Festival at the University of 
North Texas and presented a recital for 
the River Road Church concert series in 
Richmond. In November, he performed 
at the Virginia Weslcyan College in Nor- 
folk. Dr. Haws was recently elected presi- 
I' lit ol the Western Virginia Music Tea- 
chers As- k iai ii in, i newly formed brani h 
of the Natii mal Music Teachers Association. 

Custer LaRue '74, adjunct instructor 
or voice, has recorded a solo compai tdisi 
recording on the I torian label. The CD 
will be released next yeat. She is currently 
working ( DwirhThe Balti- 

more Consort, the award winning early 
music ensemble for which she is soli >i I 
Mi I Rui andthi Consort performed in 
Vienna, An mm, an I ' ii, this ,ummer. 

Adjunct Musk Instructor Custer LaRue, 
center, is featured soprano for the Baltimore 
Consort. The group is an early music 
ensemble which performs 1 6th and 1 7th 
century English, French and Italian music. 
The Consort's first compact disc recording, 
"On the Banks of the Helicon," received 
rave reviews including a 10/10 rating (the 
highest) from CD Review magazine. The 
group's second CD has been nominated for 
a Grammy Award. 

Anne C. Wick, adjunct instructor of 
music, presented a faculty tecital, Sunday, 
November 8 in Francis Auditorium. Her 
presentation included works by Henry 
Purcell, Hugo Wolf, and Samuel Barber. 
Ms. Wick is pianist for the Mary Baldwin 
College Choir. 


Sally N. James '69, assistant professor of 
art, spent the month of July working and 
researching in Italy. Her research was 
funded by a Samuel H. Kress Foundation 
Grant. The focus of her research was her 
dissertat i< in topic, The Poetic Theol>gy of 
Luca Si[m<rrelli' s Frescoes at Orvieto. Dr. 
James worked in various libraries and 
archives in Orvieto, Florence and Rome. 
She i : | >lored the hill towns of Italy study- 
ing art, particularly the fresco cycles in 

Orvieto, Assisi, Florence, 
Rome, and Monte Oliveto 

Associate Professor of His- 
tory Dr. Mary Hill Cole spent 
the summer months in Wash- 
ington, D.C, at the Folger 
Shakespeare Library, where 
she worked on a study of the 
progresses of Elizabeth I of 

New Faculty 

New faculty members for 
the 1992-93 academic year 

Vladimir Garkov, assistant 
professor of chemistry; 
Paul Ryan, assistant profes- 
sor of art; 

Jean Gilman, assistant pro- 
fessor of political science for 
the ADP; 

Lallon Pond, assistant pro- 
fessor of business administra- 
tion for the ADP; 
Rebecca Harvill, coordina- 
tor of teacher education field experiences; 
Alyce Cook, adjunct instructor of Spanish; 
and Anne Chesnut, adjunct instructor of art. 

Former ADP Director, Dr. James 
Harrington has assumed the duties of 
associate professor of adult studies in the 
Adult Degree Program, and Dr. James 
McPherson has been named director of 
Adult Degree Program. 

Faculty Emeriti 

MBC Chaplain, The Rev. Patricia Hunt 
;ind her husband, The. Rev. Ron Lovelace, 

assistant professor of religion, planted a white 
oak tree between ( Carpenter Academic and 
Wenger I [all in memory of the late Dr. 
lames L McAllister, Jr. Dr. McAllister was 
professor emeritus of history, religion, phi- 
losophy, and architecture at MBC. 

Recent Publications 

Right J h \l, ni 
Beiou llumna 

New Alumnae 

The Sim/k/c vmcnnml Alum- 
nae Directory can be a useful 
reference tor all Mary Bald- 
win alumnae and alumni. 
It includes an alphabetical 
listing nt alumnae and of 
current students, a listing by 
class, and .1 geographical 
listing. Alumnae and alumni 
ot the Program of the Excep- 
tionally C lifted and the 
Adult I tegree Program are coded "PEC !" 
and "A DP" respectively, for easy identifi- 

The Alumnae Directory highlights the 
1 50-year history of the C bllege and the 
Alumnae Association through text and 
Photographs and includes plume numbers 
of ( bllege departments. It is available 
paly to the Mary Baldwin community 

To obtain a copy, send your check or 
money order (Virginia residents must pay 
lax) w irli the order form below. •» 

Pictorial History 

jVldn 1 Baldwin ( 'oUege: Then and Now is 
a pictorial history of the ( bllege to own 
and treasure! A magnificently photo- 
graphed tribute to Mary Baldwin, this 
hard hound volume is photographed hv 
I Xm c irogan, an award winning photogra- 
pher based in l iharlottesville. Through 
Grogan's photography of Man Baldwin 
during ill four seasons and through archi- 
val photos, this edition celebrates the 
150th anniversary of the College. •* 

Dr. Menk's Sesqukert' 
tennial History of the 

College Published 

in celebration of Mary 
Baldwin's 150th anniversary, 
I >i Patricia 1 1. Menk has 
published To Live m Time, a 
chr< in< ill igical history of Man 
Baldwin l bllege through its 
first 1 50 years. 

Professor Emerita of 
History, I V. Menk served on 
theMB< : faculty from 1^1 to 1981. She 
currently serves MB( as the 1 bllege 
histi irian, and pri >\ ided a ( hronology • if 
the College tor the recently published 
pictorial history, Mary Baldwin t oil 
Then and Now 

Tii Luc m Time is an attractive volume 
that will bring back many memories foi 
alumnae ,md delight readers with experi- 
ences from Mary Baldwin College's 150 
year heritage. 

To obtain a copy please use the order 
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In I we in Time by Patricia 1 1. Menk 

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The SesauicenamntaJ Alumnae I 
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